Things to improve in HITMAN 2


yeah, i remember seeing them when the briefcase blend-in glitch was still a thing. it was a bit jarring


Well if it is a glitch one of you two should screenshot it and report it.:grin:

I’d report it but I muted the bug report thread since I don’t notice bugs a lot. Also I don’t know how to screenshot or even if I can on PS4Pro.


It’s not a glitch, the inside of the briefcase is completely black. It’s just a terrible design choice that looks like a glitch and, imo, ruins the professional look of it


Oh well report it as a glitch anyway maybe IO will believe it is one and accidentally patch it. :joy:


For me is also the thickness Wich make that briefcase too militaresque, the old ones were more like 24hrs suitcases.


I sincerely hope you aren’t insinuating that me wanting some red strips removed from a briefcase is indicative of whether I’ll shoot up a school or not


I seem to be the only person that likes the thickness of it on this forum, lol


Ah, good, I was ready to have a throwdown then :smile:


Until you realise that the person whose legs you’ve just broken was actually a dummy made of straw and Layton’s behind you with a slot machine gun :wink:


i usually store bigger things in the executive case for i m m e r s i o n. i use the ICA case for smaller things.


I don’t like the ICA Briefcase because the interior looks incredibly tacky, kinda breaks the image of 47 being this suave, well-equipped hitman for me


I guess they all sound just as loud to 47 because he’s so close? But it is quieter as far as the AI is concerned. Very useful for shooting anything but a person!


Hold down the share button. It will take a screenshot which you’ll then find in your gallery.


No, it’d still sound quieter up close. Subsonic rounds don’t produce a supersonic crack, so their noise is, by default, a lot quieter than a normal silenced pistol’s. I think they’ve just hastily used multiple assets over the various guns


Hey I don’t know if it has been mentioned already…

But I kinda want the hUmAn sHiELd bAcK


Ah yes and I want the double ballers back, but what should we do? C’est la vie…


For sure the amount of 47’s life, in easy difficulty you die faster than medium one, is guaranteed. @Travis_IOI notice this please.


What does that sentence even mean?


You die faster in Easy then in Medium


I’m not talking about the effect it has on NPCs, I’m talking about how the audio file used for the 2-2 sounds to the player. It has the exact same firing sound as the not-subsonic ICA19, which it shouldn’t