Todd's Barbershop 💈


Did you do your extra role yet? Did you say it was for transformers?


All the best to you. Would love to read that you got a role on a show or movie!


Man i look stressed in this picture. Plus my eye looks… off. :sweat_smile: at least the hair looks good


You know who else has a good hair and beard combo…


Now we’re going to paint some happy little trees :evergreen_tree:


RIP girly hair!

Short hair feels fucking weird, but great at the same time. I still feel the need to move my hair out of my face and stuff like that even though there’s nothing to fucking move lol.

No longer will I have to deal with it getting in my eyes or getting my hair in my food while eating (I hate putting it in a ponytail, just feels uncomfortable).

Might grow it long again but for now I’ll enjoy the shortness.


If you had a longer beard with those hair… that would have been perfekt.


I used to have long hair. Not as long as yours but long enough to know how weird sort hair is. My hair is pretty thick too so it’s hard to style


I’d do anything to have my hair as long as you used to have yours. Sadly I don’t pay my own bills so my father says I have to trim it. Mom says she doesn’t care how long it is so long at it looks good and I take care of it, but I don’t live with her lol.


Sorry to hear that man, I’m fortunate enough to be able to do what I want with my hair, only thing I’ve really had is judgement from some people who seemed to think long hair is exclusive to one gender but I didn’t listen to morons who thought that way, or let their opinion bother me (although to be fair my hair did look kind of girly). I’ll do what I want with my hair.

I hope you’ll grow your hair out one day although be warned it comes with a small amount of annoyance. Your dad should let you do what you want with your hair, but yeah strict parents.


This one didn’t get rave reviews in the workplace, but I returned to my old staple, the good old, do it yourself buzz cut.


I once had hair long just like you. Now I’m always shaved.


Yup, the buzz works for ya :+1:. I used to just have your normal average length hair until last summer. Then buzzed it for no other reason than to find some simplicity in life. Now you and I could almost be mistaken for brothers imo. You make it look good. I don’t much like it on me but I’m keepin it cuz it feels very freeing not to ever have to worry about what your hair looks like.


Thank you FantumX! Besides being quick in the morning, it’s also nice to know that when my kids mess with my hair as a joke, I don’t have to re-plaster it down. Lol

I agree, I think that if someone was to photoshop me into the family photo that you posted a while back, the only ones who’d notice I wasn’t related would be your family :joy:


Finally got a haircut and it’
it’s alot better than how it usually turns out. Here’s a before and after.

Side note: the horns were not intended. Lol


Lookin good!:sunglasses:

Side note: the horns would have looked bad-ass in the “before” picture. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now you kinda look like David Spade. :wink:


Don’t have a before pic but here’s the after anyways.


I’ve been shaving my head bald since 2007. A coworker and many others told me that I would look good with a bit of hair so I’m a bit considering to start letting my hair grow.

Was looking forward to this particular hair cut. Down sides of it all is spending money on barber and shampoos.


Not much of a big change, but I decided to keep my mustache while shaving.