Things to improve in HITMAN 2


Yeah, I’m certain that they’ve made things far more breakable in Hitman 2. It can look ridiculous sometimes, haha


If you’re bothered about leaving mags, think about shells…




Thought the same thing yesterday doing the “Crazy 8” challenge. 1-2 more animations per melee weapon would be great and make the gameplay more refreshing and unique to each weapon you use.


Completely agree with you, it also means kill everyone challenges get kinda boring when all the knives have the same animations for example. I also wish 47 prepared a knife throw again like in absolution and the world of assassination trailer


There are so many stale and overly quick animations. I mean, I understand that fast animations allow for the better speedrunning but they are just too fast and have no variety at all! After 100 hours you kinda get bored of the same jabbing animation for screwdriver and letter opener, same axe neck-crank animation, same knife animations.

Sure, no need to make animations Manhunt slow but add a variety so that it feels different and satisfying every time you replay the contract.


I kinda wish 47 would be a bit more brutal when stabbing targets instead of other npcs, so he does his cool professional stab/knockout for guards but when he kills the target he properly jabs them, sorta like an animation from shadow of war. I just think it would be badass and cool, especially for targets like Janus or Rico who 47 has a stronger connection to.


i was really disappointed when H2 released with absolutely 0 new attack animations. im hoping they will add some in H3


I hope them add it ASAP.


At this point if we got three total new ones (maybe one more knife, one more wire and whatever) we’d all jump for joy.


I think would be nice to have a sort of kill everyone challenges as a ghost, without getting spotted for unlock smgs, rifles, shotgun and heavy guns in every mission then a suit and a gadget when you make all the 6 challenges of course in 2 difficulties.


Do you realise how bloody long that would take on nearly ever map? You’d be there for days


Kill 10 NPCs without being spotted - Tier 3

Kill 25 NPCs without being spotted - Tier 2

Kill 50 NPCs without being spotted - Tier 1


But those aren’t kill everyone challenges


A sort of, this could work.


Also, our systems will chug like mad. The game is designed for that sort of thing.


Really liking the changes in the inventory organisation since the latest patch, from what I’ve seen.
Additional suggestion: add “slots” for inventory items that you didn’t unlock yet, but exist in the game. A bit like the weapon outlines from the shed in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Would be nice to see from your inventory which kind of gear you can still look forward to.


IO already has.


Great idea! Then selecting those could show us which challenges unlocks the item.


I don’t know if you are joking. Firstly Kotti and CJ are still relatively active members of the community and secondly, io has done probably the best thing they could do with the franchise. They are supplying tonnes of live content for their masterfully crafted sandboxes which are better or on par with blood money.