Three Problems With HITMAN™ 2 And Why They Degrade Player Experience

Excellent Analysis :+1:

My main problem with this sequel (after the bugs!) is also the always online DRM, but also the Elusive Targets not being permanent.

-> HITMAN is a singleplayer experience first of all. So i don’t see any sense locking most of half the content behind online. We should be able to get the full experience even when not connected, especially the RATINGS.

THAT is a major concern for me and might be a criteria of buying HITMAN 3 or not.

–> Elusive Targets is a great idea and lots of work involved on it. I think it’s too bad to restrict these only behind temporary windows while we can have permanent but cheap targets behind “Special Assignments”.

Elusive Targets ARE Special Assignments, and a huge piece of work, if not a not forgettable part of the new HITMAN games. Just make them playable anytime.

I hope they will reconsider it and i will keep a very close eye on these two elements regarding the next HITMAN sequel.


Trader55: I’d also be interested in such a pack, but I would like to remind it would be the very worst solution to the problem. It’s better than doing absolutely nothing, but there are much better solutions. Though, I totally agree with the part where you say you didn’t know about the game: you’re 100% right, and IronScaler also said it. Let’s just remember paid ETs would fix it for some, but would add more paid content to a game that’s already expensive and wouldn’t fix the problem for those who just can’t afford it anyway.

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Thank you!

Regarding your response, I would like to say this: in my opinion, not saying this is the right opinion, I would have liked to see ALL Elusive Targets as Special Assignments. Just a thought floating through my head.

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Fair enough. I do wish the challenges were offline at least, since unlocking them is pretty core to replayability. I disagree with you it’s enough to call it always online DRM, but I do dislike it. Hopefully when the whole series is finished and they end support they will patch it to all work offline.


Yes, when they end support, I do hope as well that they patch it to work offline.

Well, I just want to finish by saying thank you for being so civil and respectful in our little conversation. Good talking to you.

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Epic47Sides: Yup, that’s true. Now, I think ETs should actually become Special Assignments (or at least make a step in that direction), and the current Special Assignments to be more like H1’s bonus missions, which were far richer than the current Special Assignments.


The special assignments are so similar to permanent ETs I really do think if they ever make ETs permanent they might as well call them that.


Exactly my thoughts guys!

Special Assignments ARE Elusive Targets being permanent. I’m even sure they thought about it themselves. They definitely should make it happen!

I understand that Elusive Targets have to be temporary for the thrill and excitement of risking an only opportunity for a kill. But after some time they should become “Special Assignments” and be permanent.

Why not after a year of launching?
Or at least the Legacy ones since they exist since 2016-2017…

That would be too bad to leave these targets behind an online and temporary experience, after all that work they deserve to be replayed more!

But if i had to choose between FULL Offline Mode (Ratings, Unlocks, etc.) or ETs being permanent the priority would go for Full Offline Mode support.

I just hope that in the end we’ll get these two elements which are very important for this new games :+1:

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David_Spafford: We always get this answer that ETs need to stay like that. But if you go and read my post, which IronScaler linked, you can see many ideas, none of which ruin ETs completely. It’s all just trying to improve them. To those ideas, we can add the one IronScaler also mentioned, or even a key system to request one more shot at a specific target, those being earned with player level; preferably not real money.

Besides, I—as well as some devs and players—dislike the fact that ETs are like putting effort into creating an interesting piece of content… only to scrap it after letting people get one short glance at it.

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Epic47Sides: Don’t hesitate to also look at my threat, that was linked in IronScaler’s post. I’m sure you’ll like it and maybe find some interesting ET ideas or even add your own, for how we could technically improve the thing.

Now, if you want a bit of hope, we can still think that, given this is a trilogy, all ETs and exclusive stuff will be made available at the end of the 3ʳᵈ and last season.


The chance that you can fail and miss out on something forever is what makes ET’s interesting.

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It is not restricted, it is not supported. It is not that developers have to put effort into making modding impossible, it is the other way around. The more complex games get, the deeper mod support has to be actively implemented. And Hitman is very complex, the files are very interconnected.

