To: IO & Warner Bros, with love <3

When it comes to the recent negativity towards consumers in the industry, I have to say IO and Warner Bros are a breath of fresh air. For those who dont know, some fans of games like Fortnite (Epic Games), Battlefield (EA), World of Warcraft/Overwatch (Blizzard Ent.), and now most (very) recently Fallout76 (Bethesda); these titles in particular have had bad reports in the recent 2-3 years pertaining to their (relevant) publishers harshly or unjustly treating of their customers (us the players).
This post was sparked after hearing about the interactive map ‘Map76’ creator being permabanned by Bethesda for data mining (confirming and reporting bugs to the devs in their obscure forums. Something which i myself like to do in Hitman to help the game and the community). Hitman also has an interactive map website which is appreciated by both fan and creator, thus I hope WB’s/IO’s current integrity is maintained.
YongYea coverage:

I myself have been primarily a Battlefield (EA/DICE) dedicated fan until CCO Patrick Soderland publicly stated “If you dont like it, Dont buy it” after calling us veteran BF players uneducated as well (regarding BFV reveal). Which is what we did :slight_smile:
Regarding World of Warcraft, I myself was unjustly banned by Blizzard Ent 6 years ago for a very similar situation where my own data mining, despite only trying to help them with crucial aspects they were working on. Other notable recent instances of unfair or unjust anti-consumerism: Blitzchung (pertaining to Hearthstone/Blizzard) and FaZe Jarvis (pertaining to Fortnite/ Epic Games).
Then theres the infestation of Political Correctness, microtransactions and loot boxes (aka unregulated virtual gambling) which has consumed the most modern popular (mostly multiplayer-oriented) franchises; issues which are purely anti-consumer yet endorsed by the most popular titles still relevant in some way today. Yet Warner Bros’ Hitman shines in those aspects as well by not caving in like competitors; avoiding game-altering characteristics for (undeserving) potential profit increase rather than consumer satisfaction, which avid gamers truly appreciate.
IO / Warner Bros dont lie to us consumers; they dont mislead fans in trailers/misadvertise/alter structures of games to fit narratives; welcoming & accepting of player feedback. They appreciate their fan base and in return we appreciate them.

IO/Warner Bros, I feel gratitude and respect is due for your apparent pro-consumer morality, particularly regarding the Hitman episodic reboot. While your competition is selling out their morals and trashing their most celebrated consumers, IO / WB on the other hand make us feel more… involved; our feedback does seem to be heard (if not always acted upon of course but at least heard without scrutiny). Nothing is perfect in life, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt strive for perfection in everything we do, and to reject such an idea is what your competitors are now negatively experiencing either financially or otherwise ethically.

THANK YOU, Warner Bros & IO; I hope you continue to uphold your fundamental principles with all future endeavors.

~Cerberus x47 (Xbox)


I think the devs/publishers with the best overall customer centric reputation include Nintendo, and CD Projekt Red.

And the ones who are good at handling developers are Nintendo, Square Enix, and Ubisoft.


What would you say about EA/DICE and also ACTIVISION/TREYARCH?
Personally i use to play virtually only EA games because i enjoyed the quality of the finished product (that was before Battlefield 4 (though that is my current fav BF now lol)). Activision however… I’ve always absolutely despised then and every single thing they do entirely. The original Nazi Zombies was the best thing they’ve ever created imo. Ppl think im harsh for that but then theyre usually the ones who fall for rehashed CoDs every release (still very skeptical with the new MF but it does look innovated surprisingly…)

Remember, Warner Brothers attempted to monetize their games, but backed off on some aspects. Ubisoft is lesser of the evils when it comes to companies, but we can’t ignore how they handle their Micro-transaction. With I begging the portion where I give my final remarks on HITMAN 2 since with the current state of the game and some concerns from the community I feel it’s the best time for me to say this.

HITMAN 2 became one of my most played games on this generation of consoles, I had a sense of anticipation all throughout its lifespan looking forward to every roadmap and just new content. With that I am satisfied with what has been released. Though I have a few problems with the game in the sense that I just wonder why we haven’t gotten specific items that could influence different play styles I still stood by this game and the community behind it for now almost a whole year. Truth be told after the resort my interest for the game was fizzling out. Nothing really new for me to look forward to since I don’t have the need to do escalation with no real reward or FC since I finished the rewards for those too. To simply put it I got nothing to motivate myself to put more time into this game. This can be said like any game, but with HITMAN and it’s current model for me at least it relies on numerous content releases to keep this fresh in the sense that hey it’s more content. I largely blame this issue with the model of HITMAN 2 and how it wasn’t episodic.

