Things to improve in HITMAN 2


Well that’s weird, it should be available for any kind of situation.
Thanks for the answer !


As I wrote in the bug report thread: the scoring sound should be disabled when the UI for that is disabled.

And we definitely need a photo mode on consoles. I don’t care whether it’s not looking as sharp as those fancy-pancy Ansel shots (boi, do I love those shots!) but it would be helpful when creating my custom campaign for contracts mode including a neat little story line.


I feel like 47’s current aiming animation with a pistol when standing looks weird. He seems to be putting way too much effort into sticking a gun out in front of him. I wish he could hold it with two hands, or bring the gun closer to the centre so he’s not puffing his chest out.


Super, ultra-minor nitpick, but the stripes on 47’s tie knot need to go in the opposite direction as the stripes below.

Literally unplayable!



give us option where the enforcer dot icon shows up only when using instinct.


1.) Gameplay option to disable all these new visual notifications like XP for this and that action (discovery xp for instance, this stuff is for children) or when you climb down a rainpipe etc. (small grey notification in the lower right screen corner). Especially that one does not offer anything except for breaking immersion. Do i need a notification to remind me that i am hanging on a rainpipe…i am looking at my character and clearly see that he actually does. And its there when being compromised…very immersion breaking. Move this to the mini HUD or something if you think its absolutely necessary to be in the game.

2.) Disable/remove that new and too loud ‘‘safety off’’ sound when drawing a handgun. This is so loud and obvious, every target you walk up silently from the rear pulling your gun out at the last moment must clearly hear that. I’d rather have the same noise or a variation there of when holstering a weapon, like in Hitman 2016…i just checked that out in Hitman 2016…its pretty much perfect and spot on there. The handgun is so big and obvious, i really doubt anyone needs that big of a loud and distinct audio cue to know whether the gun is being drawn or put away. Best and most simple solution is to go back to the 2016 implementation.

3.) Slow walk toggle and improvements. Give the option to make that keybinding a toggle, so we don’t need to press down the slow walk key on PC forever while strolling through those beautiful maps. Make slow walk work properly on stairs etc., and let 47 start in slow walk, right now he makes 2-3 steps at normal pace before slow walking. Aditionally, slow walk when aiming down a sight of a gun should be possible. Right now, 47 moves at normal pace when aiming while pressing alt to slow walk.

4.) Option in the launcher/settings to completely disable the intro videos when starting the game. After starting the game a couple of times, it just becomes a chore to always click this away…and it costs time when the game could go directly to the main menu. By the same token, why not go directly to the main menu, get rid of the Press A or Enter to connect screen, costs time and is one additional press that is completely useless since there ain’t an option not to so anyway.


Ok here is something obvious, make Pump Action Shotguns have an an Pump Action Sound when firing.
I really don’t get why that is so hard to add. This Bugged me already in H2016. Now in H2 that Sound “Bug” is still not fixed.


i thought that was already possible?


More graphical options for PC or better optimization. Probably is a minor priority, but Hitman 2 does not run well compared to 2016, even on older levels, and I think one of the reasons is the new lighting system. An option to tweak it should be present. I think the god-rays in particular are eating performance, especially combined with vegetation, and in most games you can tweak that. I think you should be able to tweak the lighting overall.


The same should be done with the crowd/grass hiding circle.


You’re right but you can’t turn the sound off.


My only real complaint this far is that the first Elusive Target is out.

I wanted to have fun and enjoy the Legacy pack before I really dove into HITMAN 2. I wanted to unlock all my old stuff. Also I was really busy with life the first week so I am now scrambling to learn Miami. I wanna make up my own strategy for the Undying if possible.

I literally just “reached” The Finish Line mission. Tomorrow I play to learn the map.


I think not individually. It is tied to the mission stories hints or something, which are in fact quite useful. It should have its own option so to be abel to totally adjust what one actually needs and not have all this fluff.


One thing I’d like to have on the game is permanent elusive targets. I get that the whole easy to fail, one opportunity and whatnot it’s exiting, but maybe if you beat it once you unlock it permanently?

I guess the problem with that is that people will find a guide to avoid loosing it, but it just seems that those missions add a lot more gamapley and once you are done it’s gone for good until who knows how many months 'till they decide to make a return for it.


Pretty sure someone in here has mentioned it but I’d love to have a button to take out what I have in the briefcase while I’m holding it without going into the inventory.


funny you mention that. that’s actually how it used to be in the pre-beta builds of H2, but they removed it because there was a button constantly hovering over 47’s ass


+1 to that. Basically add the Elusive Target Missions permanently to the Game and make it so you just have one try to get the Rewards. After that you can still play the Elusive targets “just for Fun”.


Agree completely. Even in tutorial in Absolution you are told thats it’s up to you how to approach the mission, silent or agressive. And I really miss firearms action in Hitman. Also, it very strange and sad to see that Absolution rven now looks and runs much better than Hitman 2016/2…


I wanted to blow Viktor Novikov up with RFID Coin and putting the explosive in the camera.

Cmon! Buzzkills!