Todd's Barbershop ๐Ÿ’ˆ


They are my mini clones and need a large television display for their educational needs. My 23.6 1080p monitor is being delivered tomorrow so that will suffice for my videogames.


The NSA are reading this whole thread. A satellite is focused on your house right now sir. My I suggest to completely envelop yourself in tin foil that will make you invisible and immune to their mind reading devices.

To the thread creator I think you should create a beard thread! :smiley:


Beards are welcomed in this thread as well. This thread just isnโ€™t for head hair styles and haircuts. Facial hair styles is also accepted. Post that Duck Dynasty Beard! :sunglasses:


I might get jealous. lol I canโ€™t grow a beard. Only a goatee.



Haha nice! Just missing your tin foil hat now :laughing:


Oh god :speak_no_evil:, mine is like 42 and I think mine is small. Good look shooting people at a distance on uncharted :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


Not fair. I canโ€™t grow one!


Looks good man!


You should be on Vikings. You definitely look the part. Love that show!


Hey iโ€™m cheating but i thought my hair really worked well with this outfit.


You donโ€™t look anything like your avatar.


What do you mean? that is clearly Mulder / Hankโ€ฆthat easy to see, Jesus Max.


:smile: @MadMax do you look like your avatar?


Thanks! Closest I got was to play a Saxon on the latest Transformers movie due out this year!! Vikings are recruiting extras but you need to live in Ireland :frowning:


Letโ€™s bring Hitman to this conversation too. I actually like Jordan Crossโ€™ style. Usually I donโ€™t like manbuns at all, but that kind of bun is pretty nice. I wish I also had beard.




Yeah gotta admit that is one clean looking beard! Wouldnโ€™t growing that!


Thatโ€™s cool! So I take it you are into acting? I remember reading a little while back that one of our fellow forum members was going to start pursuing acting a little more seriously although canโ€™t remember who it was.


Thatโ€™s probably me. I do love cinema, any chance I get for any extra roles I take. The whole time you want to get your second of fame. just donโ€™t look at the camera!!! Itโ€™s hard to fit in with the kids but when they go school I should be all good.