"Thriller Night" Challenge Pack (Formerly "Uninvited")

Hello,everyone!As you already know,the “Uninvited” challenge pack comes on the 31st October(at the same time with Halloween :jack_o_lantern:).It will take place in Hawke’s Bay and the reward is the red-tie kiwi!
You can show impressions about this challenge pack,videos,screenshots etc.


Why do its eyes like look like they are glowing?
Android Kiwi?

Because 47 has blue eyes, I guess.


I wonder what this unlock will be used for.

It’s a distraction. It can also be found in The Mills Reverie.

What is its name?Could you make a photo?

I promised I will complete the escalation at Halloween and not before.

Squeaky toy it is

It’s in a regular Hawkes Bay as well.
Even 2 or 3 of them


Oh,but there is nothing certain that the unlock will be like the squeaky toy.

Even though there are high chances for you to be right.

Unlock is just the same as a squeaky toy, just a bit dressed up.
Or this is a dressed up squeaky toy if you wish

Well,I hope that it can be thrown at NPCs at least like a muffin.
By the way,muffins can be pretty useful sometimes.

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Bumping up this thread to let everyone know the challenge pack is now live! Happy Halloween, agents! :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: the pack is also known as “Thriller Night” in-game now.

Details & Screenshots

Noice, my contract Watch Your Step knocks off two of those challenges! Technically three if you choose to disobey and use scissors.image
Technically all of the challenges if you choose to go on a shotgun spree for some reason :wink:

  • PC: 1-20-0142515-52
  • PS4: 2-20-2524764-07
  • Xbox: 3-20-8270566-80

I like that they’ve slipped in a nod to Hobo With A Shotgun in those challenge names, great reference to use!

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To complete ‘Hitman With A Shotgun’ challenge, you must use a shotgun picked up around the map, shotguns in your loadout doesn’t seem to count. Or at least silenced shotgun won’t count.


Thanks for the information.Good to know when I will play later on.:slightly_smiling_face:


Nope no shotgun from loadouts work, i was scratching my head at that :smile:


Knocking Alma out and dumping her in the pool doesn’t work for the Black Lagoon challenge either. I guess it’ll have to be a contract job with the guard next to the pool then.

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He is so adorable!!! :bear::smile:UwU



It worked for me


That’s strange, cause it worked on my playthrough as well. And I didn’t even play custom contracts to complete these challenges.