Things to improve in HITMAN 2



  • Seconding the sniper disassembly; that was a highlight animation from Blood Money

Totally agree on that, it’s crazy that a 2006 game has better animations than a current game.

  • Dual wield, more as an aesthetic option than anything else. There are very few times when I’ll be pumping out bullets, but 47 holds two Silverballers in so much art from the previous games. So I’d like my Silverballers, and I’d like to be holding two of them. For old times’ sake

I also miss that, that was so badass !

And I’ll add another mechanic from Blood Money: being able to use a NPC as a human shield, and it would prevent guards to shot at us.


It’s silly, but I’ve been to India a decade ago. The train horn is way too North American. It should be a bit higher pitched.

(Warning: Loud)

Same thing with the American Police Siren in Paris.


Doors should not close on their own… as long as we are standing near them… It gets so annoying when you want distract someone.


But would that mean NPCs would now notice doors that open or close? One of the biggest unrealistic elements is that a trained body guard is not at all concesfned when a door seems to open or close by itself.


I mentioned this before when HITMAN 2016 came out. It’d be more realistic if doors stayed open. Have it to where the guards still not notice doors closing and opening but have the doors you open stay open.


The sniper animations for the briefcase should have an assembly sound. Right now it’s completely silent when 47 ‘assembles’ the rifle after he takes it out or puts it in the briefcase, some sort of sound would be nice.

Also the Sieger rifles don’t have a briefcase animation yet. And the Sieger advanced doesn’t play Ave Maria anymore. Both of these should be fixed.


it never did for me, even in Season 1


Yes! Doors only seem to stay open if you’re right beside them AND looking through them, which I don’t understand. You turn away to throw a coin & it shuts with perfect comic timing, guaranteed.


I don’t ever remember 47 looking this uncomfortable before, does he suffer from a sore neck?

This is a screenshot from the Legacy version of The Showstopper, 47 basically walks around like he been doing dumbbell shrugs wrong all day, when he’s on the phone. It looks ridiculous to be quite frank.

@Lasse_IOI are you guys aware of this odd animation?


maybe he tried the Yogamasters Destroyer of the Universe Pose?

In C47, when you reload the M60 he bends neck also in a unhealthy way :slight_smile:


Looks like he is holding the Briefcase…weird :thinking:


It must be one heavy imaginary briefcase in that case :thinking: I hope wonky animations like this gets a little fix me up. All through the call animations he walks around like that, I haven’t been able to break it.


I had that anim too while phoning and holding the briefcase at the same time, they probably “forgot” to fix the animation while he is not holding it…


Same problem happens with the phone call in Sapienza. No briefcase needed to perform this animation, it just happens when you’re phoning someone. His head is way too tilted to the side.
There’s also a little animation bug for me, where 47 doesn’t put the phone away after it’s been hung up for about 5 seconds, meaning you still can’t perform actions in that time.


I noticed 47 looking “up” when picking up items while crouching. It’s just a very very short moment, but it looks very strange and unhealthy.


I would love that notifications like "Trespassing, “Engaging”, “Compromised” and others in the bottom left corner stay on even if we toggle off the mini-map. I wish they had their own “toggle on/toggle off” setting and completely independant.

And it would be nice to be able to subdue a NPC sitting or sleeping on a chair.


you can already do that


In the parking of the Miami level there’s a guard sleeping on a chair and we can’t subdue him. Unless they changed it in the last patch.


Is no one going to talk about how awfully janky holstering animations for 2 handed weapons look like? Especially swapping between 2 large weapons?

It looks extremely unfinished. And why can we still NOT fiber wire targets sitting on chairs?


you can’t subdue sleeping people, but you can subdue awake sitting people