Things to improve in HITMAN 2

Maybe they thought it would be too easy that way?

But it is too easy already as it is.

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they hadnt a problem with the exact same thing in Marrakesh, so its a weird decision.

i love it to trick people into doing my dirty work :grin:

Something they should really focus on is the smoothness.

It especially shows when switching weapons and handling your inventory really, really, quick. The game can’t keep up. So for example if i have a pistol equipped, switch really fast to a duck and instantly want to throw, the game still wants to shoot first with the pistol. Delays like this are everywhere. For example when pressing a detonator, you cant immediately open a door afterwards, like there is this small delay.

All of these small subtle things do in fact impact my enjoyment.

Season 1 was far better in this regard.


They needs to add separate security camera console’s for each map. For example the Expo area on Miami shouldn’t effect the race cameras. pretty disappointed with this


Unfortunately, the list is very long :persevere:
(even if there’s good in it!)

But to make simple this time: FIX THE DAMN GAME PLEASE ><

  • Fixing HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2, at least for both being optimized on PC (first version ran pretty well - 60fps overall) before starting to implement new things (again, the list of bugs/fixes is HUUUUGE :open_mouth: )

  • Find a solution to make AT LEAST Season 1 Unlocked Suits avaiable to play on this sequel (pls don’t tell me it’s that hard to implement/link our data to the new system :sweat_smile:)

I mean, cmon guys!! All these hours, all these runs…FOR NOTHING??

You made the Legacy Pack, porting almost everything from HITMAN into the second one.
I’m sure you can handle few suits exports too :blush:

That’s a shame to have “wasted” all that gameplay time to unlock all the stuff, to finally having nothing on HITMAN™ 2 but this:

I mean i understand you had to do some cuts ya know…but that sticker?
And the ICA “Black Lilly”? Cmoooon :sleepy:

  • Animation glitches and IA still going nasty: Subduing transforms into fist fight, NPCs STILL seeing through walls, on any height and on any distance, or detecting you from meters away…

Again, lots of things to improve before going one step further… :confused:

P.S.: Thanks for the quick hotfix and patches!

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I believe it’s the case on Master. Not entirely sure though.

You also can’t open doors while on the phone anymore. E.g. Roberto calling Franny.

Odd, I think some of them might be.

In Hokkaido I got the Tell-Tale Heart Mission Story challenge completed without touching the Microchip remote.
SA/SO run, I needed some space to shoot the heart. I distracted the Chip guy to alert a guard with a found weapon, and luckily he entered the Heart room where the challenge immediately unlocked.

Yeah, but the trophy shouldn’t unlock.

It would have to be for HITMAN 3 and explained as a “sea of change” transition for Part 3 which is what that post was in response to.

That would be excellent. I think that’s the sort of detail the core game needs.

I don’t care about the MKII Stickers, I don’t care about gloves or no gloves or any other thing to improve or change - I just want real doors, that act like doors - doors NPC’s can’t magically see through. Especially while playing an elusive target ffs.

Here’s a non exhaustive list:

A. Animations:

  • I know it’s an old Hitman tradition and I’m myself not sure of this but maybe 47 should now carry bodies instead of dragging them ^^
  • run a little bit faster
  • make new reactions to the crowd so they react better to the alerts and make them panic for real

D. Sounds:

  • I agree with what had been already said, being able to toggle off Diana because sometimes she gives way too much information and spoils. Or maybe she can just give the essential information

E. Gameplay Improvements:

  • NPCs must stop overreacting or react agressively when we’re close to them
  • improve or change the gameplay mechanic when we surrender, by maybe giving an option where the NPC handcuffs 47 and brings him to the security center. Then the player could free himself over there
  • stop making the pipe as a dangerous weapon, that’s ridiculous
  • when a guard sees us with a knife (or another weapon of this category), he’ll only ask us to put it down and won’t directly shoot at us. Then he’ll take it and asks us to leave the building (so our current disguise will be compromised)
  • make the inventory easier to navigate and read, maybe by gathering objects per categories (weapons, distraction elements,…)
  • being able to use a NPC as a human shield like in Blood Money, and it would prevent guards to shot at us.

Why even is there a suit enforcer in Paris? Plus it seems like a lot of the stuff if it was implemented in Blood Money wouldn’t be super hard to implement in H2 or H3, like ratings other than SA or holding the briefcase while climbing instead of dropping it.

Just give me back the ability to pick up items while dragging bodies.

Please IOI. Please.

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Both of these are really well thought out! Like both ideas.
To piggyback on what you were saying. It might be cool if being seen with illegal items got you “Arrested” (because like you said they currently just get you shot, right? )
It would go like this then… Nobody is actively looking for you and no crimes are committed then you just hold a gun, or any other illegal item, in front of a armed guard. They say “Hey you are under arrest.” Adding in the whole new system of ‘Get handcuffed or arrested’ and still having ‘fake surrender’
Then the follow them to location thing that you mentioned. I think a cool layer here would be to have a all your illegal items taken away, disguise comprised and you are placed somewhere that’s hard to get out of. If they put you in the security room in Sapienza town hall then a bunch of guards from around the area could have ‘guard building and arrested person’ routine that they could go in to. Put a few in the stairwells and on the exits and all as enforcers of your comprised disguise.


This needs to happen. Diana will not shut up in this game. At times I go to hear a conversation NPCs are having and Diana starts talking over them. Really annoying.


This might not go down well, but I’d actually appreciate effective ways to play other than the ‘silent assassin’ route. Absolution gets a lot of crap, but one thing it did very well was reward escalation in cases where it seemed necessary for the plot. If you pull out a shotgun and start pumping away, the music roars, time slows down, and you’re ready to fight tooth and nail to make it past the situation. At the moment, when going silent is the only really rewarding way to play, there’s no sense in unlocking big, loud weapons. I know this probably isn’t feasible given IO’s resource constraints, but in a few years, even 10 years, I’d welcome a Hitman game that rewards both slick and messy play in different ways. Give the hardcore silent assassins remote explosives and garrote traps, and give the spray-and-pray murderers a beefy shotgun.

As for the smaller stuff:

  • Holstering animation is mad janky, especially against cover
  • Seconding the sniper disassembly; that was a highlight animation from Blood Money
  • More varied firearm options and aesthetics instead of all-black everything and 5 minimally different handguns
  • Ballers that are true to the pre-2016 games
  • No ‘3!’ stickers on items in the next game, really, not a single one
  • Dual wield, more as an aesthetic option than anything else. There are very few times when I’ll be pumping out bullets, but 47 holds two Silverballers in so much art from the previous games. So I’d like my Silverballers, and I’d like to be holding two of them. For old times’ sake

Love the idea of guards taking away all your illegal items when you get caught and taken to detention. And of course, security knows to watch for a well-built bald dude now, so they could be on higher alert, smaller margin for error on being compromised, and so on.