Things to improve in HITMAN 2


So something I noticed just recently, having bought Hitman: Absolution while it was on sale, is that NPC’s in Absolution would actually react to blood puddles found on the ground from violent kills, and would alert nearby guards. I didn’t even remember this being a thing, and now that I’ve seen it, I really, really have to wonder why it’s not in Hitman 2.

It makes the fiber wire virtually useless compared to just using a knife or other melee weapon, since melee weapons can be thrown and can also perform silent kills, whereas the only advantage the fiber wire has is being able to drag bodies instantly and pass frisks, which… really isn’t that useful.

I think it’d be neat if guards would become suspicious and investigate blood puddles again. It’s kind of ridiculous that guards will come into a room, see multiple gunshots on the wall and blood on the floor, and just walk away like they don’t give a damn.


Whatever happened to IO’s Enforcer-protection feature where they don’t get suspicious of you (or it takes longer for them to) if you’re facing away from them.
I remember hearing that that was a small change they did for H2, but it’s never been present yet.

I’m sure it was something that was just talked about and left on the cutting room floor, but just in case: have we heard anything about it being implemented after launch?


we’ve heard nothing.


We should get more things like fiber wire in every map, so we don’t really have to bring one with us.


Can we just talk about the Krugermeier 2-2 for a second?

If I’m not mistaken, subsonic weapons are meant to sound, well, subsonic? The 2-2 sounds exactly as loud as the other silenced pistols, which aren’t subsonic.

Even though I rarely ever use the garish vanity piece, I would like for H2’s weapon sounds to be consistent


Yes, we can. One in black, please. That’s a re-skin I DO want.


C’mon IOI, gore like Hitman 2016
And please this is even more important… @Travis_IOI

Silverballer MK I

Silverballer MK II


Also an hideout would be very appreciate, with all the toys ready to grab! And more firearms from the previous games of course!


the gore is the exact same as 2016, i don’t know how much i gotta say it til you believe it. now that i think about it, i’ll get screenshots later today


do it, whats your platform ps4?


i have PC. maybe it’s different for PC and PS4? if you can take some screenshots too


I just wish it were more accurate


Could be possible yes i do… Both Season 1 and Hitman2 i choose sapienza tower.


Also would be nice the classic briefcase…


Here the final evidence, PS4, me and @MontezumahCHP wants the same blood of Season 1 @Travis_IOI @IOI help us!
@cakeblock941 @Accidental-kills98 @Agent.Smith @Jarbinger

Bring. Back. The. Gore (The Gore Discussion)

I can shoot better than this, c’mon be more evil! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Aiming like in Max Payne 3 will be awesome.


It was a demonstration…


Ohhh c’mon we already saw the pen twice before Faba!


On the base of the ICA Executive Briefcase are two red lines. I don’t see what this adds to the overall design, in fact I think it highly detracts from it due to it looking like a textural glitch with what one would assume as the inside of the case.

I’d love to see them removed