Things to improve in HITMAN 2


I still remember how atletic strong agent was in BM!


More things I can come up with that maybe have been mentioned before.

  • Why do doors close themselves? It a weird obstacle and I don’t think it’s intended as such.
  • Triggers for things to happen are not good. I hardly believe they will change the way it is now, but it’s so disheartening knowing that “activating” a dialog/sequence is the only way to move forward the majority of time.
  • It goes without saying how disappointing the “MKII” stuff is.
  • I honestly dislike most of the ET rewards just like in the first game. I get that older fans might like the absolution suit or the blood money suit, but still, the changes are ridiculous to be honest. One has a pin, the tie its more reddish in this one, another one with gloves, and so on… Why no more original looking outfits? I really like the costumes in the GotY editions as they are pretty funny, different and cool, meaning, unique. Those are the outfits I would like to see more of.
  • I would like that whenever you shoot a sniper guards would go where the shot was fired after 30 seconds or so without knowing exactly who did it unless you stay where you shot at (I haven’t tried sniping yet but as of the later patch, and what I read here, it seems like it’s kinda messy as of now).

This is what I can remember now that bothers me a little.


After a mission/contract is completed, can IOI please add a button to just go “back to the previous?” In other words, instead of the only option (besides replay/replan) which is “Go to the Main Menu,” sometimes (ok, usually) I’d prefer just to go back so that I can choose another destination/map/contract - not go all the way back to the main menu.

Come on IOI, it can’t be hard to add that. Please add this QoL option. :slight_smile:


Another thing that could be improved is the load/save time. I’m playing Fallout 4 too and in that game you hit start, quicksave and that’s it. The whole process takes like 3 seconds.

In a game where saving and reloading it’s pretty much a must when experimenting, the load and save screen take too long. I’m on PS4 so I wouldn’t know of other systems. I guess it’s gotta be pretty quick on PC, but man, this would be a pretty good update.


The placement of the briefcase pickup / stash in Season 1 in 47’s ICA safehouse in the mission, The World Of Tomorrow in Sapienza is a total trainwreck in my opinion.

The briefcase is placed under the table in the ICA safehouse in such a way that it is very difficult to pick up and or retrieve the smuggled in item.

IOI, is there anyway to change the placement of the briefcase in the ICA safe house to make it easier to pick up? It’s just shoved too far underneath the table in there.


It’s slow on PC too. It doesn’t help that apparently the images in the menu are … internet based? Someone on here said the images in the menus and loading screens were actually tied to IO’s servers. I’m not sure if that’s true but I wouldn’t be surprised because I can get VERY ODD lag in the menus.


100% agree, the placement of that thing is downright infuriating.


You crouch and move the camera so you can see it fully and that’s it. Never had a problem with it.


Visual Improvements:

  1. Bloom toggle option or dial it down.
  2. Remove green and orange filters. (Specifically from the legacy pack levels)
  3. Work on 47’s model.
    a) Add details to his signature suit (Both texture and normal).
    b) Make him look a bit buff in his signature suit (because he looks too skinny when viewed
    from different angles, especially the torso and arms from side and front).
    c) Make shirt collar like 2016’s, not too loose or wide and lift the tie knot.
    d) Add creases to his signature suit, there are not so many. Coat looks weird from front.
    e) Straighten his ties on all of the new suits.
    f) Get rid of the “unpressed” look from his shirt collars.
    g) Please add skin details from 2016 model. Make it a reference. With so much bloom and
    lack of details (like small bumps + moisture) his head looks like rubber or plastic at
    points. The 2016 version still looks amazing in different lights/shadows with different
    angles of reflections.
    h) Add “dashing” look to his signature suit, 2016 has it but this does not.


They forgot to change 47’s model in some of the old disguises. Just look at the Italian suit near the Florida fit with gloves and you’ll see it is weird.


I thought he was bleeding internally when you stab him in the ear.


In Marrakesh there is a room which requires a keycard. The one where there is a phone you can call to trigger lockdown. And the door can be opened with just a lockpick instead of a scrambler. Is that intended?


I just want to know…are the earphones unlockable somewhere else in the game?


I was just made to kill almost every guard in Rico Delgado’s mansion with a plethora of big guns… I got a big fat zero score but also a big wide smile… and knocked out 3 challenges too!

I feel rewarded.


I think it was always like that. Used to be riskier too.


You should advise with patches, this is a thorough list that addresses the main concerns and issues of many users.


I want something very simple.

I want them to fix the mechanic where I could pick items up while dragging bodies. Worked in season 1 but now I drop the body to pick up something as simple as a coin.


I want back the same propane mechanics of season 1, if I shoot to the flask, propane still going out while I carry it if someone smokes I hit him with propane he explodes that’s is damnly fun. Now if you shoot at the flask and you take it the flask stop loosing propane. That’s shitty it was so difficult make the same of season1 and put the new things? Why io why, you put something cool and you remove it?


This was the first thing that I came across that annoyed me. Season 1 item pick up while dragging bodies was fine, I don’t know why it was changed.


a couple of aesthetic things i’d like bringing to H2 from season one - the white writing in the middle of the screen for combat/arresting etc, and the world map background on the loading screens.