Things to improve in HITMAN 2


Well I am glad that they changed it into the yellow notification above the minimap. That white text always felt like a placeholder to me

this one definitely should return, the current loading screens feel too empty and boooring. World map could be pink and yellow to fit with the UI color scheme


I actually love how 47 looked in Absolution. (Except when he cut his barcode off and had a band-aid on his head).

I would love to be able have the option to use 47’s Absolution model in the game. But with the barcode of course.


This is really minor, but I’d like to see a couple more hand-to-hand combat animations. All of the ones that I’ve seen in Hitman 2 are identical to the ones in Hitman 1.

Also, it’s slightly irritating to me that, when I initiate combat with a guard, the animation begins with 47 deflecting the guard’s punch, and then counter-attacking.

E.g. Here I decide to sucker-punch a polite guard, who even says, “Hey, what’s up!” in a cheerful voice. But according to the animation he’s the jerk, and 47’s just an innocent angel who’s always defending himself. lol


There are two things that come to mind when I see the thread’s title:

  1. Sapienza has lost it’s spark. It was glorious looking and now it’s kinda bland in the Legacy Pack. Why would you change that? This also includes the rectangular black beams onscreen instead of just full screen. Like you’re watching a movie or something.

  2. STILL not being able to subdue/syringe/garrote on stairs is annoying the crap out of me. How can you not have fixed that by now?

When playing through the new maps I keep getting the feeling that everything was a little bit rushed. The maps are huge but so many ‘‘dead’’ spaces. For instance the mansion in Colombia. It’s huge but for what reason? Going from the main gate entrance to the mansion alone is a 30 second run ingame but there’s nothing there. Just like pretty much all the big rooms in the mansion. Similar to the hotel rooms in Bangkok, just space filling. Every single new map has this ‘‘problem’’ with multiple areas. I understand building atmosphere and that buildings and surroundings add tot that but I keep getting the feeling when playing the new missions that ‘‘things’’ are lacking. Does anybody else have this feeling?

With all the bugs that are in the game currently and the issues that haven’t been fixed from season 1, the entire game just feels a little bit rushed to me. Not polished enough for release.


I support this, because I support the inclusion of alternate skins in general.

2016 47, Absolution 47, Blood Money 47, etc.

Include them all as bonus mission/elusive target rewards. Then nobody can complain about 47’s face because everyone can use his ideal version of 47. lol

They could even add concept 47 skins, like the one from the 2016 promotional material we never got to use.


One thing I hate about the combat animation is that 47 doesn’t just pacify the combatant on the first punch. Like, what? I know that the game is supposed to punish you for making mistakes, but I think 47 is more than capable of knocking a guy out with a single punch. He’s 47!

I usually just reload the moment I get into hand-to-hand combat, I don’t find the rating/xp system is robust enough to support interesting mistakes.


I’m fine with the way it currently works.

It makes sense to me that 47 can instantly knock out scrawny civilians, but that trained combatants put up a bit of a fight. The fact that 47 can still KO a seasoned mercenary or a policeman in two button presses shows he’s a great fighter.

My issue with the “counter-attack” animation in the video above is that it doesn’t accurately represent what I, the player, am trying to do.

If I approach an unwary guard and try to sucker-punch him – I should do just that.

47 should hit him in the face or the stomach, then he should recover and counter, and then, assuming you hit the button prompt, 47 should counter his counter and knock him on his backside.

Also, if 47 were able to instantly KO guards with his fists, it’d devalue melee weapons like pipes and hammers.

(An alternate combat method I’ve considered, however, is this:

Combat lasts fractionally longer, and requires two button presses instead of one.

If you fail the first button prompt, the guard hits you and the sequence restarts.

If you hit the first prompt, but fail the second, you knock the guard over, but you have to finish him off the ground.

If you hit both button prompts, however, you instantly KO the guard, who collapses to the ground seeing stars.

In short, there are three outcomes to hand-to-hand combat instead of the two we have now:

  1. Fail and the fight continues.
  2. Partially succeed, and knock the guard down.
  3. “Flawless victory!”

These fights would also be a bit harder (and hopefully more engaging) than the ones we have now, because the two button prompts would be randomized, instead of the same every time.)

P.S. That was quite a lot of extra information to include in brackets. lol


Allan will add more details.


Something I don’t get with Hitman is killing targets while they are on phone calls with their associates (Margolis’s phone call with her spy during the Helmut meeting, Zaydan’s call with Olander, Morgan’s call with Thomas Cross, etc). Shouldn’t that raise an alert?


Always bothers me too. Would be nice to have to wait for a break in the conversation, move in fast and turn off their phone. Same for in-person conversations where someone is obscured, like in Hawke’s Bay.

In general I think IO have done a fine job producing a fun systems-driven assassination game. But I’d like Season 2 to sell really well, so they’re given the time and budget to really drill down on the details next time. Assembling your guns, environment-specific animations, detachable silencers, little things like interrupting a phone call. The whole nine yards. It can’t work with an aggressive release schedule.


I really want syringes to poison food again. And to have two uses as well.

I’d rather have no QTE for the fight. It would be nice if they were optional. Eg


It would make sense if the Mk.II weapons and gadgets would get a considerable visual and performance enhancement that’s just more than a tiny red sticker with a “2” on it. Different slide for the Silverballer + subsonic rounds, fast-acting poison (emetic, sedative, lethal), faster lockpicking, etc.

A Mk.II of something means it’s an improvement over the original thing. What does the Mk.II gadgets and weapons improve over the original ones?


It’s also funny when you shoot it and you carry it not realizing that someone was smoking nearby. That’s how I failed The Sensation ET. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically… no thanks. I prefer the new mechanics. :stuck_out_tongue:


It wouldn’t make sense and would make them even more OP. Especially if there if there is 2 of them. The balance will be broken


Cause you are pissed off, if you throw the flask to a smoking npc and he explode is very satisfying. For you is all stealth, hitman is a killer simulator freedom is important.


What I find jarring in that sense is how when two people within the same mission have a phone call, it’s actually only the one you’re next to who’s really calling. When Decker calls Novikov, I expect the latter to actually pick up his Phone and do some talking to.


It wasn’t OP in Blood Money.


Are you kidding? In BM poison kills weren’t counted as accidents. And there weren’t any other means of poisoning stuff.


Something that I haven’t seen mentioned, but considering Sony’s change (well sort of) policy of cross platform play (thanks Fortnite), why not unify contracts mode?


Are poison kills counted as accidents in this game? I poisoned someone for a contract thinking it would count as an accident but that never popped up.