Timeline of the bonus missions


I was just wondering if the sniper levels and bonus missions are considered canon and if so, where do they fit in relation to the story of H2 and H2016. I think Landslide is before H2016 and The Last Yardbird is inbetween Situs Inversus and Nightcall but I dunno about the rest.

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Aside from Caruso ordering the hit on Abiatti and the fact that Kalvin Ritter was one of the Yardbirds and that Kovak is confirmed in prison during Nightcall, there’s not a lot of connections with the bigger storyline so they could fall pretty much anywhere.

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Who is Kovak sorry?




Aleksander Kovac, he’s the client ordering the hit in Himmelstein and the “last yardbird” after you’ve killed his three remaining partners in crime.
He shows up in the news during Nightcall where they give more information about him, and tell us he’s been put in jail.
He’s a likely target candidate for the prison mission.



I didn’t even think of that! That if very possible. I hope that’s the case because that’s a great idea! They could have him as a target because the ICA considers him a threat (they fear he will tell police about the ICA, since he was the client)

What’s funny though (in H2 Silent Assassin) Diana states the ICA never makes past clients, targets. As it’s bad for business. Yet throughout the series, we had many targets that were once ICA clients.

  • Ort-Meyer
  • Sergei Zavoratko
  • Silvio Caruso
  • Jackie Carrington (Client for “The Paparazzo” and then later, if you count Contracts mode if she’s a target.)

I know there are a couple more I’m forgetting…

But yeah, making him a target for the prison mission would be awesome.



I don’t think the ICA is worried about the police somehow.

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[quote=“Clover, post:6, topic:34939”]
Jackie Carrington
[/quote] Wait who did she hire the ICA to kill ?

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She hired us to kill the Elusive Target in S1 Kieran Hudson (I meant to say ET not Contracts mode lol) but she was the client and if you count contracts mode for when she’s a selected target, we’re technically killing a former client.

@doom-generation perhaps not, still he is a risk. He knows too much and is now in prison (presumably safe) it would be wise to put him down. Better safe than sorry…



Yeah plus the Panamanian government most likely extradited him to his native Serbia. Now I am not Serbian but I pretty sure it is not as icy, barren and rocky as the background picture or the photographed guard are.

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The Icon has nothing that can be used to defend the timing.

A House Built on Sand is before H2016, as the fortune teller has is shop and is then homeless (and lost his shop) when 47 returns during H2016.

Landslide is the only one clearly before H2016 due to the client being Caruso.

I have always taken Patient Zero as just before H2016, or possibly during some of the earlier missions (depending on timing). The Class recording crew are still present, though the band isn’t, which I have taken as setup. And I doubt the hotel would have a gala in close proximity to a high profile murder like Jordan Cross. Plus, the time of year in Colorado is spring/summer and when we return in H2016, it is fall. Though the Colorado timing could be reversed (following year), the presence of the Class recording crew so long after Jordan’s murder does not make sense.

The Yardbirds is clearly between H2016 and H2, due to the newscast in Hawke’s Bay. Most likely just prior to the mission.

I haven’t played the new sniper map to determine the timing, but given the story flow in H2, I would assume prior to Hawke’s Bay and probably before the Yardbirds.

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I agree about everything other than patient zero. I don’t see that as canon tbh mainly because of Diana’s new reactions to the locations in pz and the 2016 story for example Diana seeing Colorado for seemingly the first time in both stories doesn’t make sense

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Diana’s reaction when introducing the Colorado missions is annoying. I took it as one of 2 things, they are separate but identical farms (least likely), or didn’t make the connection with the previous mission and the shock of how organized the shadow client’s militia distracted her. Plus the mission for Rose and others was rushed, she may have not researched the PZ mission as 47 did not infiltrate the camp (only the tower), so there may have been little to no intel of any value.

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The Icon happened before Landslide. You can overheard two NPCs at the ice cream parlor talking about the death of Dino Bosco.

Craig Black’s death was mentioned in the news in Nightfall and in The Source one NPC talked about a rock star and a ventilation incident. So Patient Zero must’ve happened after Club 27 with the Author taking place before Nightfall. Since the whole campaign was a race against the clock to stop the cult, it’s very likely that each mission happened shortly after the previous one. Meaning the missions took place between Club 27 and Freedom Fighters.



I wish they can simply make these missions irrelevant to the main story, like Christmas Paris, otherwise they make the whole timeline so…emm…forced.



I mean 47 has been to a same Italian town for four times? Come on…



Ort-Meyer wasn’t the target of the official contract, and Contracts are certainly not canon in any way, you can kill anyone on the map. Caruso is the only time I believe they’ve been inconsistent about this, and the virus could have put them out of business so it seems like a reasonable exception.



Well Sergei from SA was a client and later became a target. Granted he was involved with a nuclear arms deal and it makes the Contract just, but Diana once said they try to avoid doing that whenever possible as it’s bad for business. I know there was at least one more, I just can’t remember I may have to get back to you on that one.



Hantu Port i have no idea on

The Icon is mentioned in Landslide

The Icon, The Landslide and A House Built on Sand is between Absolution and Hitman 2016

Last Yardbird is between Situs Invertus and Nightcall

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I don’t think the ICA cares about the police , they are used by many powerful governments , they have friends in the CIA FBI MI6 MI5 and probably many others so … Even If they go under investigations , it would probably be stopped quite quickly by one of the organisation that ties with the ICA.



Still. The point is, the client knows too much and he is in prison. Seeing the map takes place in a prison, it would make sense that he would be the target. Not only would it fit but the YardBirds would then be shut down completely. I’m aware that the ICA is affiliated with some governments. Just trying to be practical.