Currently you can use tools to mod textures. That is not easily done but it is usual I think. Back in the day I downloaded cars for GTA San Andreas, very easily from a site into the game via a tool.

Wait a tool? A tool by Rockstar? By far not, it was a fan made tool. Just like in Hitman the tools are fan-made, or let’s say fan-applied. Just because San Andreas is a way more simple game made it more easily to mod it than Hitman. Not because IO puts more effort into hindering modding than Rockstar. Another factor is that more people played San Andreas and the PC players back then were more willingly to hack stuff than today, where people expect mods to work out of the box like in Fallout 4 or just have no interest in modding at all.


Yes, I know that players have to put in the effort to make mods. I just thought that with Hitman, the access to files necessary to make modding possible was restricted. I didn’t know that H2 code was accessible to players. Good to know!

It is not. I mean I think the packagedefinition.txt has some weak encryption but that really is the easiest part of modding.

The files we can currently mod themselves are not encrypted, not hidden, nothing. They just exist in the file format that IO’s tools use. Making them accessible to use (by making them just unpacked .png files for example) very likely makes the game’s performance worse. Which you can’t expect them to do just to make modding easier.

You by the way understood me wrong when I said “It is not that developers have to put effort into making modding impossible, it is the other way around.” - I meant that actually the developers have to put effort into making modding possible.

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Oh! Sorry! I didn’t realize that. :relaxed:
I really appreciate the explanation, by the way.

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To quote a certain Finnish speedrunner “Woo. Cosmetics…”

If anything, additional suits work well for unlocks, because then, in ghost mode you can display your accolades to opponents when you play. It’s a kinda neat way of showing off.

Admittedly, completing these ETs SA isn’t all that difficult, making the suits basically participation trophies, but they wouldn’t want to lock gameplay affecting gear behind these one time events, so the suits are the best alternatives.

Edit: Oh yeah, and the coins and briefcase have no benefits or drawbacks to being used, when compared to the ones you can already unlock. Why people complain about that stuff, instead of talking about core gameplay never ceases to amaze me.

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I said it before, and I will say it again, ET are self-contradictory in terms of its current design. It is a mode that is meant to encourage players to embrace improvisation and adaptation by throwing curveballs and unknown variables at them. And at the same time, the severely high stakes force players into a very conservative mindset.

I prefer loose improvisational style, but even I find myself constantly restarting ET and being very hesitant to actually commit. And I’m pretty sure that this is not how ETs are supposed to be played, but that’s how it is. Some people don’t even attempt ETs before watching a tutorial video that takes a big chunk of fun out of experience.

And the unfortunate thing is, ETs caused a lot of bad publicity for IO without drawing that many new players in. And to be honest, most of them aren’t even all that good, so most people that didn’t buy Hitman specifically because of the ET outrage didn’t miss much. But humans are naturally predisposed to loss aversion at any cost, and ETs in current form are mostly seen as opportunities for loss of value.

  1. The primary reason for the always-online requirement of Hitman isn’t related to anti- piracy protection of their game.

IOI is a small company who decided to run Hitman as an online platform, and they pay a third party, in this case Microsoft, to run Hitman through the Azure platform. IOI choice of Microsoft Azure in running Hitman is outlined in the short 2 min video below:

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Sony and Ninendo are apparently partnered with Microsoft in using their Azure cloud computing / streaming services.

IOI was smart to jump into depending on the Azure cloud computing service from the launch of Hitman 2016, because the gaming console giants are now following in their footsteps.

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With all due respect, but it does seem a bit backwards. It really feels more like IO wanted to create an always online platform first, and came up with features that could benefit from it after the fact. I would say that it took them considerable amount of time to get to the point where the amount of content provided could justify the platform. And even then, the crown jewel of this online infrastructure – elusive targets – has been missing for a few months now. The legacy ETs we’ve been playing might as well been on H2 disc.

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