Things to improve in HITMAN 2

It is time to give us a keyboard shortcuts instead of selection carousel.
Well, not fully instead. All main items what you use most of all should be assigned to 1-0 numbers and it should be customisable.
E.g.: 1 for silverballer, 2 for fiberwire, 3 for coins, 4 for any your chosen blunt weapon, etc


This might be difficult to program/animate, but I think the game could benefit a little from having animation for killing from the front.
What i mean by this : Instead of 47 having to go behind the npc to kill him with a fiberwire or syringe, there could be an animation to kill him from the front.
The best way to describe a possible animation is when 47 takes cover on the side of the door and an npc is walking through the door and 47 grabs him ans subdues him, except that instead of subduing, it would be strangling or poisoning. and 47 won’t be talking cover.
This could be useful for NPCs who are standing in front of a wall. or just to save time. This obviously might not work for emetic syringes, so this feature should be enabled for certain weapons


yeah i suggested this before, i think its a great idea. we also had a frontal syringe attack, but its been gone


Not sure this is the correct place to discuss / rant about state of the game.
Hitman 2’s scoring system is broken for like 4 months now. And I am loosing hope that IOI will broken scoring of getting SA even after getting caught for trespassing.

The reason for IOI’s reluctant attitude is I think normies/ casual players don’t complain about broken system. Casual player base is substantial as compared to dedicated fan base.
Also dedicated fan base think twice before ranting on social media. Even though they are ranting they don’t have enough following for IOI to be concerned about.

Is it slap on the face of dedicated fan base that IOI is being elusive about fixing the game?

they havent been reluctant about the scoring system. they’re still working on a fix, and they’ve stated so for the past few months.

  • More Polish on Legacy Pack!
    –> Reach the quality of 2016 release

  • Real MKII Weapons

You guys are reskin specialists, it’s not that hard to make a reskin of the weapons for MKII!



  • Fixing the bugs/crashes prior to add new content constantly

Having new things is good, but if you keep adding things while the game stills bugged/inconsistent, that makes no sense.

Focus on improving all what the game has already before going further.

  • Fixing game rules inconsistency

----->Trespassing sometimes making us spotted, sometimes not
---->Sniping rules constantly changing that every run is different
–> Losing silent assassin because a NPC killed himself while it’s not supposed to count

Game is a total mess in it’s actual state. It’s like you’re experiencing things live and fixing them on-the-go. The result is that things get worse than before after each update :confused:

–> You fix one thing, you break three others. Make your things together guys or get a proper QA department!

I don’t understand all those changes. Game was great in it’s 2016 status, why going further at the risk or breaking everything?

You should’ve focused on animations improvements instead of game mechanics that broke everything in the end :confused:

  • Fixing 47 missing teeths on Legacy Pack (all missions)

  • Briefcase Mechanic

The briefcase is good. However, everytime it’s placed somewhere, NPCs automatically come after it.

In the end, you have to hold it permanently if you don’t want to trigger the closest NPC.

–> They should pick it up/be triggered by it only if dropped, but not if placed somewhere.

  • No music on Contracts Mode (Whittleton Creek)

  • Fix the intro theme music (Music is cut at the end)

  • Please give access to special exits for all modes (Story, Contracts, Elusive Targets)

  • Text/voice Chat on Ghost mode (T)

  • PC Menus to upgrade: new tabs system is great but hard to navigate with keyboard and mouse: Pg. UP/down buuttons would be better :ok_hand:

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That animation, when subduing someone from cover - an NPC sees 47’s face right before he/she will get subdued! I saw another animation in Absolution trailers, where 47 first hits NPC with his elbow, so NPC’s head turned to other side - he/she cannot see 47’s face.
Don’t know, why still using animation, when 47 in fact shows his face, and compromises his identity. Anyway, if I find that video, I will show you.
Edit: this one, 1:12


Absolution has so many kick arse animations, why don’t they just use them? I thought they are good at doing “Copy & Paste”?


Absolution’s animations move 47 around a lot, which IO tries to avoid as much as possible with the new animations.

