Things to improve in HITMAN 2


A majority of my main gripes come from the simplest things.

  1. Have some more variation with the ET unlock suits, don’t just go “driving gloves, you’re welcome!” Such as the sunglasses on the Italian Suit with Gloves, or the white gloves. For the Imperial Classic, those driving gloves don’t fit in at all! At least make suit unlocks that actually look like effort has been gone into them.

  2. Just put a wooden grip on the Black Lily and actually make it somewhat similar to the Blackballer, which it was advertised as. It would seriously be the easiest change that they’ve avoided for no reason.

  3. M. K. Fucking. IIs. Take, for instance, the Lethal Pills. Do the exact same things as the Lethal Poison Vial, but are a good reskin. Or the earphones. Not a sticker.

  4. What I don’t understand is why we bothered to vote for a gadget unlock when it turns out that at least the earphones are alreay in the game. I assumed it was “vote and we’ll make it” not “vote and we’ll let you unlock one thing from a selection we’ve already made but you can’t use.”


More Blood, more Gore, more bullet holes in the corpses.


I would like them to improve his signature suit, because quite frankly it’s the most horrendous of his costumes.

This obviously doesn’t hinder the gameplay in any way whatsoever, not a big deal by any mean.

Back when in the first season, there was that that thing that felt uneasy when 47 was moving around in levels using all signature suits, whenever I had to chose a starting costume, the requiem suit was always my pick.
I couldn’t really tell what it was until I played this second season.

For some reason, it showed off, after seeing all the rework in terms of visuals, I realized that most costumes in the Paris level (including his signature suit) are really off and don’t fit on him.

Animation wise it always seems clunky or his arms out of place or always kind of down, 47 just loses 25lbs whenever wearing it.

Waist is thigtened, arms are kind of down, slim legs, overall weak disproportionate body.
I only now realize that his requiem costume was reworked to resemble his Blood Money model.

Now, I do actually like the changes on 47 appearance, especially his face(they really nailed it), which is a huge improvement over Absolution, being buff or slender doesn’t make any difference to me, it’s just that the inconsistency breaks a bit of visual immersion.

Here are some comparisons:

Then I tried out the marrakesh costume, to my surprise, I thought for sure it was the same suit in white.
But I was wrong, it actually uses the requiem model instead while slightly tweaked to be less bulky, and fits perfectly, in my opinion it’s the best in terms of proportion and look.

Now why would the marrakesh one be fixed and only the outfits in Paris be off?
Probably didn’t have the time to make any change.

Seeing as the former suits with gloves aren’t in the game yet, it would be nice if they could receive the same improvement.
Or perhaps they aren’t yet released for that same reason?



Why even add gloves in the first place? Just let us use the excat same outfit her wore during the mission.


This picture illustrates it better


Signature suit really needs polishing up. It looks like they didn’t have time to properly finish the model. Boggles the mind that the main character’s primary outfit has such notable clipping on the tie. And it’s funny how the Sniper Assassin level still uses the old model in the prep screen.


Another thing, let make contracts on all difficulty mode with leaderboards to match. I play master in story. im sure others like me want to make contracts on master or casual. this is must along with my previous suggest.

I hope devs see all good suggests here and put them in game soon


Because 47 has always worn gloves…?




I want to wear this outfit in Miami. Not with sunglasses, not with gloves, not with a hat. (I don’t hate sunglasses, I just like variants without them).


Would be nice to add them to Contracts mode or something once the window is done, yes. I do get the thrill of completing the target within a time window, but seeing the love that went into Sean Bean’s mission makes me hope the rest for this season are that detailed, and will be open for anyone to experience. Timed rewards and permanent contracts sound good to me.


I believe they included them all in the level so everyone who got invested would have a chance to use their weapon of choice. Are the headphones unlockable elsewhere?


I would still like them to add additional start/exit/smuggle locations for the bonus missions. It would be really helpful for making contracts


Still can’t subdue someone by pulling them through a window. What gives?


way too many events that arent also timed. especially tok many that only happen if you disguise as them


Bring the blood and gore back…game is waayyyy to pg-13 especially for a hitman game…i stabbed a guy in the damn ear with a tattoo needle for christ sake and no blood? Lol cmon


there’s enough blood. it’s just in specific opportunities they don’t put the blood


Why? That seems dumb lol


it is dumb. i’m not sure why, i guess they just forget to put it in

for example: Jordan Cross laptop recording kill, if you shoot him in the scripted way, there’s no bullet hole or blood. but if you shoot him in a nonscripted way there’s a bullet hole, a bit of blood splatter, and a blood pool


Miami has something similar to this