Things to improve in HITMAN 2


I just played the season 2 demo and I’m amazed at the fact they still haven’t added human shield??


don’t be surprised. they didn’t have the budget to make a ton of things. we only got the briefcase back, and even then, things like the sniper disassembly animation are not present. i would expect human shield and dual ballers maybe 2 years from now :^)))


Such a shame that budget is holding back what could be an amazing game. I have to say if I don’t see anything else added I will probably wait until the game of the year edition before buying Hitman 2. I noticed the fibre wire was visible so that’s a start but apart from that it’s very disappointing so far.


i’d still say buy H2, maybe next month, it’s still a bit buggy. there’s a lot of new gadgets added, some new mechanics, and the map design is better than 2016. also small improvements like fiber wire visibility, of course.

there’s gonna be lots of new content coming super soon, and they have a bigger budget now, so expect consistent content releases to H2


I will definitely be buying it but like I said maybe down the line when it’s cheaper. Very sad to see one of my favourite game series growing up getting so little love. On the bright side it’s still going, I wasn’t sure there would be a season two as it’s been a while. I heard it had been cancelled so glad to see they managed to get it made.


yeah, IO almost shut down in the middle of development. i see lots of people not understanding that situation, we’re lucky to even have another Hitman. here’s to hoping we get stuff like ballers and human shield back now that their budget is steady


I just read a post saying sales were really bad so I’m not hopeful they will make many changes. Hopefully sales pick up, fingers crossed.


they were only bad for retail, it seems. we shouldn’t worry about those reports, it only matters to IO how much they make off of H2. we can compare numbers to previous sales, but it ultimately hinges on IO on whether these numbers are satisfactory


Remove the badge from the new winter suit, please. The black coat retexture is enough to differentiate it from the original version, we don’t need the dumb badge as well.


I’d really like to see the option to fire single shots with fully automatic weapons. Forced 2-3 round bursts are really annoying.


That sounds good, though ideally I’d prefer a “Resonance of Fate” customisation system


I personally want Hitman 2016 Challenge notifications. I could actually notice them there and they were satisfying


That could be good, but they’d have to put a lot of work into it. I think they’d have to simplify it just a bit and work around the balancing of being able to make an overpowered weapon.


Another Mission Stories complain. I was going through The Icon with Stories turned off. Completed all of them by memory but in the end game kept showing that I completed 3/4.

So I turned them to minimal, found that the problem was with the manual fireworks story. Replayed it. Still 3/4.

Then I turned them to full and it appeared that game only counts story as completed if I find a “Fireworks manual” intel first and ONLY THEN do everything else…

It’s frustrating, honestly. I’m not an idiot not to understand about fireworks by myself. Why bother the player with having to do unnecessary actions?


Same problem with tattoo artist in Colombia. I completed it from start to finish yet it did not count because I did not hear the exact conversation (yet heard every other one) that reveals it.


Jup, highly frustrating that the story missions dont complete if you skipped over a tiny insignificant step.

Edit: i mean they are all setups right? That’s the entire point of them, to set the targets up for a perfect secluded kill. So as long as you achieve this setup, you should complete the challenge, imo.


Mission story completion should only be determined by the end situation.


I love all of these ideas. But how to implement them at this stage? I can already hear people complaining in the distance about how they now have to buy the stuff they unlocked previously from Kruger Schmidt.

I would love Soupienza’s idea to be implemented, but barring that, I would already greatly appreciate a more meaningful update on the mark II stuff (even if only visually, but definitely more than just a, ugly sticker that looks like a placeholder to begin with), or just get rid of all those mark IIs. I personally don’t need an inventory gift for every new mastery I unlock.


Please let us coerce the hippie in Colombia to deliver the cocaine souvernir himself. Perhaps by giving him the glue he asks for.


Maybe they thought it would be too easy that way?