Things to improve in HITMAN 2


i would love it if we could re-earn challenges, even if it just unlocks a score boost or badge at the end of a mission. having the challenges be once and done kinda sucks. even if it’s just the name of the challenge and a checkbox up in the corner, i’m good with that. it doesn’t need to award xp. just something to signify completing the challenge, even on subsequent completions.


Things I would like to see:

  1. More animations
  2. Little longer garrote animations, with some struggle from victim (it’s not like that you would even lost conciousness after 3 seconds of beeing choked by someone)
  3. Taking sniper out of briefcase and hiding it in should also be slowed down a bit
  4. Blood stains and blood traces - that would be visible when killing NPC’s. Should work that way it would make a trace for some time after beeing moved by 47. Would be nice to have some way to remove blood stains though it should be really long process (to make unvisible type of play more rewarding)
  5. You would be suprised - I do not really need double ballers. Were some of you guys shooting a gun? Well, I can tell you it’s kind of hard to hit anything having one pistol in each hand. It’s not been designed to work like that. But for computer game, when 47 is master shooter, why not, but I really do not care that much for it.
  6. More orchestral soundtrack - Sgail type. Blood Money type.
  7. More than one camera system on map where you have multiple factions. Seriously, how is it possible to have remove evidence in church in Sapienza and go to Ether laboratory having all cameras turned off? It really doesnt make any sense what so ever for paranoid Silvio would share same CCTV system with old priest on the other side of marina.
  8. Change of items with just “2” sticker on them. C’mon make some effort. Change color or anything… I cannot have sticker with “3” next time you put out episode. Since EP3 would be in HITMAN 2, inventory would become repetitive clusterfuck.
  9. Give me one more snow map, and RAIN map.
  10. Simple editor that would allow player to change item positioning, and add\ delete NPC and set their routing by simply becoming that NPC, and adding actions to each object you could interact with. Interface for NPC should have commands like “drink”, “sit” etc. and then animations of course. Setting to what toilet\ bin NPC would go, where he would run away etc. Really nice contract would be made by that - a lot of empty places would be utilised. And moreover - only author of the map would know exactly how to proceed the level he made.
  11. REINFORCEMENTS ARRIVED. When 47 would go rouge, special police force\millitary should come to map and be in pernament hunting stage. IT would add to challange.
  12. And DO NOT make 47 open door automaticly when using lockpick or key.


use the alt animation


How can I change animation?


just be as far away from them as you can while garrotting


ah, you mean that. Well, that’s only a half measure it adds to variety for sure, but I really would like to see longer even by that.


I’m not gonna lie I don’t really mind the current animations for the fibre wire. The kick one is so fucking cool and badass. I wouldn’t mind however a slight change in different wire animation to add a bit more variety to the measuring tape and fish line


Return the agent’s appearance as it was in 2016
New face upset me :worried:




After the improvement patch 2.14 brought to the inventory selection menu , I think it is time to improve the quick in-game selection tab.
First of all,I would like 47 to have a limited number of carrying items (at least on prof and master,let the casual be unlimited for fun) so that he plans carefully what to pick and what to drop.I think this would improve perfomance as well ,because whenever you pick every single item available on the map , the game frames drop.I would suggest like 10 different items (multiples of the same can be hold).
Also when scrolling to choose an item I want to be able able to determin what item will be selected first.I mean , when you pick a hammer for example it becomes available to holster.Then by tapping once right(d-pad on Ps4) I want to get automatically the Silverballer again(or whatever item I aplly on this button and maybe another one for the left) instead of scrolling.
Finally maybe the images when pausing to choose an item can be replaced by the colored ones we get in the inventory!!


