This game & The Division. No sleep next week!

I played The Division beta and was pretty fatigued after 2 hours. Didn’t really like it.


The Division beta was absolute trash.

The last Ubisoft game I enjoyed was Blacklist which was almost 3 years ago. Got no hopes for their games. Copy/paste rehash.


I will be starting a thread soon about what I had for dinner last Monday. :grin:

Can’t wait! But be sure to make one for the whole week, otherwise a separate thread for Tuesday, Wednesday etc. will probably get repetitive.


You’re a sad little boy aren’t you?


Did it hurt you personally, that I made this post?

No. I didn’t think so.

Nobody made you open it, or certainly, respond.

Cheer up kid. Life is too short to be in such a bad mood all the time.


I don’t think that’s the problem mate. Nothing is personal or in bad mood here… The thing is… Some of the stuff such as this can be expressed in already made threads which to keep things organized and avoid a lot of hassle and overcrowding of main threads.
This could be posted in Whats new? thread. Its a very good place and a lot of people are tracking it hence more participation can happen there.
Or the Killing time b4 H6 release thread… etc.
No need to make a big deal out of it. @MrOchoa is a nice guy,


And even Blacklist had it’s fair share of problems and questionable design decisions. (Although it was miles better than Conviction)

The only times I’m interested in what Ubisoft put out is if it’s a Splinter Cell game, apart from that they’ve been pretty disappointing in recent years.


I didn’t care much for the beta at all. I just hope Ubisoft doesn’t start paying too much attention to it and lose focus on the spectacular Rainbow Six: Siege. That game is a revelation that I never saw coming.

Is it really good? I loved Vegas 1+2, but I’ve heard disappointing things about Siege.

All Rainbow Six games past 3 are disappointments, IMO, but that’s just me. Still hyped for Hitman, though.

As always you can read my mind like a Book, my dear KrugerSchmidts, thanks for the nice words. :wink:

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When I watched the latest trailer that came few days ago and saw how disgustingly bad the game is downgraded compared to E3 build (that was running on nVidia GPU back then), my reaction was:

“This shit looks nothing like E3 demo, What the FU… Oh wait, that’s UbiSoft. How “surprising.””


That fundamentally depends on you as a player. If you are a multiplayer guy then you will probably like it. If you are a fan of the old R6 with a proper Singleplayer mode as well as Coop Terrorist Hunt and the like then the game will probably disappoint you.

There is terrorist hunt as far as I know, but more of a reduced simplified version of it. And there is no singleplayer, they went full multiplayer with R6:Siege.

So like I said, it depends on what type of player you are.

Funny comment. But in all seriousness, I don’t see how people are still so outraged over that stuff. 90% of game companies “over-polish” and “misrepresent” their games in terms of graphics these days just for them to realize shortly before release that it will not run on the machines properly and downgrade it then.

I mean even the Witcher 3 had a small graphics downgrade. Yeah I know, technically it was a rendering mode change that caused it, but in the end it resulted in a slight drop of graphical fidelity in many people’s opinion. Of course for a game like TW3 it’s not that bad since they actually have very good content in the game. Story, mechanics, lore, it’s all great. But if you have Ubisoft games of which most have brilliant concepts but just a mediocre story and general execution in the end, it just adds to the negatives, it obviously has a much larger impact if the game is also graphically downgraded.

Still, I don’t understand why people are still angry about this. For me graphics never mattered. It can look like shite for all I care as long as it plays well, has a good story and is immersive I don’t care. I mean I still play R6:Raven Shield to this day.

Blaaaah. Yeah, that’s what I heard too. Why change a good formula you guys :pensive:

I don’t know either.

I mean. I used to like Ubisoft. Look at them. They still have BRILLIANT ideas and amazing concepts!! And what do they do with it? They ruin it and in the end the games turn out very mediocre…

Have fun with your car door simulator! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just be grateful they didn’t have Team Rainbow scaling a tower to unlock the map each round.

Ubisoft are the definition of weird game development to me. It’s like they don’t actually know what it is people like about some of their titles, and what led to them becoming respected brands in the first place.

I miss proper Rainbow Six. A new, good R6 & Splinter Cell would be killer. Instead we’ll get games that are ok to bad and miss the point of their own existence in the attempt to chase that casual tactical shooter/casual stealth market that they seem to think exists.

:smiley: :smiley: Amazing LMAO no kidding that is SO TRUE…

Played the beta, it didn’t excite me, wont be playing it.
Siege was dissapointing for me as a long time fan and Singleplayer gamer, that said im not that sad since the last good R6 was Raven Shield
Ubisoft makes some design decisions that are very weird and turn me off from their games.
Last decent game i played from them is Blacklist and even that wasn’t that good

Maybe they will do something in the future and change things up thus far they are disappointing.