Things to improve in HITMAN 2


It’s not the point of the game but many players have done kill everyone runs since the C47 days. There is also an EE in Sgail that only comes out when you kill all the guards (or maybe even all the people, I forget). It’s surely something the creators should expect a decent amount of players to try. I don’t try it on every level but at some point I get bored and then go for it. In H2018 I have only done it on Sgail.
I agree with you about having them in the map though. That would be crazy with the amount of NPCs that are in the modern levels.


Oh, I know that a lot of people do it, but my point is that they shouldn’t have to sacrifice functionality to appeal to a singular playstyle that the game isn’t specifically designed around


I agree, but I also think the game should run when you eliminate all the NPCs.


What do you mean by “the game should run”?


Because it seems to crash (maybe just on PC?).
Big deal.


I’ve never done a kill-everyone run, so I wouldn’t know, but the game frequently crashes on Xbox for me (mostly always when I go into the pre-planning items menu)

But yeah, the game shouldn’t crash if you kill everyone


Really it crashes on Xbox?
For me it just loads a while and continues as normal … strange.
I actually only had two crashes on my One S, maybe three.
That’s why I am so baffled when people talk about how buggy the game is because I experience none of those … :frowning:


I have a One, so maybe it’s a bit different because my system is older.

The only real times I crash are when I open the item menus, try to scroll over and it lags, then crashes. Mostly happens on Mumbai, iirc, but it happens far more frequently than I’d like for it to


It shouldn’t slow down to the point where you feel like your in a choppy bullet mode from Max Payne or the Matrix. For the most part it doesn’t but once your close to having everyone dead in Sgail it really starts to lag. I haven’t tried any other levels but I imagine levels with less NPCs don’t suffer as badly. This problem is nothing new though. It happened in the older games too.


There are some parts of Hitman 2 that really do feel like it was rushed out of the gate before it was finished


Or it’s starts to lag or it crash on PS4.


there’s also one in Miami with new announcer dialogue from a certain someone


Does anyone else wish we could shoot throught the sauna glass? I remember when we could how cool it was to shoot Yuki in the face, like the Don Osmond kill, but now it’s bulletproof which makes no sense. Out of all the glass that needs bulletproofing, I doubt that sauna’s would be high on GAMA’s list of priorities


True. But you can shoot Rico through the mirror from Catalina’s room (or bathroom, can’t recall). So there’s that at least. But you gotta watch out for the staff guy there as he walks back and forth.


Second thing - 47 just dropping pistol magazines all over the floor. You’d have though a master assassin would take his magazine out like a normal person and pocket it


I think that’s kind off a changing room, I guess?


That’s been in the game since at least H2SA. Back when duel wield was at its peak of coolness in the gaming industry and all the shooting games had something that resembled a John Woo movie. I remember Lara Croft not only duel wielded her .45s but she also had some insane holster system that allowed her to simultaneously reload both pistols. Instead of inserting the magazine into the pistol the holster system held the mag in place while she would move the gun to envelop the mag. This 1) allowed her to do both at the same time. 2) was perhaps a hidden joke against sexism. They even rigged up a real life setup for Angelina Jolie to be able to reload this way in the movie lol.


But because we no longer have duel-wielded pistols, don’t you agree that it would make more sense for 47 to clean up after himself?


Yes I do. I just think that bc the NPCs can’t see the mags it’s just a cool animation that they have left in there. They could change it but then reloading may take longer as 47 will have to first stow the spent mag. To have both would require a 2nd reload button or to perhaps go with a tap to put the mag on the ground (speedy relod) and hold and then release to take your time. But if we got that realistic then we should also LOSE the rounds still in a magazine when we reload before it’s empty. I can’t remember any game that actually works that way.


i actually think the mags flying out is pretty funny, it can break glass