Things to improve in HITMAN 2


Human shield
Gun modification
Assembly animation
Bolt action rifle animation
Pump action shotgun animation
Better melee combat
New melee items with new animation


This is easy. And it won’t even be that new:

  1. Unlockables are now in a Black Market run by the arms dealer Kruger Schmidt. You earn Mastery Currency of some kind that is explained in the story as the emergence of a central market system for all clandestine organizations (ala John Wick). [Homage: HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY]

  2. Certain items are not available on the market and must be carried by 47 while exiting the map to unlock them permanently (such as “El Matador” Golden 1911 pistol from Santa Fortuna). [Homage: HITMAN 2: SILENT ASSASSIN]

  3. Other than the “take home” items and cosmetic only suits, 47 must actually buy everything from Kruger Schmidt (including every piece of ammo) for each mission. Certain suits and special body armor must also be purchased per mission, requiring players to maintain a balance of Mastery Currency to keep going. Advancing Mastery and Challenges earns 47 a rank that will unlock certain items in Kruger’s shop which 47 can procure for his next mission as long as he has the money. Explanation? Kruger Schmidt: “It would cost more money than you’ve ever earned to own these Master Crafted weapons. Just so you know the best workers get the best tools and the best tools are always new - and completely untraceable. Pay for it, use it, lose it. Makes no difference.” [Homage: HITMAN - CODENAME 47]

Those changes alone will flip HITMAN 2 on its head if applied to its maps. :smiley:

Note: No. 1 also means the end of useless Mk II weapons… as whether you earn Mastery coin in Legacy Pack or whereever to get that Jaeger 7… you would be saving up to buy that one Jaeger 7. When you have unlocked the Sieger 300 later (say by Mastery Level 20 Hokkaido or whatever), both rifles are available in the shop but the Sieger 300 could cost say double or triple the cost of a Jaeger 7 per use.

That means players would have to decide if it’s “worth it” to pull out the Sieger for a certain mission or if they can make it work with the Jaeger and therefore improve their earnings. :slight_smile:

To sweeten the deal this market system could have repercussions on Elusive Targets who can have x2 Currency rewards for example. These would therefore be the highlights of any HITMAN 3 players’ budgets as they spare no expense to get these Targets and earn even more Currency.

So there’s no such thing as a useless weapon instead you think about the weapons in terms of their function and cost and the resulting reward you hope to earn based on the score.

This also has repercussions for community gaming as players challenge each other to “SA/SO on a budget no more than 20,000 Coins” or “SA/SO without spending any money” (effectively a zero loadout challenge) for example.

Earn Mastery Currency “commissions” when people place a Contract you made under Favorites. :smiley:

A centralized Leaderboard on Featured Menu now lists the global money rankings of all HITMAN 3 players in the world. The possibilities are endless!

Bonus: When highlighting an item in the Black Market shop, Kruger, in a thick European accent, goes through the features and merits of the item (homage: Training Level from HITMAN - CODENAME 47).

I think if IOI do this that’s the unlock paths for HITMAN 3 all sorted! :smiley:

Edit: Tagging @Travis_IOI just in case. :slight_smile:

The Money System (that never came to be)
Hitman 2 all firearms in game with photos
Why have such an annoying and grindy unlock system?
Most Elusive Target rewards reused from Hitman 2016 + new unlocks

You can throw the briefcase up to the top. Although not being able to carry it is realistic in the sense that your hands are preoccupied.


This was a thing for large objects in HITMAN 2016. It was honestly a bit overpowered.


I just made this in PS and it may not necessarily be a total game changer and a perhaps a bit too combat oriented for a lot of you to care but this is a feature I would definitely like to see in the future season(if not in a future patch).

The basic idea here is to provide players with a bit more freedom if you suddenly find yourself in a heated situation when you engage in melee combat instead of being stuck on a limited, drawn out (and possibly fatal for the player) animation. Most of the contextual functions are self-explanatory. Tell me what ya’ll think :slight_smile:

@Travis_IOI This post has garnered quite a bit of traction, sir. Perhaps its something you might want to look into for the next season or the next expansion? :smiley:


I hope not. The current formula is great and seeing how HITMAN 2 improved over HITMAN is amazing.
It might only be details (Allan did his work, yay!) but it makes the game feel much better and refined.
For me HITMAN 3 can be the same game with more maps. I’d be very happy with that.


Remove all the forced immersion from the game, make everything skippable.


Improve Mission Story system - I’ve already had numerous problems with S1 and S2 maps where completed opportunities did not count unless I heard EXACT NPCs talking about them (aka revealing) or did the exact same actions.

E.g. S1 - Paris Cocktail mission story doesn’t count unless you pick up rat poison. I did it with lethal and it was failed.