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I think that’s a shame. My favourite H2 animations are the kick garotte and above cover subdue and those are the ones where 47 moves the most

not moves as in the literal term, obviously he’s gonna move. i meant more so where he ends up in a different place than where he started the melee attack. you can see the difference in subdue anims.
in Abso, 47 grabs them and lays them out almost horizontally. in H2, he just grabs them and crouches.
you can see in the frontal knife stab too. although in Abso and H2, they’re basically the same animation. but in Abso, 47 leans into the stab more. whereas in H2, 47 stays in place while stabbing them

‘Punch’ and ‘snap neck’ actions should be separated from one and the same key.
Almost everytime I accidently snap neck of unconscious person if other NPC stands beside. I indend to punch him, but 47 instead of punching snaps neck of unconscious… This happens even if there is no action ‘snap neck’ visible on screen and this person lyies a a little aside…


-More animations overall, melee weapons
-Fix stair takedowns
-Fiber wire by default without using any slot and more garrote animations
-Improve AI
-More night maps
-A hideout would be amazing with all your suits and weapons


Blood level on PS4 version Is better but still less blood than season 1.

The only thing I really have gripe with are the doors. I’m sick of them closing when I’m trying to throw something, observe or eavesdrop before moving. Just… keep them open. They don’t need to close unless I want them to.

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I disagree, it saves time and keeps the flow of the game pretty good, I don’t want to stop every couple of seconds to close a door.

If that is the only (edit : thing wrong) with the game for you, then It probably isn’t going to be very annoying if you just close and open it really quickly.

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No shade, just sayin’.

If I had to manually close every single door that I opened, I would struggle to play the game. My OCD would go absolutely bonkers :persevere:

Have you found that if you’re against a doorway (in cover mode), they’ll stay open the whoooole time, except just as you go to throw something? It seems to happen to me every single time, and it’s so annoying… I’m covering against a doorway, waiting for the target to walk past, and as I hit the throw button the door closes so the target doesn’t hear it land and continues walking along and then I’ve lost the window (or doorway) or opportunity :roll_eyes:

Since I don’t think I’ve posted in this thread (apart from replying to someone above 5 seconds ago) here’s what I have to say.

Contracts mode is nice, I’ve been getting some good playtime out of it the past couple months; but it could with minimal effort be a lot better with some tweaks; here’s what I (and I think others) would like in a future update:

  • Allow author to delete contract
  • Allow author to edit name (maybe) and description (definitely) of contract
  • Allow author to modify conditions of contract IF no one has shown up on the leaderboard for it yet (besides the creator)
  • New Condition: Required Entrance. Whatever starting location the contract author used, player must now use (If player has not unlocked that starting location, then it will be granted to them for the contract, much like the escalations do)
  • Kill conditions can be made mandatory (like in Escalations)
  • (Low priority) Whacky escalation conditions such as requiring to be in foliage or will fail in ten seconds, or have to hold x weapon or will fail in 7 seconds, etc
  • Make Hawke’s Bay usable for Custom contracts by starting map AFTER guards have arrived, and perhaps open up the driveway as an exit option (Car key may be required).
  • (Low Priority) Make the Yacht Training Mission contract playable
  • It would be neat if you were able to mark targets from longer distances by looking at them through scope
  • (Low priority) Allow author to pick up to TEN targets, but if you pick more than 5 then the kill conditions are unrestricted (Any disguise, any weapon) as trying to keep track of how to individually kill ten people is just a hassle; OR you’re only allowed to pick one set of kill conditions for all of them
  • (Low priority) Let people kill up to 10 people, but they are not set targets… when playing you just need to kill whatever 10 people you can with the set method and disguise (Like in the escalation where you have to pacify any 10 people with fish, they are not set targets and you pick who you want on playthrough)
  • Ability to see other contracts by the same author; alternatively allow a “subscribe to author” feature, and then have a “subscribed contracts” panel on the menu where all the authors your subscribed to have their contracts show up.
  • Cross-platform contracts would save hassle
  • Allow playlists/“contract packs” so contracts that have the same theme or ‘story’ are on the same screen
  • (Low priority) Give the option for contract packs to be linear, so you MUST complete the previous one before being able to play the next (Essentially ‘escalation’ contracts)
  • (Very optional, unimportant) Ability to upload a custom picture for your contract on PC. Some of us have Ansel and make great pictures with it, it would be more enticing to get people to play contracts if they could see roughly where in the map it takes place and looks like, etc
  • Allow a simple rating out of 5 for those who have completed the contract (or at least played), then allow a “highest rated” section on the contracts screen
  • When you hover your mouse over a contract, or go to the briefing screen, just show the play count (or completed count) on the bottom of the screen somewhere (Saves you clicking on it, clicking leaderboard, clicking Global, then scrolling down to the bottom, just to see how popular a contract is)
  • Show what date a contract was published
  • (Harder to program, low priority) Allow people to comment on contracts (Similar to Steam Workshop items)

Also, for goodness sake, just make the MK I guns blue like they were in 2016, and make the MKII ones black WITHOUT a sticker on them, and for silverballer, make one a brown grip and one a black grip. Honestly.