Todd's Barbershop 💈


Welcome to Todd’s Barbershop!

Did you recently get a haircut that you really like? Snap a photo and show your new look! Maybe even take “Before” and “After” shots :sunglasses:

Did you also get a nice clean shave?? Maybe you grew and groomed your facial hair? Let’s see those as well

Feel free to show photos of hairstyles of other people, celebrities, etc. that you like, or maybe you yourself would like to get done in the future.


Sorry but doesn’t this kinda falls under the same Category as the forum gallery? since it’s basicrally about posting pictures of oneself.


I suppose, but this one is strictly for hair :smile:
Before and after shots…

Idk haha I suppose you may be right, I honestly thought the same thing after I posted it…
I just thought it was a cool idea with the whole ‘Todds Barbershop’ thing. We’ll see, I guess the mods can close it if they feel the need, no problem :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t mind seeing this one stick around. It could be fun plus I’m planning on getting a haircut soon.


Actually can we post other people’s haircuts too? Show off styles we like?


I’m cursed with hair that’s extremely straight and really puffy. I can’t have any haircuts except for “short” or “long”. And short looks awful. I think “asian hair” is the correct term


Sure. I originally just thought your own haircuts, but I guess you can share hair styles you like or would like to get.


In that case i guess we could start.
I’m a big fan of the movie drive and the game hotline miami. Both protagonists are supposed to have the same style of hair. I’ve tried it out twice but I’m not totally sure if it looks good on me. I’m mexican with very thick long hair. Anyways even though not all of these are from the movie, this is close to what i tried to replicate.


Well hey man, if you like it you should do it. Granted, not every hair style is for everyone, but if you really like it, I’m sure there are tips and tricks you can find on YouTube on how to replicate a thin hairstyle, for people who, in your case, has thick hair.
Good luck man. You should do it and post a photo of your own.

Btw: I updated the OP based on your suggestion :wink:


I’m a paint brush

In case you haven’t figured it out yet that’s just me tilting my head upside down :slight_smile:


Haha paintbrush… Looks like those ‘Troll Dolls’ lol

so you’re a girl?



Dude, I just can’t get over the fact how much you look like Joseph Gordon - Levitt :laughing: Idk, maybe it’s just me, no?


Heh. When I get up in the morning, I’m going to take another pic to show the contrast. I look too grizzly.


Haha alright man, go hibernate for the night :wink::bear:


Lol i have to admit you look very different from how imagined you. :relaxed:


How you imagined me :flushed::bear:?


Sounds a bit weird but i guess i always Imagined you with longer hair and a rounder face, maybe cheeks round like mine.


Heh. Not happening with the cheeks but you’ll see my crazy hair when I get up tomorrow in the morning.


Best picture i can get for now. My hair isn’n’t as long as it used to be. But still hard to work with.