Things to improve in HITMAN 2


Sorry then i missunderstood you!
And agree it sounds pretty exactly as every other pistol, that’s right
(Will delete the other post)


Also, speaking of the 2-2, I want to slap whoever decided to give it such a horrible skin. What was wrong with just giving it a skin like the Krugermeier’s from the Absolution DLC?


That’s fine :slight_smile:

The only thing stopping it from being my go-to pistol is the butt-fuck ugly design it has in H2, haha


you are incorrect here. i just tested it and found out that the Kruger in fact sounds different than the ICA19. i have also found that the Silverballer, Blackballer, ICA19/Chrome (same sound), and Kruger ALL have unique sounds. the closest thing to the Kruger sound is the Silverballer sound, but even then, the Kruger is in a higher pitch and has less “echo”


Considering that I deliberately tested it before I made that reply, I don’t think I am. I am incredibly particular about things and often hear them incorrectly, so I did it multiple times and, to me, the ICA19 is the exact same as the Krugermeier. I know that the Silverballer and the Blackballer have unique sounds, but the 2-2, ICA19 and Chrome all sound exactly the same to me

Could you provide a video/audio clip of the difference between the 2-2 and the ICA19?


unfortunately my PC is trash and cant record video, (i have to use a game streaming service to play :<)

but i’m testing it now, and the ICA19, Chrome, and Kruger all sound different. the way i’m testing it is have all 3 guns in my inventory, then shoot 3 shots from each one.


I owe you an apology, the difference between them is INCREDIBLY small, but it is there.

But even if we take this into account, it is still nowhere near as quiet as it should be. H1’s 2-2 had the perfect sound, imo, they’ve downgraded it in H2


yeah, the difference isn’t noticeable at all in regular play. it should be way quieter


I had to turn my TV’s volume up to about 40, then record them on my phone and play them back multiple times to even hear the difference. Really hope that they didn’t record the 2-2’s sound new for H2 :smile:




The thread’s called ‘Things to improve in HITMAN 2’, not ‘Things to Make Worse in HITMAN 2’.

H2’s map is far superior to the one you’re proposing, due to it being less cluttered, more detailed and easier to understand, and inkeeping with the current aesthetic IO-I are going for


Ok sorry npc on the maps.


One of the coolest little details I have ever seen a movie was in Black Hawk Down. The delta guy who was on the crashed helicopter was standing with his back against the downed bird firing an assault rifle off to one side. He was then shot in the leg from and at the same time noticed bad guys on the opposite side from where he had been shooting. Rather than turn around he simply switches his rifle and fires with his non dominant hand on the trigger towards these new threats. 47 has, in previous games, fired with his off hand when he is against cover that is to the right of his threats. Why does he now roll out and expose himself to maintain his dominant hand? He’s the worlds best. He would shoot south paw in this situation.


improve the audio and sounds in hitman 2 please. i will give you one of many examples, when you guys get a chance, play paris on the original hitman 2016 game from the year 2016 and take the clothes of the body guard with the fancy suit and shoes from there walk up the stairs that does not have carpet on it and you will hear very distinct sounds of hitmans dress shoes making noise when walking up the stairs it sounds amazing and realistic. then go to the bar in paris and bump into someone holding a wine glass and it makes a very loud and realistic sound of a wine glass breaking when the glass hits the floor. then do the very same thing i just said in paris on the hitman 2 engine it dont sound the same on the hitman 2 engine you can barely hear it. there is no denying something is very wrong with the audio in hitman 2 and yes the hitman 2 missions have audio problems also! i play on pc and steam


I don’t know why, but explosions are silent sometimes in HITMAN2, and fireworks in Paris too.


im having this same problem i cant hear fireworks exploding or bombs exploding in hitman 2 either. i complained about this on this forum a while ago and its still not fixed. i know IO is busy but are they even reading these complaints?


You see that this makes the map chaotic right?


Yeah, it’s an issue & it’s been awhile.


No it’s just when you kill 280npc, is boring find the other 20, maps are too big if i can see where they are like the old maps would be amazing.

  1. Killing everyone isn’t the point of the game, it’s just a consequence of having killable NPCs
  2. Including every single NPC on the map would hopelessly clutter it up