Things to improve in HITMAN 2


Well…At least they would react to the blood.:man_shrugging:t2:


They really should bring the large briefcase back, the current briefcase mechanic is OP, you can basically put anything in your briefcase, even a giant arse sword!! I understand that you can put sniper rifles and SMGs or maybe even ARs in your briefcase because you can disassemble them into pieces. But a sword?? Let alone that they don’t even have to make animations for sniper rifles assembly as long as they add these large cases into the game.


Umm, the swords are obviously retractable. Like lightsabers.

On the real though, yeah, swords fitting in is kinda ridiculous. On the other hand though, someone carrying a large briefcase like the one I imagine you want would be suspicious as fuck, so I don’t mind letting the realism of the standard briefcase slide a bit.


Carry an instrument case, maybe? Have a random instrument inside it but the actual drop under a false bottom you can pick up.


i like how the broadsword can fit but we still cant put an axe in it


Now THAT’S an interesting idea.


I think the instrument case idea would really fit with the game. If we ever have size limited cases, they’d be perfect for items long lengthwise but short in width like most of the assault rifles or sniper rifles.

What other cases do you think we could carry for items?


Flower box. And whenever you take the weapon out, it dramatically throws roses everywhere.


Godfather style. I dig it.


That’s it! That’s the idea!


Hitman C47 and Contracts, pure love.


Honestly all I need right now is an SA tracker and a briefcase animation improvement:
Make the assembly animation for all snipers, I only ever use the sieger 300 ghost and yet he always takes it out as if it was a normal item
Also please improve the animation, how can a 13 year old game get this right but a new one can’t?


still seeing this comment in 2019 makes me die inside


I mean it’s probably because it is true, it just makes the game feel unpolished and rushed when I see him whip it out from the briefcase, touch up the barrel a bit and think ‘I’m ready to go’


God, you make it sound so erotic.


Some really good ideas indeed

In this regard, they could also give the option to place a safe/laptop on a suitable surface.

Also, how about giving the option of having to start the mission without any items (like early Hokkaido)?

Just a couple of random ideas.

  • Dual Wielding
  • MKII sticker solution
  • Blood ammount level same as S1, no more no less.
  • Hideout
  • Briefcase animation different for each kind of sniper rifle, at least we have 3 different ones Druzina, Sieger and Jager.
  • More melee weapons animations.
  • Weapons election menu like hitman2/contracts, with 3D models.
  • No music after complete all the objectives please is not Batman is Hitman.
    -Revolvers and Double barrel sawn-off shotguns.


Can you be a little bit more precise?

I agree with that.
On Hitman BM, 47 build up his Sniper Rifle, maybe something like that.



Why though? To practice aiming? To pick your load out and everything there? I’d fine it more convenient to have a menu instead of loading a mission just to pick a load out.

I have no problem with this, but just don’t make it incredibly long to the point where you’re yawning just waiting for the animation to finish.

Then turn game music off. Simple.

Revolver: Striker. Satisfying and powerful.
Sawn off shotguns: Who uses a shotgun, especially unsuppressed, in a Silent Assassin playthrough? And if you’re doing a loud playthrough, why not use the other shotguns? They’re more powerful, have more shells and are overall better.


Every point is just about adding more variety.