One thing with the episodic thing was I got to explore levels on a more detailed level to the point where I much prefer the season one locations instead of the S2 locations. Another thing as I continue on about this is simply how so many items look the same in the sense that I don’t wanna use some of these items. When can we get some new SMG’s, unsilenced pistols variants for ICA 19/Silverballer, and just so much more. I love the game IO has created, but some decisions and choices for unlockables and design just don’t sit right with the most notable one being the MK.2 design which I pray they address at some point.

These are just my words from a fan to the devs and that’s really it. :confused:


Same but mainly due to the poor state of the entire industry to make everything digital. Since live services this is the new norm and some titles are indeed handled better than others. I admit my experience with WB games is limited to 2017 to present as far as I’m aware… but they are inspiring among their blatantly greedy competitors (I think most/everyone will agree lol).

Currently my biggest issue as well. I havent been involved with the game reboot until late first season, but never got into it unto Season 2’s reveal. I have played retro hitman (47 became my favorite number after playing Hitman Silent Assassin), along with the unfortunate but total decay of EA’s most beloved titles and trusting fans who have been sucked in by the excess monetization. Sadly gone are the days when we didnt hear a game reveal and think “whens the first update?” expecting ‘additional’ content or fixes. There was a point that was enjoyable for both fan and company where “DLC” simply meant the creators released new maps or missions (generally I remember it being more multiplayer oriented back then but back then i was into GameBattles for Halo 2 & 3, not retro Hitman). The base game was sold at retail price (pre-ordering was becoming a thing because physical discs couldnt cut it; supply & demand; now its entirely corrupted for milking the fans. (Again im referring to the state of the industry not just WB saying this)

I find myself in the exact same predicament which has lead me to what is apparently known as data mining (call it what you will, i just have nothing else to do that I want to do (Im disabled; dont work so yep im that stereotypical gamer lol i even look after my mom - i digress).
My point being i have all the time a person could want to embrace their one and only gaming hobby (arguably addiction to some (w/e))… but sadly this generation has been innovated for profit more than for technological evolution. So what do I do after unlocking every content available as well as maintaining the status as additional content for H2 comes out… unfortunately for reasons idk obviously, the content decisions as youve explained already - which is appreciated, for sure - but like you said, most of the current unlockable content doesnt really influence replayability as much as it should for its style. It seems to me theyre still finding the right path for 47, so to speak. They are close. Unlike competitors right now they dont take a step forward and end up going 2 steps backward, and this well formed/maintained community forum show they do care about consumers, Id asume be moreso the devs than pubs but what do i know… (i just know basic code btw lolol). Hence my presence.
Now (not complaining btw) when I’m waiting for new content and already bored with the recently added (we gamers today are SPOILED… I hate it and can never properly express that enough) and so I try to find things to bring to their attention, though the content of the game itself is hard to debate I cannot deny. Some are somehow satisfied with - what id call reskins or reskins intended to simply take a 2nd slot of the 3 allowed (for balance obv but still it does feels cheap to me honestly) - like i said that being the biggest issue aside from stability which in comparison of competition is now normalized launching of unpolished or even simply unready trash (EA ACTIVISION BLIZZARD BETHESDA AND ALL OTHERS TOO MANY TO LIST! GRRRR!)

EA looks like they are now led by a money person and there is no longer a key creative who has a voice since the departure of Trip Hawkins (who was actually the founder of EA and also the lead developer on JOE MADDEN Football.)

Activision is competent, but they also don’t seem to have a creative at the front.
They do a lot of things right. For example, not many know that COD: INFINITE WARFARE actually outsold BATTLFIELD 1 within its release year - and the fact Activision didn’t “rub it in” by forcing an INFINITE WARFARE 2 but, in fact, took a step back from it due to careful review of specific feedback shows you they are a publisher with good instincts, or at least are not blindly led by sales to make their decisions.

I’m a bit concerned the founders at Blizzard have mostly left by middle of 2019, but it’s too early to say there are big problems.

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The franchise? Well clearly that was its heart. Honestly though i cannot name any sports games that do not look like cookie cut copies of the last prequel’s beta (maybe harsh… idk im not into them partially for that reason). The 2k games (any genre id say) are the most embarrassing though, lol i get baked n watch bug videos of them online so often. Makes me wonder about the creative process alot (prior to becoming disabled i wanted to design games for Bungie (who hadn’t split up into 343 at the time but are just as bad as the others now)

I recall hearing that but didnt fact check it… but i heard from friends who played that its population dwindled quicker than the prequels to the point it was as bad as SWBF2s catastrophe.

