Things to improve in HITMAN 2


these haven’t been removed at all? and the gun sounds are based on opinion, majority of people like the new sounds better. i won’t comment on the splashing sound because i dont pay attention to that


I replayed Hitman 2016 after hitman2 no way, them removed all this beautiful stuff. Is just shitty that have to be fixed, shotgun is horrible.


you’re literally saying factually incorrect stuff lmao, i was just correcting you. not saying ur wrong on the sound design, that’s subjective


Just a problem I have with the game right now.

First of all, when someone is knocked out, and they fall into water, say for example, the spa/bath thing in Hokkaido, why can’t I shoot them? It’s like they suddenly have an invisible forcefield protecting them when they get submerged…

I’d also like to see NPCs reacting realistically to bullets. Because yeah this one civilian gets shot 4 times in the legs but can get right back up. Shouldn’t they be like, crawling away or something? There’s no way your legs can get messed up like that and work fine.


aren’t they dead once they fall into the water? how would you knock them out?


Oof. *" why can’t I knock them out or shoot them?" should have been just ‘shoot them.’ Sorry for the error.

And I mean super shallow waters like the hot-tub/pool thing in the spa in Hokkaido, not Miami or Sapienza’s oceans.


Yes, and the gore is subjective?


the gore is literally the exact same from 2016 lol


Not true use the shotgun. I play PS4 eh…


Fix the situation with Sniper Assassin. It plagues the game and forces players to use a sniper rifle in a way contrary to how it’s supposed to be used; at long range!


We should be able to turn off faucets. If we can turn them on then we should have the power to turn them off. Come on IOI.


Anyone mentioned a briefcase animation for the Sieger (WA2000) snipers? The most iconic sniper doesn’t even have the iconic animation…

  1. turn off faucets

  2. more unique loadout options. imagine remote-activated poison or electricity capsule nanodevices that you slip in target’s food, and then activate it within them, remotely. or a door jamming device. a sticky camera like in splinter cell that you can activate a noise distraction and noxious gas from. just more spy fantasy items, or at least uniquely functioning items that can add creativity to routing and approach.

  3. better inventory/loadout interface. as it stands currently it seems the UI struggles to sort through the dozens of unlocks. reskins/variants of items need to be condensed, or unused items should have an option to be hidden.

  4. some sort of reimplemented system with all those rating points and assassin rank going towards progression unlocks, milestones, weapon/gear/suit customization or some other such thing. the current implementation feels less than fully-realized, though it is a step in the right direction.

  5. the ability to take human shields is sorely missed.

there’s not much else i can think to change about Hitman 2. i love playing it so much, it’s a beautiful experience and deserves way more recognition IMO. i really hope we have lots of bonus missions and re-purposed iterations of some of these maps like with the Hitman 2016 bonus mission maps. but more of them please. :slight_smile:


one thing i just noticed, when you snipe someone not only the NPC spot you at your pin point location but all of their firearms (regardless its a shotgun or rifle) they just hit you with pin point accuracy.

Another thing is, if you shoot someone with a sniper rifle, rather than getting a satisfying blood spatter or body response, you get a ‘punch’ sound effect and you can hear the person’s scream or pain moan from half a kilometer away. (just tired sniping the guards from the roof tops in Hawke’s Bay)

Sniping is absolutely fucked, gameplay wise, sound and aesthetic wise as well. No interesting sniper rifles or animations as well.


Can you explain why you would care to remotely detonate these when a poison and electrical kill don’t count against the SA rating with the body found? Why not just let them die immediately when they ingest the poison or die when electrocuted?


I have no idea!


:shushing_face: I wanted to see what he would say. I know the reasons why. Now you just spoiled the whole thing. :laughing:


Have someone walk in a room and they have a speech. Suddenly they die, accidentally. This was said by me 2 years ago as wel. Other people agree I see…


well, remotely triggering an emetic poison capsule could cause the target to path differently depending on where the target is, when the device is activated. maybe they’ll head to a toilet or a cliff, depending. sleeping poison devices could be activated when the target is out of sight in a private area. activating lethal poison devices could cause a distraction where you see fit for the target to drop dead. and the electrical device, if used to kill, would not count as an accident maybe. thanks for asking me to elaborate :slight_smile:


No problem. I like to hear someone give examples so I can see where they are coming from as opposed to just throwing out suggestions without any details. That’s all really but you have some great examples that really show you know what you’re talking about. :+1:

Yes, precisely. This is why sometimes even if a contract asks for an accident kill or poison kill, I still hide the body due to NOT cause a distraction.