Tips on Hitman Speedrunning

So I thought I would make a thread which I (and I think a few others) would appreciate and it concerns speedrunning in Hitman. So far (on PSN) I have managed to get the top 25th spot on the leaderboards for Hokkaido and the 10th spot on Landslide however I am struggling to find good, effective routes for the bigger missions like Columbia or Sapienza so I wondered if I could get some hints from some people on here. :slight_smile: @cjgarof @Fortheseven @Pagan @GuLe


C4 can eliminate Soders very fast

Yea I know, personally I kinda copied GuLe by using Shaman powder instead

I had an original run on Hokkaido, Miami, Sapienza, Paris, Colorado and Whittleton Creek. I got to top 50 on all of them. I regret not recording them tho, because then it really never happened. But hey, i figured the C4 thing on my own after a guy said that Soders’s body cant be found.

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For Sapienza, just take the time to explore and complete challenges. Tons of challenges expose you to the different areas and by just exploring you’ll find new things.

As for Colombia, I can’t really give you too many tips other than to learn how to traverse the underground tunnels and learn the quickest routes between the village, cocoa fields and mansion.


My hint is that something can be fast and interesting without necessarily being at the top of the leaderboard.

IMO Creativity > speed, and I am a lot more impressed with people who think for themselves instead of just recreating things they had to see on youtube.

To me, the best players are the ones who think outside the box.


Cheers CJ, I will ready the flying duck church bell immediately lol

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CJ is right. Iwe never stolen a run, except a one from CJ back in 2016 for Sapienza, because i tought it was a SA/SO guide :))))

There is nothing wrong with learning things from others. I think my point is that sometimes too much emphasis is on the leaderboards, when you can be an amazing player regardless of your position on them.

It kind of makes me sad to see new players focus on their worth because of leaderboards. My channel is intended to inspire people to do cool things regardless of speed.

I guess you’re just asking the wrong guy. The thing I care least about is speed. But that is the decisive factor on the lbs.

I would just encourage anyone to learn as much as they can about how the game works. The mechanics, the ai, the tricks… and be a good player first and foremost. Speed will be derived from your overall knowledge of those things. The routes and ideas are the most important parts.


Oh, i was talking about this. And i havent cared about Leaderboards since i realized that SPRUT exists.

…this thread is very confusing to me, ima leave

A good way of practising speedrunning is searching for user contracts with just one target. They are a easy and quick way of practising routing


I only look at speed as a measure of skill because being able to complete a level really fast SA shows mastery of a map and the game mechanics. I get that really niche and tricky kills are also impressive and cool to watch but speed running at least for me feels so rewarding, more so than catching a fire axe as Santa

It’s been said that repeated runs are good for speed. But a run can always be evolving. Change a little thing here and there, and eventually you should work out a faster route. Or once in a while go with something completely different. Then work with that to see if you can get a more efficient run.

A side note: I sometimes find it funny how a speedrunner might not know about some small detail that say someone that is more of a roleplayer would know about. Like where a certain item/s might be, or a route/routine of an NPC. As if they’re too focused on getting things done quick and might miss out on other opportunities. Opportunities that wouldn’t help with quick gameplay, but none-the-less. :stuck_out_tongue:

The best advice, IMO, is getting a feel for the game mechanics. And it’s also a good idea to imagine or visualize your route very thoroughly.

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Yea that’s fair to say, I see it as pointless to just copy other runners to get on the leaderboard. I agree that creative and fast stuff is the most impressive though

Good thread! I‘m just trying to become better and thus faster…however it would be nice to know how to come up with innovative routes…I would include @Euler13 @Ed_ll3 @Toto @Iffy in this thread too btw.

@cjgarof you mentioned in your video on how to kill that dude at the bar in Paris with the puddle in the Garden to just goof around…so using explosives to see how the target reacts is one way to go about it? (Sadly I’m not gonna make it to your stream today :sweat_smile:)


I’ve noticed on these leaderboards that some players are getting impossible times imo.

On the trending ones there’s one who’s getting 22 seconds for killing 2 guards in whittleton creek, that’s impossible imo.

It takes longer than that to get to the location and back without killing them.

Simple solution: Long range sniper kills/el matador kills from a closeby exit :wink:
On which platform do you play?

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I probably wouldn’t have contributed to this thread had @Club47 not kindly tagged me in, so feel free to ignore any/all of these hastily written points/ramblings on the subject.

-I think you have to have a certain intuitive connection to the game you’re running; without that you will potentially struggle (or at least the journey as you improve won’t be anywhere near as much fun or as rewarding).

-If you’re just starting out, play the contract/level to the best of your ability first, and a lot, then look at what others have done/uploaded to see how you could have done better.

-Learn the maps, learn what weapons work where on each map (for example close proximity vs. distance) and learn NPC behaviours (whether they’re consistent, inconsistent, how many different ways they can potentially react within a certain situation or to a certain type of distraction).

-Whether it’s aesthetics (how you present and upload) or what you do within your runs, try to make what you do original and relevant to you.

-For the runs themselves, to start off take one idea you like and build on it – then once you have the full run in place, go back again and see if there are quicker alternatives to all the parts. I don’t particularly care for the leaderboards, however if you do or aspire to in the future, then I can guarantee someone else will find a time save somewhere in your runs if you don’t go back and be critical of each part you’ve put in place and improve them. Also, don’t be afraid to scrap an idea half way through and start afresh if you find something superior: the more you experiment, the more you will discover.

-Finally, try and break the game and its mechanics. Try things you think would never work, and often you’ll see little glimpses of how to get them to work with a bit of time and effort.


Wow, thank you so much for your in-depth reply!! :blush::+1:t2: I guess getting a connection with the game and it’s mechanics is a crucial part, I feel like I‘m still working on it, but I‘ve already gotten better (lots of trial and error on the way lol ) so I‘m not complaining…I‘m still having a hard time thinking out of the box, but hopefully I‘ll get more creative the better I get to know the game :sunglasses:


Just learn all the tricks and mechanics and apply them to your routes, ezpz.