E.g. S2 - Mumbai lead actor opportunity. Despite guessing right all the steps and completing a related challenge, game itself did not count mission story as completed since I did not reveal it at exact place. So I’m still stuck with this “complete these opportunities” screen that keeps me from cutscene unless I skip.


Ability to turn off Diana
Ability to turn off Menu music
Sound change for all Sieger Rifles (They sound like airsoft rifles)
Bring back the old Striker Sound

Instinct while running on console UPDATE: it’s possible now :smiley:
Noticed kill/body found change for piercing kills (face to face double kills)
Bring back insta explosion button for explosives (mid air BC explosion no more possible)
Long briefcase animation for unsilenced rifles changing to silenced rifles (adding a silencer takes more time) more balance

Remove MkII Stickers
EL MATADOR unlockable
Ability to open a sniper stand for stable scope (like the kashmirian) for the Druzhina 34 (The scope whipping and recoil makes this rifle useless) this would add a special and unique use for the rifle UPDATE: Scope is updated with less recoild and scope movement
Mark the three mission stories (for the unlock) or exclude them from all other mission stories.


i think they tried to reference Hitman Silent Assassins Sniper Mechanics with this one - back to the Days when sniping needed skill :stuck_out_tongue:


Hitman 3 basically … same stuff we asked since march 2016 with Hitman season 1 … guys they don’t have the :moneybag::moneybag: for a better game, just accept that, 8 months ago we thought hitman brand was over, now we’ve at least a “new” game with a new publisher (WB)


Where is that iconic Fleur-de-lis that has always been a thing in all Hitman series? In the rating page, stars really? They have the ICA logo ‘Merces Letifer’, the newly introduced level badges ‘Malus Necessarium’ (which is cool BTW) but the soul of Hitman is always gonna be that Fleur-de-lis.


What’s wrong with that? It’s the same like in S1.


Great ideas! Oh and I I actually completed Miami for the first time last night. Pushed Mr. Knox over the railing and shot Sierra in the head. Then I watched the cutscene and played about 10 minutes of Colombia. All I can say is OMG. It’s amazing. Now I’m going back to Miami and not moving on until after Faba is dead and most challenges are done! I simply couldn’t help myself by moving on for a bit!


I really don’t want the same game though. Need a better story, less handholding. The conversations are forced immersion and give away what you are supposed to do.


Hmm interesting - can IOI add Legacy of Legacy pack when Hitman 3 release (i mean upgrade 1 and 2 season but with mechanics of 3 season)


That would appear to be the trend going forward. :slight_smile: One day we will be at HITMAN 20 and the game will have 120 Locations due to Legacy Packs! An entire… WORLD of Assassination! :open_mouth:


It’s probably completely comtradictory to whatever system they’re using for unlocks right now, but I’d love for there to be a “For Honor”-ste customisation system.

Say, you have a limited number of Custom Weapon Slots. You can assemble your own gun, as in choose the Grip, Barrel and Extension of the gun.

Choose a grip you like, a barrel, then an extension like a silencer or the Striker’s extra muzzle length. The different attributes are granted depending on what you use (no silenced pistol with the Striker’s power, for example)

I’d also LOOOVE the same with suits. You can choose which trousers you wear, which belt, which torso, which tie and which gloves. Being able to make my own perfect suits would be a dream come so, SO true.

Black trousers, shirt, Winter Suit waistcoat, red tie, black NOT driving gloves. So many possibilities!


Echoing suggestions that @UnitedFyodor made that were also on my list:

Gameplay & UI

  1. Maybe shunt the public/suit enforcers added in the Legacy missions to Master difficulty? It’d be nice if Professional remained more faithful to the typical experience of the first game, and, frankly, wading through crowds isn’t super fun.
  2. Making the cellar objective optional in Colorado is a phenomenal idea. Perhaps after you clear it the first time?
  3. Like UnitedFyodor said, being able to turn off the minimap and still receive Trespassing/Hostile notifications would be cool, but I’d add being able to turn off Picture in Picture and still receive Body Found/Camera notifications.

Grapheeks & Sound

  1. Yeah, that slow-down noise after getting a headshot is pretty aggressive.
  2. Yes, please bloom and flare controls.
  3. This is a pipe dream, but I kind of fell in love with the color adjustments from GOTY, and it’s kind of hard to change to a dingier, more realistic Sapienza. Of course, I know others, ah, didn’t, but having a setting or an optional patch to mimic that game would be nice.


An improvement I want is more flexibility to play around with the game. Things like not being able to use one suit in another mission… if you havent finished the mission yet it seems fair but once you have completed all the missions and are just replaying I don’t see why the costume can’t unlock for all levels. And gloves could just be an option instead of holding them back for ET unlocks