Cant disagree with you more on that one… Activision from my perspective has mastered modern entertainment marketing by well… paying attention to the abundant relevant data on the matter. They are brilliant but false… a fine example is how they’ve made it so normal to simply add in the trailers a single 3-worded line saying “actual in-game footage” layered over a black transition to a cinematic cut or as per their style - multiple live action reveals 1st followed later by game cutscenes - which dont reflect actual player [immersion] experience. That one - omg if theres ever an example of cancer…

I feel like I stumbled on a really long r/gamingcirclejerk post


Remove Warner Brothers from that statement but keep IO. IO are amazing but Warner Brothers fucking suck


Heh. I still play Battlefront 2 and I can get into a match after 5 seconds of waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

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Think about the industry today. Tell me what prestigious developer acts even remotely as toxic as their masters (the publishers, who also have masters (the shareholders). Example: I dont blame DICE for EAs conduct. Devs dont have much say when it comes to WHAT goes into these products which they dont technically own. Id be surprised if any devs have ever met their shareholders (im treading in unknown watet right now btw so imma stop there lol)

Reddit sucks. Nuf said.

Lol well yeah NOW. SWBF2 launch (and then its handling of the backlash) is the biggest fkup i can think of any company in the industry). I mean ffs they actually got multiple countries (and our own states) consider and some even passed laws against the practices that game brought. I could go on endlessly but with that all said, the population base of “Star Whorez: Biggest Fuckup 2” only just started getting a reasonable player base back after officially applying a relatively satisfying fix to the exposed schemes they made and defended HARD in the game

You sound like you were hoping to witness a cock fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

No. In fact and all honesty, I just do not (CANNOT) fully trust anything any supposed critics claim anymore after seeing my old fav IGN become what it has. I mean hell I could have a decent YouTube channel and upload a video claiming that the next big cod title to be announced [enter title here] “critics praise” or whatever and again if monetized it could be considered by those more gullible to believe. Nowadays I think all anyone can do is just try to research what seems actually opinion-based editorials normally, or i guess another way to say it is their hope/expectation of what facts are/were/initially but now conflated or overblown to push an agenda like how some companies were recently starting to show scripted clips (sometimes in trailers for some lesser known) of loot box reactions. I mean stuff like that - how can you not be skeptical about the actual agenda in todays Entertainment when that type of thing. Regarding the link in particular, ive actually heard of them but never had any reason to think i should trust them enough to fact check them.
So ya, i dont fact check EVERYONE/EVERYTHING (how could anyone… without sacrificing their lives to do it) mainly due to the fact people (which nobody - not even myself - is exempt) people can be ignorant or simply stupid in any topic more frequently/commonly than the # factually accurate. I can only do my best to know/believe what is closest to truth based on what I actually see.

For example, regarding CODIF, i havent been into cod since mw2 way back. Way back. I have played the black ops titles for amusement when rarely in the mood to turn my brain off n kill time run-n-gunning and wallrunning (scifi cod = eww imo). The games are clearly not innovative at all. I have to assume Infinite Warfare did good at all was it likely attracted the casual (probably younger but idk) scifi gamer community. I do recall noticing a drop in players of other titles like halo around the time…
All i have to say on anythig financial related to cod is take it with a grain of salt, like any media coverage these days.

After management buyout of Hitman in June 2017 from Square Enix, IOI could have gone to another pubisher. But instead they have remained independent.

They have partnered with Warner Bros for distribution of Hitman 2 and Hitman 3. This was a smart move given that Warner Bros Entertainment has large resources for distribution with annual revenue in the many billions.

Warner Bros. financially benefit from Hitman sales but are not involved in the direction of the IP.


Lol much better said than how i worded it.

Forbes cites similar data, while also noting that INFINITE WARFARE under-performed compared to other COD titles. This probably also explains Activision’s decision not to double down on the Space Themes.

Basically INFINITE WARFARE was down for the series, while BATTLEFIELD 1 was a peak for the series, but there was no intersection… COD maintained its place above BATTLEFIELD that year.

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Actually the more i think on it, i think im mixing up Infinite Warfare with their WW1 reboot (if it can be called that). Like ive said im not a cod player anymore n thus cant/dont care to jeep up with all their titles. Battlefield is easier defined by each era the battlefields are themed. Thats how i viewed em anyway

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And thank christ for that

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The massive popularity of Fortnite has driven down sales. Fortnite has attracted new, younger players to gaming, but also taken away from those who might have been players of COD.

It is not surprising that many recent open world titles from AAA publishers have not done well overall recently (eg. Anthem, COD Infinite Warfare, The Division 2, Fallout 76, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Mass Effect Andromeda). These are expensive to make and they expect long term time return of investment in players coming back to play the game in through hundreds of hours over months – in a game as a service. The problem is that we are reaching market saturation, where there aren’t enough players dedicate to grinding in every one of these games, especially when many of these games were released as full priced games in buggy alpha builds (eg. Fallout 76, Anthem, Mass Effect Andromeda).