Things You Like About Other Forum Users

Hey guys, I thought I’d make a thread where we say positive things about other users :slight_smile: maybe it’s something someone did recently, or maybe it’s something they’ve been doing for a long time. Often people don’t realize that someone appreciates them, and the things they do, and it can be nice when they’re told that :blush: and other people might feel the same way and realize just how great that person is!
Please no sarcasm like “I really love how good Gontranno is at playing Monopoly…”
And it goes without saying, but please don’t reveal things you like that have been told to you in private. For example, I’d never reveal how much I love @SilentWraith’s secret stamp collection :open_mouth:

Maybe you have someone in mind, or maybe you want to compliment the people in this thread, but I’ll start us off :slight_smile:
@YacobT - I love that you show enthusiasm for anything I ask you about, and you’re willing to write to me at length about the things you love :slight_smile:
@Mads47 - You have a level of motivation and iron will that I can’t even fathom! I don’t know how you do the things you’ve done :laughing:
@TheChicken - You’re such a good YouTuber! As you know, I’ve been watching your The Last of Us Part II playthroughs, and you have such a lovely inoffensive energy :blush:
@WritersBlock - Dude your photography skills are professional grade, with the zoom and the focus and everything! :smile:

Over to the rest of the forum now! I hope this thread isn’t a short-burn of people listening their positivity and never returning to this thread - hopefully it’s something that can be topped up and refilled whenever a positive thought comes to us :slight_smile: you don’t have to do a whole list of people, that was just me starting us off :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a great idea and a very kind jester.

I don’t exactly have one particular person to complement, as I have a complement for everyone here. It is a very welcoming and kind community, with good people and interesting conversations.

If I were to try to think of just a few individuals, I would say;

@Snake_Eater is a kind a caring person for wanting to save even the smallest of animals and devoting time into raising little Jake.

@misterkiller for always responding quickly and accurately to anyone who is having technical difficulties and helping them solve them.

@SpirantCrayon22 for many joking replies that always amuse me and I’m sure many others.

@YacobT for being easy to speak with and having interesting topics to talk about.

@Gontranno47 for always being willing to listen to any of my problems or worries no matter how insignificant, and for all the many enjoyable writer brainstorming sessions.

The list could go on, but I’ll leave that to everyone else.


@WritersBlock for being supportive and insightful into certain topics. Definitely enlightened me and helped me make the decision to build Jake an outside home he loves & enjoys.

@badeaguard for being the Romanian Leonardo Da Vinci. Your creations and passion for the things you enjoy are what sets you apart. Awesome replicas.

@Swangtheugly for sharing the same home state as I and being a generally chill person.

@MrOchoa for being C47s biggest fan. That game is still amazing and interesting even all this time later.


N’aww thank you :blush: I swear I didn’t make this thread solely to receive a complement :smile:

You are more significant than anything that could trouble you :slight_smile:


@badeaguard’s eye for weaponry :slight_smile:


Yep yep! And also he agreed to help me with my Italian ages ago (I promise I’ll pick it back up badeaguard!)


@Accidental-kills98 for being funny as people but annoying for mods. same with @SeanBernowicz. love/hate i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ibbe for being awesome. also very helpful

@Urben, @Mads47, and the other mods for being cool and also being more respectable mods than i could ever be :sweat_smile:

@scm97tl being there for as long as i can remember. always there

@Chef-assassin for always making me hungry. also generally anybody in the Food thread is chill. @TheChicken too

@badeaguard for being one of the most interesting people on the forum

im sure im forgetting ppl but that’s what i like about these ppl. here’s to a more years of Hitman :beers:


Thanks for the shout out. Right back at ya. I like your username because it reminds me of food!


@Accidental-kills98 for being my favorite polar opposite Aussie on the forum who makes me have some late night laughs on occasion. PS Happy Cake Day.

@MrOchoa for his clear passion for Codename 47 and gracing us all with Henry.

