Things to improve in HITMAN 2


I dunno I love angles, bold colours and clear, minimalist aesthetics.


It seems a description of Fortnite. Fortnite SUCKS! By the way i like every atmosphere, we don’t want play hitman/resident evil :ok_hand:


What I described is not even close to Fortnite.


And what we wont is not what you think :wink: we like Hitman2016 plus the features of hitman2. Very simple!


Fortunately, keine Fortnite dankschoen :smile: D


While there are still some improvements to be made (the Krugermeier comes to mind), I believe, from using them, that a decent amount of weapons have had their sounds improved, yes


Ah thanks mate. Truth be told I don’t care how the .22 sounds it has a look that kills.


My main problem is that it sounds far too much like the non-subsonic weapons, I’d expect it to be a lot quieter


No Fortnite is the best game ever created, CS:GO, LOL, DOTA2 and R6 siege is no longer full of screaming 12 year olds. It’s the best game I have never played, it’s like a Gaming daycare. I love it. Long live Fortnite!


I’m sorry.


Personally, I think there should just be toggle in the menu to turn blood and gore on/off or scale it from more to less. Then everyone gets to play how they want.


Would anyone else rather have a bunch of sedative syringes as opposed to 47 choking everyone out?


As well as, but not in place of, yes.


Turn Sapienza back into what it once was:


Instead of


Stole these pics from @Nikotin_Alien

The people at IOI who ever thought this was an excellent change need to look themselfs in the mirror and ask themselfs if they’re really made for the job. Look at this shit, it’s disgusting. 2019 Sapienza looks like the virus actually spread across the town, just awful.

Please give back the ‘jewel of the Amalfi Coast’ look IO Interactive! :anguished:


It would be great if we could get an option to turn off only the menu music
but let the ingame music on.


The first pic looks way too beautiful.


Couldn’t agree with you more


looks like the Jewel of Amalfi Coast is coming back


I saw his reply, couldn’t be happier Travis himself actually reacted. Glad to see even he thinks it’s not fitting.


Honestly, I don’t know anyone who actually thinks it looks good. Also glad he thinks it too!