Things to improve in HITMAN 2


An extra option to buy just expansion pack 2 would be great. I was given the Silver edition as a gift but now I either need to pay for a pack I already own 50% of or miss out on the second pack. Either adding the option to purchase each pack separately or even a discount added for people that own the silver edition. I own it on Steam but after a quick look the same could be true for people on other platforms also. Fingers crossed this gets implemented, at least ioi seem much more responsive than a lot of companies these days! :slight_smile:


Was playing Hokkaido Snow festival and since I haven’t replayed season 1 I have no load out. Anyways only way to disable camera is to shoot it but don’t have a silenced weapon. Then I thought why don’t we have the option to throw a wrench or crowbar etc to break the camera? That should be easy to implement?


You used to be able to throw objects at cameras to destroy them in Hitman 2016 but they changed it for whatever reason in Hitman 2 ;(


They must fix the signature suit and midnight black suit, the quality is terrible, the NPC’s suit’s look better than the main characters! There’s no explanation :joy:


B. Better zoom plzzz, the graphics in this game are amazing, so please add a better zoom - I want to get a close-up on things, without the need to have 47 pointing his gun at it.

C. Miami is not just vast…but staple objects are hard to come by, if this was intended, so be it, but otherwise a few more wrenches wouldn’t hurt anybody :smile:
Please make Ken Morgan in Bangkok not take ages to get to the Tuk Tuk area :see_no_evil:

D. More talk options for 47 please…he doesn’t have to be as talkative as in the older games but a bit more dialogue from him adds a lot to the game (I liked the isle of sgail map and whittleton creek map in this respect).
Purely personal preference, but I really loved the strong soundtrack of Hitman (Paris, Sapienza esp.)…in Hitman 2 it’s a bit too subtle and boring for me, but maybe this is just me.
With Diana it’s the other way around…I liked her better in Hitman, there she talks a lot too, but it’s somehow more uplifting(?) perhaps.

E. In the improved Hitman it seems that 47 tends to get stuck often when running close to objects, don’t know it this can be fixed but it’s slightly irritating


he talks more in this game than any of the other games. i’m not sure what you mean by this?


I’m sorry mate, all HITMAN 2 suits are shitty, not just signature suit & midnight black suit.


Just give us a binoculars as an unlockable item to observe from a distance like old games, so we don’t have to look through sniper scopes and get ourselves into troubles. And also, give us an option to know what is going on in another room, like these holes in the walls, but you just can’t put some holes in every wall in the game, some gamers just love the old school way to detect things from another side of a wall, they don’t like instinct.


For the remote detonation poison could be used to not freak everybody out in the area so it doesn’t mess up routes.
And electricity stuff could be if the target walks over a puddle with another target.
But both of these are super specific situations.


In Mumbai, they allow us to use the kashimirian to do our killing for us so why not let us use the hippie as a mule :smirk:


I mean the old games like Blood Money and Absolution, seemed to me he had more lines there


i don’t think that’s correct. you just have to look around more


The house tour in Whittleton Creek has already half the amount of dialoge Blood Money has lol. I think you should play and investigate more before you say such funny things bro. :wink:


47 is not a closer. 47 doesn’t get coffee.


Haven’t played both yet, so maybe my impression was wrong, sorry :wink: Still I really enjoyed those parts, so it wouldn’t hurt to include more of them :slight_smile:


I very much appreciate this reference. I am not fucking with you.


And I too appreciate anyone that has watched Glengarry, Glen, Ross.


Indeed. Congrats, you win the Cadillac Eldorado. I get the steak knives. Everyone else is fired.


It has been far far far too long since I have seen that film. I have a watchlist that would crush an elephant.


Would be interesting if a new device was added to the game that would let you drill or poke a small hole into walls and let you peak through like the holes in the school in Marrakesh. I never used really used those too much but the system hole peeking is already in the game and if I could choose where to punch a hole in a wall then I might use it more often in other levels.

Just an idea. I always appreciate fresh gizmos/devices and weapons to add variety to the game.