I could make a list, but just no to a vast majority of you I’m glad we can keep the peace a for a great deal of our time. Also this is more directly towards the majority of Regulars and all the Staff who are on top of the burner accounts and shady behavior that occasion happens on the forum.

This forum has been a big eye opener for me since I joined back in November 2018, I’ve come to enjoy being on here especially with how diverse everyone is alongside all the threads. This forum ultimately let me improve upon having a constructive discussion . I look forward to further discussions with all of you on all the oncoming subjects that will happen in the foreseeable future.


Is it cheating to say @badeaguard is perhaps the most mega fan EVER and that we all appreciate his dedication to detail on his projects? He’s also just a really nice dude. Speaking of really nice dudes, @scm97tl is “beary” nice to everyone on HMF.
I’ll also compliment @SeanBernowicz for having a great sense of humour. I usually like all his one off comments.
I’ll also thank all the mods going back to even the @ampburner days. They have created a fine space for us all to discuss the game we love and many other things. I’m sure it’s not easy and a very thankless job. @Kent @Watson @Mads47 @Urben and @Jarbinger. You all do a stellar job.
Edit: is @cake941 a mod? If so then cheers to you as well.


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 very relaxed dude who helped me out on the Siberia multiplayer trophy and is fun to do coop with

@musicalmushr00m for being the only member who actually helped me out with my endless requests for custom YouTube video thumbnails. Your shots are great man!

@MrOchoa for providing me that Requiem DLC pack back in 2017(?). Althought it wasn’t given to me directly, but rather by luck, I still wanna thank you for (indirectly) buying it for me. I used it quite some time back then! Thank you!

@AgeingFPS for all the support ever. No matter where I try out new stuff, you are always there to support my efforts. I bet a lot of people feel the same about you. Thnx Penny :slight_smile:

Honorable mention: @cake941 for his reliable and trust worthy posts regarding news and info about Hitman. You never fail to satisfy me with what you post.

Also mad respects for all the other forum members for keeping this awesome site alive and supporting IOI at all times. Y’all truly are the best. <3


I do like all the IOI staff. Their games are pretty ok


I have to say, compared with a lot of toxic gaming communities, the Hitman community as a whole seems to be considerably more well-managed and polite than many others. Yes it’s not always perfect and there are disagreements from time to time, but overall the Hitman community is really awesome and wholesome. <3

I particularly appreciate the modding community here for helping me to retain my interest in Hitman after I was feeling burnt out and frustrated. @KevinRudd, @Atampy26, @Notex, @BierceProsnan, @HMBM47. These guys gave me a second wind of sorts for this game and this franchise.

All really incredibly cool people that deserve lots of respect and gratitude!

Also appreciate the speedrunning community and those who have a deep insight into mechanics and speedtech. @Fortheseven, @solderq35, @JohnnyAxXx among others, all really cool people!

I really respect @Hardware. Awesome dude, very much enjoy and appreciate his insight into these games.

All the mods here but particularly @cake941 for being a great guy and moderator, helping to keep this forum organized and clean. Major props!

Would tag many others but you can only do 10, so even if you’re not tagged, chances are if I’ve interacted with you here, I respect you and appreciate you.

So proud and humbled to be part of such a great gaming community!



I’m cackling with laughter :joy:


Hey, thanks! I find the list rather long, actually, it’s a rather nice corner of the web so long as the general news thread is avoided. Helpful people in general, friendly, funny. Hats of to @Jarbinger and everyone who created the atmosphere.


i like

@MrOchoa for his dedication to the roots of the series

@Kcuts_Titogi for his most impressive technical contributions to the series

@Agent_17 for being one of the OG HMF members and for inspiring me in a certain way

@Sopoopy for his artistic skill and laid back attitude


@cake941 for simply existing
@Urben you seem like a good human being and closing my Dubai targets thread


If I were to choose 3 more people to be the next moderators (not that’s its my business)

I’d go with:

All 3 are very good members and contribute loads to the forum :smile:


I would not make a good moderator. I’m much too lazy.