Things to improve in HITMAN 2

Hello Agents! :smiley:

After 5 days of playing the latest Hitman, I can say I really enjoyed the game. Props to the entire IOI team for their insane efforts, love, and care that went on to the project.

This thread will consist of things that you’d want to improve in Hitman, Hitman 2 and possibly add ideas for Hitman 3. I will be divinding the areas according to:

A. Animations
B. Optimization
C. Level Improvements (Item placement, colour/post-processing)
D. Sounds
E. Gameplay Improvements

Let’s Begin!

A. Animations:

  1. Briefcase pickup animation: One of the things that I immediately noticed is, 47 does not keep his briefcase down or pick it up properly. If you interact with an object or pick something up, 47 will just drop the briefcase rather than keeping it down properly like in Blood Money.

  2. Sniper Rifle assembly/disassembly animation: (self-explanatory)

  3. Hiding bodies in bins/containers/closets

  4. More fiber wire animations

  5. movement/walking animation when 47 is aiming his gun: While aiming, try to look at 47s feet, the animation doesn’t feel fluid and it seems as if 47 is sliding on the floor.

  6. Staircase knockout animations: (Already on the wishlist)

B. Optimization:
Denuvo and maybe due to lack of proper optimization I’ve noticed a severe hit on my system, even on the legacy pack.

C. Level Improvements (Item placement, colour/post-processing)

  1. Legacy pack post-processing is not that good, especially the blinding bloom filter and unnecessary lens flares.

D. Sounds
Weapon sounds have improved a LOT and I love the changes.

Some weapons like the Seiger Ghost needs a bit of oomph because now it sounds like airsoft rifle

E. Gameplay Improvements

  1. More animations, mainly body disposal, brutal kills 3-4 animations for knives, screwdrivers, hammers.

If you have any other points just keep on adding to the existing template :smiley:



  1. Turning Diana off
  2. Turning points sounds off(stuff like Body Hidden +50)
  3. Turning sound after a pistol headshot off
  4. Fixing Diana in the training
  5. Bringing The Striker loud sound back


  1. Fixing the balance of stuff like Breaching Charges and Distraction Devices
  2. Making crowd/foliage hiding circle only visible in instinct just like camera grids
  3. Removing the suit enforcer from the bar of Paris
  4. Making more than one exit for Colorado available the same way there is an optional objective in Sgail
  5. Mastery 2 slots for Hokkaido just like Miami
  6. Proper ratings
  7. Being able to turn off just the minimap and still see the Trespassing/Hostile zone notifications
  8. (This one is a suggestion for the future) Make opportunities intuitive so you can complete them without hints


  1. Fuck the bloom
  2. Give an option to choose lighting in the Legacy missions
  3. Fix 47’s shoulders on most of the suits
  4. Add colorblind mode

But that’s mostly nitpicking. The game’s better than S1.


This is probably more for Hitman 3. IO will need to do something drastically different for the next game to feel “new”. At the very least weapon customization should be added. Perhaps in the form of making the mastery points and levels worth something if money is never coming back.

Not sure what else can be changed much in order to keep it a Hitman game while still keeping it fresh. The core mechanics that make it Hitman couldn’t change too much without it feeling like a completely different game.

I guess nothing technically would really be “new” because we had plate carrying, weapon customization, money system, dual silver ballers, laser sight etc. in past games.

The briefcase for example feels new because you can throw it and it is used differently than in the past. If changes are approached like this to the older things we had I would be ok with that.

I haven’t played enough of Hitman 2 though to be able to add ideas only played up to Miami for a couple hours. Can’t explain why but since we have the whole game upfront and I’ve been reading about so many bugs I am in no rush to play like I was last game. I guess I figure a patch will come out soon and can take my time since we probably have a couple years before the next game? Plus I haven’t had that much time. Only thing I am worried about is not having enough playtime in Miami to successfully complete Killing Mark Faba.


I think for season 3 making it drastically different is the last thing they want to do, they’re only just hitting their stride with the new formula/direction, and we only really have a handful of levels so far. Besides QOL tweaks, if they put out more levels along the same quality as the ones they put out this season [ and more suits /guns/gadgets hopefully], I’m all set


Boobs physics from Absolution

0/10 otherwise


Absolutely. The core of HITMAN and HITMAN 2 is essentially exactly what I want out of the series, so if future games can just be more levels using the same core gameplay (with a few polish tweaks as and where minor details can be improved), then I’d be happy to stay with the current model for a good time to come.


Give me some really good anti-aliasing options, more realistic bloom and this one is a stretch, but the option to choose a time-of-day option on maps and I’m good. Played Patient Zero for the first time right before Hitman 2 dropped and that was the biggest thing I appreciated. the change of time and thereby atmosphere in a lot of the maps.

What I hope for with Hitman 3 would be to combine this time of day option with an active day-and-night cycle during gameplay itself, thereby adding another level of difficulty with guards assuming new posts and new travel patterns, etc.

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One more thing i’d like to add is more graphics/video options for the game. Unlike Arkham Knight, Hitman 2 can be played on lower end PCs with a decent fps (15-17 lmao). But, we can’t do much due to lack of options to further reduce the video settings, like lower resolutions, turning off the reflections and bloom, texture quality etc.

So, making more options available for the graphics/video settings.


IMO H2 gameplay mechanics sucks. Really sucks.
I think H1 mechanics was nearly perfect. Why do not take it from there and just give it a little impovements?
Why to develop it from scratch? I’m talking mainly about distractions, 47th movements and such things.
Also throwing mechanics. All it has nothing familiar with H1.
Why to remove ‘fire extinguisher of mass distruction’? Why to make it non-lethal?

The core is what I want also. However, when I say drastically different my point is not to change the game. Implementing older mechanics into the new games is not different imo. Waiting for a briefcase for many years when it was in every promo back in 2015 is not new. It’s just implementing things we had before. I was referring to seeing new things we haven’t seen that would make the next installment feel fresh that’s all.

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Being able to carry the briefcase going up ladders/pipes would be awfully nice.
It really hinders gameplay when you’re suddenly restricted from going somewhere with your equipment without notice.


They are the same but changed. For the worse, for the most part, I agree here. But they haven’t been developed from scratch.

you could just take the item out of the briefcase, or throw the briefcase up/down. it ensures the briefcase isn’t too powerful, as right now it acts as both a melee, distraction, and hides literally every illegal item in the game


For sounds, I’d prefer 47 grunt when get gets shot/climbs. Right now he is freakishly silent when those things happen.

I googled that out of curiosity and holy crap lol

NSFW vid


One thing that I doubt will ever get changed are the ragdolls. I always thought it looked weird when targets died (especially after poisoning them) but I’d love to see them improved nonetheless.


i wish for a better item prioritization, for example Key over Lockpicks and especially Sniperrifles over all other items for the Briefcase.


Have they slowed down the melee kill animation yet? If they didn’t I hope they do so.

You mean the animations from 2016?


20 more characters.

In my case it would be simple. Make NPCs react to blood pools/traces. It baffles my mind to see blood on the floor and every NPC and their mother steps over it like it’s nothing. Previous games had that feature, how come the latest entry doesn’t. It would add much needed depth, and besides not breaking the player’s immersion. Also adding a way to clean it up, like a one use mop, or similar would be great.

That way using the fiberwire for example, although risky, would make things more straightfoward to deal with after taking down a target. Whereas shooting a target, although quicker and simpler, would require some extra steps. Making each method have pros and cons.