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I’ve noticed when standing on a ledge with a pistol equipt, pressing the Crouch button will adjust your accuracy slightly depending on which pistol you are using, as most do when just crouching normally. It definitely improves accuracy at med-longer ranges particularly with the Krugermeier and ICA19 varients.
Attempting headshots at this stance seems to be easier than if not on a ledge. Particularly when manually aiming; it seems like the crosshairs have a larger radius (though not visible). I often am able to pull off headshots on ledges like this while my reticle is just BARELY over the target’s scalp.

Speaking of the ICA19s, on xbox Im pretty sure the Silverballer Mk2 varient’s “steady aim” perk lasts slightly longer than the Mk 1. I can only assume though being on Xbox One n having to use triggers… But it seems the mk1 is slightly more accurate at further distances. Again, if correct its only slight.


I don’t use the MK. 2 Silverballer since that pink sticker the most dreadful things next to GameStop stickers on pre-owned games


If a target stands short of triggering a Proximity Device Trap (eg: A proxy taser near a leaking Propane Tank) but you know they are within radius of the overall trap, you can toss a coin at the Proximity Device to spring the trap without causing suspicion.

  • Detonating the EMP in a puddle will cause an “accidental electrocution” kill if an NPC is in the water.
  • EMP detonation DOES ignites flamable Gas exposed near it. Does not trigger leaking propane that are concealed.
    Note there is a delay between the time when the button is pressed and the actual DETONATION of the EMP device.
  • EMP will trigger Tasers to activate if in range. Does not seem to affect phones or explosive items however, regardless if the item is already triggered.

Controller settings do have an ‘Aim Assist’. I’ll try this ‘Crouching while on a ledge for finer aiming’ trick, and see if there’s a way this can be done while not on a ledge.

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