Things we didn't get in H3 for the next Hitman game

Lots of our ideas have been turned down for this game. As of the last cutscene, there will be a new Hitman game, somewhat year, And here are some stuff I hope for (Not all of them in the same game, (That would suck) just some of them):

1- Fully localized accents (A bit of language maybe, along with subtitles)

2- A briefing hall (agency hall) like the one in Splinter Cell: Blacklist where you go and get informed about details of your mission. We had something like this in SA at least.

3- An offline game which you’re able to make progress and then go online and sync your progress data with servers for rating or having the online part only for ETs and contracts, not ordinary playing

4- More locations in a single game, which is possible with good quality as it will release in at least 4,5 years.

5- A single game story far from 47 or Diana’s origins, with an antagonist irrelevant to them. Something like Blood Money.

6- External gadgets… Maybe a drone? Something like Watch Dogs 2.

7- Earning money for buying guns and bullets after missions, an alternative for mastery tracks. (The more creative and better you play, the more you earn) Something like CD47.

8- Ability of driving for large maps, like Mendoza for instance.

To be updated…


If something like this happened, I’d imagine disguising as the target’s vehicle driver and escaping with the target in the vehicle (Kidnapping him) And either drive him away from civilization like Lenny or setting up an elaborate car accident. This idea came from how a lot of people really wanted to be able to escort the targets in Dubai as the pilot.

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why not?

I mean it’ll be just Diana saying the mission

What about making everything offline just like legacy games?

I’m in

Well BM is about a man who is bitching about 47’s origins (clonning)

Why not?

NO. By logic, 47 already made a fortune from ICA.

Let’s not try to turn this game into GTA lol