Things to improve in HITMAN 2


Wouldn’t mind seeing some of these suit options in Hitman 2 for use in all levels…

  1. The outfit from the Absolution Sniper challenge. (The classic suit without a jacket and with the leather shoulder holster)
  2. Viktor Novikov’s suit from the Paris mission
  3. The Bird Suit from Blood Money
  4. The Adam Jenson and High Tech suits from Absolution
  5. Hitman 2 Ninja suit
  6. Chipmunk outfit from Absolution
  7. Priest disguise from Blood Money
  8. Absolution suit with the bandage covering the bloody barcode on his neck
  9. Plaid suit with a bow tie
  10. Mankini for Sapienza
  11. Pin-striped Zoot suit


We felt like to send a mail to IO after the last February update…
Hi there guys, i’m @WinstonPeroni and with me there is @MontezumahCHP we are two 30yo Hitman fans, we started playing your game 19 years ago. We grew up with agent 47, and we really love the franchise and everytime we like to say: “Hitman is more than a game, Hitman is a friend”. We love this game so much, and in Hitman2 we are stoked in front of the great level design, character design… But we are so scared for the future of this game, wich for us is not just a game is also an art masterpiece. When we bought Hitman: Codename 47, it was so great have the freedom to kill the target or kill everyone and until Hitman2016 was like this. For us it’s an amazing work the one you did with the stealth side of the game, but Hitman2 risk to became a common stealth game and we was completely sure about you wanted to make an Assassin Simulator, so we don’t understand why you want focus the game on his stealth side? “Before then, we also want to give all players an advanced heads-up that when the update arrives in late February, we will be removing 3 challenges from the Isle of Sgail location; All The King’s Men, Making Waves and No Budget For A Railing . After a sweep of the challenges in the game, we think that these particular challenges encourage the killing of multiple non-targets and they’re not fun to complete. We’ve also factored community feedback into the decision and wanted to tell you ahead of time.” The fact about removing those challenges is scaring us as hell, this is not good if we want to kill everyone considering the freedom of approach which ever make hitman particular and different. Now, in Hitman2 we are shooting with a shotgun against some puppets without blood when in Hitman2016 was incredibly awesome do it, or the new audio of the weapons like the shotgun aren’t loud, it sounds just dry and plastic made gun, when we push in the water NPCs doesnt sounds like Splash but just like a sprinkle. Guys what are you doing? We want back the assassin simulator we had till 5 months ago, complete a mission in 40seconds is a challenge, but one hour of intense gameplay is enjoying art, your art. Killing civilians should be just a malus on the score, but kill innocents, guards and targets in 50more different ways each run is replayability. This is what we want mean for replayability please permit us to continue this in Hitman2. Thanks for read, and feed our immagination with your masterpiece. Ps: A good assassin should go on the newspaper. @Travis_IOI @IOI_WhiteNoiseTrash @IO_RubberDuckInSuit @ioi_christianco @IOI @ioi_kristofer


Mein Gott man paragraphs! Also you don’t tag ever single employee and you also tagged Christianico twice.

Your points of consternation are all over the place and the weapons sounds have also drastically improved (at least from my POV, I am sure @Aegis_Chrome or Badea can correct me).

The challenges IO removed were inane in Making Waves case and against HITMAN’s belief that assassin’s leave no collateral. Plus ones involving the knight’s suit are easy. There are far too many challenges that rely on dragging bodies around, setting up abstract traps and killing randoms



47 was made for kill, so there is no problem in kill random i think.


47 is an assassin not a murderer. The peak representation of this game’s scoring system is Silent Assassin the direct anti-thesis of any sort of kill everyone approach.


Now no more blood :frowning:


Yeah we already have a thread for gore. And I personally don’t care for gore or excessive blood I think it classes with this games new tone.


Ok this is the story but the gameplay has to be free for everybody. I respect every one who want kill just the targets. For me is funny so why not?


It’s better than a letter of love.


Maybe IO just want to bridge the story with other gameplay elements? Maybe they want the challenges to be hard when not story related, have some more easy ones that are less time consuming and also tied to story-based triggers?

Sometimes you have to realise that a game will evolve stylistically or gameplay wise and you will have no say in the matter. IO make what they want to make, let them.


Our point are not the challenges, we are scared to loose the freedom to massacre everybody with being spotted or not, cause yes we kill everybody also without being spotted in suit only.


But you can still kill everybody. There is nothing stopping you from doing so.


jesus christ, you remove 3 challenges and people jump to conclusions in Mars


You give em an ET in Hawke’s Bay they go for Jupiter.


This send us on Uranus, for sure also Koni is there.


For now yes, but with less blood and not enough splash.


OMG they are not targets :man_shrugging:t2:


Well I am sorry the tone of the new games has been supplanted it is not my fault. IO just want to take Hitman in a new direction from a tonal standpoint. Dark, edgy, sex-laden and gory no longer cuts it. The future is sleek, angular and filled with bold colours and minimalist forms.


The future sucks… :frowning: