Time Bombs

I would really like to see time bombs that can be set introduced into the game.


that could be cool


New Bank map would be the perfect setting for one :smirk:


Time to blow open that vault door for the robbers…
"Get the manager down here by herself for… mission story-related reasons!"

I’m only guessing she’s the manager.

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It’s a good idea.
This actually amde me think about Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, the game that got me into stealth in the first place.
Lots of stuff in that game already found its way into Hitman, eg:

  • Disguise system used by the spy
  • Stone throws as improvised distraction device based on sound (any throwable in Hitman)
  • Cigarette packs as distraction based on sight (coin)
  • Weapons (combat knife, sniper rifle, gun, bombs (grenade, time and detonate)
  • Audio decoy

Could be used as inspiration for other stuff to add. I’m thinking:

  • Bear trap (a silent trap that can be placed so that unknowing NPCs can walk into them to their death, relatively silent, at least more silent than the tripwire)
  • Harpoon (consider it a lethal tranquiler gun, bigger but equally silent)
  • Inflatable raft and/or diving gear (would allow 47 to traverse bodies of water)
  • Ability to engage NPCs in a conversation, in order to delay their routes to your strategic advantage

I remember playing that game. You could use the spy as a German officer and delay a search party of soldiers for basically ever.