Todd's Barbershop πŸ’ˆ


Oh! Maybe tomorrow you’ll look too polar! And the day after that you’ll look too panda!

/sarcasm :bear:


A good barber will thin your hair out using special scissors if you ask. I’m not sure what they are called but my barber always does it to mine without me even asking, I guess I have thick hair too. I think it just makes it easier to style if you thin it out a little.


I got this while messing around with glitch art. Makes my hair look good too.


Weird question to ask but is there a reason no one is showing their face? :no_mouth:


Some people are shy or like to keep their own privacy. You never know where your photo might end up if you post it on a public forum like this.


Ahh i see. well i trust everyone here enough to show my face. Normally i wouldnt on some other site.


Rise and shine, bruins :bear:!


Not trying to turn this into the beautiful women thread but any other guy here like women with short hair/mohawks


One last set of pics to show you guys what I’m working with. I look kinda depressed. :sweat_smile:


It’s been awhile hasn’t it. Lol well i didn’t really get a haircut but i did spruce it up a bit and i shaved.

Hope the thread is revived. Would love to see everyone elses style.


Minus the full beard and sideburns. Took it closer on the sides this time too.


Finally got that hair cut.


Sharp hairs buddy! :bear::slight_smile:


Thank you beary much!


Pretty much exactly how I have my hair, looking sharp :ok_hand:.


Growing a β€˜rats tail’ like β€˜Floki’ left in this picture. I already have the beard that length. Gonna take a good couple of years hair growth!


I bet your mrs is going to love that :joy:, this reminds me I need to start watching vikings again :+1:.


Viking for life mate. Yeah Season 4 really gets going. :smile: I have found my mic now so can play Uncharted this eve probably around 11 as my other TV broke and the Kids get the big telly.


They are babies and they get the big TV? Dafuq is this Tobias?


Nice try NSA, but I’m not gonna participate in this personal data collection thread!