It is time to give us a keyboard shortcuts instead of selection carousel.
Well, not fully instead. All main items what you use most of all should be assigned to 1-0 numbers and it should be customisable.
E.g.: 1 for silverballer, 2 for fiberwire, 3 for coins, 4 for any your chosen blunt weapon, etc


This might be difficult to program/animate, but I think the game could benefit a little from having animation for killing from the front.
What i mean by this : Instead of 47 having to go behind the npc to kill him with a fiberwire or syringe, there could be an animation to kill him from the front.
The best way to describe a possible animation is when 47 takes cover on the side of the door and an npc is walking through the door and 47 grabs him ans subdues him, except that instead of subduing, it would be strangling or poisoning. and 47 won’t be talking cover.
This could be useful for NPCs who are standing in front of a wall. or just to save time. This obviously might not work for emetic syringes, so this feature should be enabled for certain weapons


yeah i suggested this before, i think its a great idea. we also had a frontal syringe attack, but its been gone


Not sure this is the correct place to discuss / rant about state of the game.
Hitman 2’s scoring system is broken for like 4 months now. And I am loosing hope that IOI will broken scoring of getting SA even after getting caught for trespassing.

The reason for IOI’s reluctant attitude is I think normies/ casual players don’t complain about broken system. Casual player base is substantial as compared to dedicated fan base.
Also dedicated fan base think twice before ranting on social media. Even though they are ranting they don’t have enough following for IOI to be concerned about.

Is it slap on the face of dedicated fan base that IOI is being elusive about fixing the game?


they havent been reluctant about the scoring system. they’re still working on a fix, and they’ve stated so for the past few months.

  • More Polish on Legacy Pack!
    –> Reach the quality of 2016 release

  • Real MKII Weapons

You guys are reskin specialists, it’s not that hard to make a reskin of the weapons for MKII!



  • Fixing the bugs/crashes prior to add new content constantly

Having new things is good, but if you keep adding things while the game stills bugged/inconsistent, that makes no sense.

Focus on improving all what the game has already before going further.

  • Fixing game rules inconsistency

----->Trespassing sometimes making us spotted, sometimes not
---->Sniping rules constantly changing that every run is different
–> Losing silent assassin because a NPC killed himself while it’s not supposed to count

Game is a total mess in it’s actual state. It’s like you’re experiencing things live and fixing them on-the-go. The result is that things get worse than before after each update :confused:

–> You fix one thing, you break three others. Make your things together guys or get a proper QA department!

I don’t understand all those changes. Game was great in it’s 2016 status, why going further at the risk or breaking everything?

You should’ve focused on animations improvements instead of game mechanics that broke everything in the end :confused:

  • Fixing 47 missing teeths on Legacy Pack (all missions)

  • Briefcase Mechanic

The briefcase is good. However, everytime it’s placed somewhere, NPCs automatically come after it.

In the end, you have to hold it permanently if you don’t want to trigger the closest NPC.

–> They should pick it up/be triggered by it only if dropped, but not if placed somewhere.

  • No music on Contracts Mode (Whittleton Creek)

  • Fix the intro theme music (Music is cut at the end)

  • Please give access to special exits for all modes (Story, Contracts, Elusive Targets)

  • Text/voice Chat on Ghost mode (T)

  • PC Menus to upgrade: new tabs system is great but hard to navigate with keyboard and mouse: Pg. UP/down buuttons would be better :ok_hand:

Check Also (related): Improving the unlocks in HITMAN 2


That animation, when subduing someone from cover - an NPC sees 47’s face right before he/she will get subdued! I saw another animation in Absolution trailers, where 47 first hits NPC with his elbow, so NPC’s head turned to other side - he/she cannot see 47’s face.
Don’t know, why still using animation, when 47 in fact shows his face, and compromises his identity. Anyway, if I find that video, I will show you.
Edit: this one, 1:12


Absolution has so many kick arse animations, why don’t they just use them? I thought they are good at doing “Copy & Paste”?


Absolution’s animations move 47 around a lot, which IO tries to avoid as much as possible with the new animations.


I think that’s a shame. My favourite H2 animations are the kick garotte and above cover subdue and those are the ones where 47 moves the most