Today is a sad day, I have to say goodbye to the Hitman series one of my favorite Franchises


Get well and well see you back in the game down the road. You will get the itch to play, i think you will be able to balance the game and life.

Im a trucker, im out weeks from home, then i play alot when I’m home.


Just to clarify, diseases are not limited to conditions caused by viruses or bacteria. Schizophrenia is actually classified as a biological brain disease.


Hey, i don’t know if this will help, but there is a coin in the garage not too far from where you found the mysterious coin. (Hitman interactive maps shows the locations of objects in the levels. I know, i don’t play the game the true hitman style). My guess is that it was some funny physics thing, or even a glitch in object placement that one. I’m sure a dev or someone could explain what you saw. I hate to see you leave a game you love behind, but i wish you all the best with your family and in your recovery.


Yeah there are two coins next to one of the parked cars. Don’t know how one of them could have got in that room though, they don’t even move when you blow up the car next to them

A bug/glitch was one of my initial thoughts, I looked online for similar reports, items being moved around or random spawns and found nothing so it’s very unlikely


I can’t count the amount of weird shit going on in Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman 2: SA.

I can :smile:


Actually I’m a very sensitive person, and I understand what OP was experiencing. I didn’t think I wasted my time waking up at 3AM, creating a new account and writing all these to a stranger (OP).

But this is what happens when you try to help someone, but people around you don’t see that, they just try to nitpick every mistake you make and correct you. Right, introvert?

I’m done here. Good day guys.


I’m sorry that you feel like you have to stop playing a game you enjoy, but if it is what is best for your mental health you should do it. I wish you the best of luck with dealing with your disorder and hope it becomes easier to deal with in time


I understand what you are trying to say, but even games have limits and rules to them. If there were other reports of similar things happening I would think it was just a bug, but I can’t find any reports like what happened to me, such as random item spawn, etc.


Most likely it’s due to coin’s gltichy physics. They are also used to launch things like bodies when combined with breaching charges.


Imagine if op played a bethesda game. the amount of paranoia inducing bugs in their games are just tremendous.


Lol, actually never had an issue with an Elder Scrolls game yet


Losing a follower in skyrim and not knowing if they are dead in some dungeon 14 quests ago with all your loot stuff like that


That’s a common occurrence in skyrim so it would just seem normal to me :smile:


Saw your post had to make an account to reply, my daughter goes through the same thing

The coin was there, so it got there somehow, your hypothesis is complelty feesiable. The coin was there and you have rational explanations for how it got there. You need to think from a starting point of knowing there was a coin there. And build an explanation around that. And you have realistic explanations already

Maybe one of the devs here can help you, if you know when it happened maybe they can load up an old build and take a look for you, maybe they know about a bug or something

Hope you feel better


You need to think from a starting point of knowing there was a coin there. And build an explanation around that. And you have realistic explanations already

That’s what I have been doing so far. It’s hard because I am constantly thinking how a guard or whatever ended up there. Instead I always try tell myself I shouldn’t worry about that part if the coin is there it got there and I have an explanation trying to pin down what exactly happened step by step is basically impossible

I have messaged one of the devs here who checked like the change notes, said he didn’t see anything like that unfortunately. Perhaps it was a unnoted change since it was a small thing but he said unlikely as this was after most of their team got moved to hitman 2 so nobody touched it.

The only other thing I can think of is perhaps it was on an elusive target I know items switch up a bit on those. Maybe it was on a different version of the map he checked, I don’t know if they have different builds a version for the professional and normal map


Maybe the coin fell off of the shelf and got there maybe because the spawning of items messed up something pushed it there


I put this guy up for most missed in the awards cause it’s sad and people will miss him @polik


There is no coin on the shelf there to fall off.


Okay so I just saw this on reddit, really weird. Other people have saw it too this time, it doesn’t look like a coin it is too large and another user said he attempted to shoot at it and nothing happened. What’s also weird is that it is under a shelf, this time just on a different map. This is so bizarre

Another user on the reddit thread said they saw it in the consulate where I saw it too. Okay honestly if this is a dev messing with people I am going to be so pissed off and happy at the same time. Lol

I will buy 10 hitman 2’s if this turns out to be connected. What on earth


Lol this is becoming a real conspiracy someone call Netflix we might be able to have a series made.

@polik are you sure you didn’t see the coin on saprienza and just thought it was in the consulate cause you forgot?

I would say they are unconnected but the fact it’s hidden in the same manner is very weird. One of the comments on reddit say they also saw it in the consulate and that was said before you made this post

The best thing I think would be for a dev to see this