Three Headed Serpent - First impressions

This thread is made to post your first impressions about the ‘Three Headed Serpent’ mission in Santa Fortuna, Colombia. :palm_tree:

Have fun playing the game! :slight_smile:


One of the best looking levels in entire series (maybe after sapienza, not sure, hope so).
I am gonna burry Rico Delgado 6 feet under.

My stylistic favourite is Amendment XXV. Especially the first staff only corridor with the rain descending on the glass. Such a lovely place.


I missed rain. The rain I was mostly in love with was in tracking hyamoto. Not sure why, but I remember that rain was perfect. Sound and visuals wise. Lot of levels had rain, but tracking hyamoto stands as best rain feel level for me.

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Is the submarine method glitched? The target comes down to take a look at it, then talks to an non-existent npc, then walks off again.

EDIT: So you have to follow a specific opportunity path (getting the right disguise) to avoid bugging it out. Not ideal.

Really cool mission. It took me like 2 hours to complete because I was taking it slow. So far Miami and Columbia are tied with Sapienza and Paris. Which is a VERY good thing because there is still 3 missions left.

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I’m so stunned by what I have played so far. This is litterly the kind of mission I missed in HITMAN™. A drug lord target with dangerous armed guards everywhere around. That, plus the fact we’re killing a Delgado brings a big smile to my face. And the accents, my god! :heart_eyes: I haven’t seen much of it, I only just infiltrated the mansion as the tattoo artist and killed Rico, but I’m already blown away by this mission.

You did it IO! :+1:


This map is insane. Walked through every part. I love the view on Delgados massive front door at the starting point. The whole layout with the cave system, the village and jungle offers so much to explore. And the atmosphere is something special. I also like the big modern-styled mansion. This is Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but with Hitman gameplay. Pure dope. :sunglasses:

Could become Sapienza 2.0. The similarities are there, also “that” sort of feeling.

so i found the Golden AK, it looks quite nice

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Yep, shame it is not unlockable.

Okay, might be in the minority with this opinion but I was frankly disappointed by this mission. I sort of expected it to be the new Sapienza, a highlight with the same varied options and impressive map. In the end though the map was pretty closed off and not half as variable as Sapienza, with the lab seeming like a really weak area even compared to the Sapienza lab and the mansion is not as well designed or charming as the Sapienza one. Also, the kill opportunites seemed pretty lacking, though some like the tattoo opportunity are still pretty creative.

All in all, maybe I’m being too harsh here; as I said, I really expected a new Sapienza, but in the end this is probably my second least favourite after Hawke’s Bay. Despite this I really like the slums and how IOI have made the whole map matter, which Sapienza somewhat failed to do.

7.5/10, good map but should’ve been better

This is the mission I chose to do my first deep dive on after Hawke’s Bay. I’ve hit 20 mastery, done the master SASO challenge, and had a blast. I’m already thinking about how to complete the three-target hippo challenge, which seems quite fun.

I’m a little worried that in the long run, this map will suffer from the Marrakesh problem. Each target runs through a tight little routine in disconnected biomes, far away from one another. It’s going to make future runs pretty limited.

What would have really helped this mission is some triggers that cause the the targets to vary up their routines. You can make the targets visit other biomes (Rico and Jorge to the caves, Rico to the city, Martinez to the construction site), but only by putting on a disguise that is far away and then running through an involved mission story. They’re fairly useless for doing runs that don’t just involve the signature kills.

Compare these triggers to being able to change Silvio’s pathing by shooting out the observatory panel from afar, shooting the dinner bell, etc. Or consider all the actions that can change Sierra Knox’s pathing. This level desperately needs triggers like that. What would have been great if you could radio Martinez to tell her that the shaman is waiting at the construction site, or radio Jorge that the hippie is en route, without actually putting on those disguises. (You’d only get the signature mission story kills if you put on the disguise and go through the mission story, of course.)

Maybe things like these exist and I just haven’t found them. I’m not sure.


A neat little thing: in Colorado, when you confront Penelope Graves with the Interpol badge, she murmurs by the slurry pit about how she might have slipped up… and she mentions that the Delgados and their vanisher helped her get to Colorado unnoticed. In Santa Fortuna, we can meet the Delgado vanisher, and he talks about having helped Graves! (He has a really unique look too; it’s a shame we can’t wear his outfit.)


Funny. I did SA on this mission and i didnt even enter Rico’s mansion.

I was going to break in the door with the crowbar when this guy came and opened it for me

Seriously this game is full of little details like this one, I’m in love with it



Oh so it is unlockable, sweet. Must get now

Not that I’ve seen yet

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Oh that was an inventory shot, my bad didn’t see the background was to hyped.

You can’t get his disguise. The leaked PDF showed 47 in his disguise. He wears a brown sweater,a grey hat and glasses right ?