Today is a sad day, I have to say goodbye to the Hitman series one of my favorite Franchises


There seems to be a difference though, since according to witnesses the coin in Sapienza is bigger and doesn’t act like a coin, whereas the one in Marrakesh was an actual coin.
But doesn’t it help for threadstarter to know other people encountered it too? Should give some peace of mind at least.


I am not sure if it was a coin. It just looked like a coin, rounded and flat. So it could very well be the same thing. The same way on Sapienza they couldn’t reach it I also could not reach it so I was never given the pick up indication that says it was a coin.


Oh I am so sorry to hear that OP

Unfortunately AI is getting so clever that if it’s not able to already, it could be that in the future that a AI Character would come and pick up said item randomly whilst say you were upstairs on level making your way there and it’s gonna happen more and more in ALL Videogames that have random AI like this.

I hope though that it was just a glitch which was put there in one update and was then patched out in the next update.

Again I am sorry for your illness OP, good luck for the future.


Perhaps @Torbjorn_IOI can help you, @polik.
He’s the lead level designer and perhaps he can explain why the coin was there


I already asked a dev I don’t know what another can do but worth a try


I had a look in the embassy items folder today, and it seems like there is no coin in that room, also when looking at the folders history.

My guess would be the coin somehow ended up there because of dodgy physics. These things do happen sometimes, and can result in strange situations like these. We see this all the time during development, and do not always find all these bugs.

I remember a flying office chair in Sapienza that I found after weeks of strange issues, like car alarms triggering for no reason, broken glass etc. Finally I found out it was a physics chair that flew around at level initialization :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that this explanation helps :slight_smile:


That’s what I figured. I had already asked one of the devs here and he said the same thing, that there was no coin in that room. So I figured it was just some dodgy physics as the physics engine seems really dynamic

Other than that it could be that it wasn’t a coin and something else. People said the “coin” they saw under the shelf on Sapienza might not actually be a coin.

A user said they saw the same thing in the consulate, maybe it is some sort of display bug or a placeholder.

After my son gets off the playstation im going to reinstall and investigate that place on Sapienza.:smile:

Edit - so it turns out that coin on Sapienza is in fact a coin, zoomed in real close with the sniper. So I guess it was unrelated. A real coincidence though for it to be under a shelf in the same manner as I saw in the consulate. Darn it. Thought I had a lead :expressionless:


Guess this is getting a bit too detailed, but just to explain.
If the collision is setup wrong on the shelves, items on the shelf will still glow, but the pickup prompt will not be available (so you cant pickup the item). If that happens, it’s just a bug we haven’t found or fixed yet.


So I see a coin in a weird place on marrakech, probably got there by coincidence

Turns out there is also a coin in a completely different level on sapienza under a shelf placed in a similar manner that is supposed to be there by design

You can say that is a big coincidence… what word is in the word ‘coincidence’?


my mind is blown


Remember not to fall for that Texas sharpshooter fallacy.

Also you never answered my question are you sure you didn’t see the coin in that place on saprienza and just misremembered??


Yes, I am 110% sure. I remember vividly, I also remember it being next to a crowbar and there isn’t one of Sapienza


Must have just been weird physics then as I said you should think of what you saw from the point of seeing the coin and build a scenario around that. The coin was there and that variable already exists. If you think in terms of pure probability it will make it seem impossible


I don’t even know anymore. It’s just hard to believe it got there by pure chance, i’ve tried convincing myself and I go a while then relapse.