Toggle silencer & semi

Two ideas:

  • All the weapons (or almost) we have should be able to toggle the silencer on and off before starting the mission.
  • All automatic weapons (F/A pistols, rifles, smg) should have an option to toggle between semi and auto.

Edit: I just thought this method of toggling things in the planning could work as a pseudo customization. We could select colors for the weapons or accessories. This way we would have a single gun instead of several ones that are the same. But ofc I will always prefer the blood money customization…


This gets my vote!
Suppressors do come off, rather easily, actually. Different methods of attaching them, but none I know of are permanently affixed to the barrel.
Even the Glock 18 has a “Fun switch” to take it from semi to full.
Anything that brings Hitman 2’s environment closer to realistic, with regard to the weapons, I am all in favor of. (Rubber ducks being the exception of course!)

But hitman is a stealth game, why focus on automatic weapons? Look at all the measures IOI have put in place to encourage a stealth like play through and your giving ideas on shooting your way through. The more hitman gets caught between being a stealth game and a third person shooter the worse it will get. I do get that hitman is open for all kinds of players but I personally would prefer any updates to improve the stealth system.

No. This is a puzzle game and you’ve think which pistol will work best for which mission. With your suggested idea, ICA FA will be the obvious choice for almost all contracts as you’re getting everything in one gun - loud, silent, full auto, semi.


I disagree. Picking up a guards dropped weapon should have the option to set it to fire ONCE and not mag-dump. Thus working as you want it, one loud accurately aimed shot, and not waking all the neighbors. While not as stealthy as one of the suppressed options its nowhere near as bad as pulling he trigger on a 40-60 round per minute SMG or long arm.
Older Hitman games had this right on the money with the ability to drop the suppressors from the 'Ballers when you wanted less recoil, and didn’t mind getting loud. There are very few situations that would help in, as quiet is the better option.
Not being able to drop a FA weapon down to single shot, bothers me. I usually only carry the long arms as part of a guard disguise because you can’t knock it into ammo conservation mode. Using the pistols are usually a more accurate option in a 1 on 3-4 fight. Above that you typically aren’t walking out no matter what you have on you.
I’m not lobbying to make it more of a 3p-shooter, I’m more in favor of being able to dial the guns back.

What on earth is unrealistic about an exploding rubber duck?!

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I suppose one thing to consider is changing the gun from semi to auto or reverse would require a new animation for some weapons in order for it to be realistic. Has IOI rehired their animators for any of the past updates?

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Kinda hard to buy them off the shelf that way. :slight_smile:
Normally an IED is a explosive device with a distraction placed on it, not all rolled up into one, pre-packaged, with optional musical distraction.

It would take a bit of tinkering with the muzzle flash animations, and the recoil on 47’s body. I would think that it would be easy to re-use some they already have, much like they do with the sound clips.
The bigger animation consideration would be unscrewing the suppressors.

I suppose if the option was only to choose suppressor or not in the load out no animation would be needed. But if they were going to add that option to the loadout it would only make sense to go one further and be able to unscrew the suppressor whenever you want in game. I think the good ideas that require less work to implement are more realistically going to be considered by IOI. Not saying they aren’t willing to put in the work ofc not its just they need to be efficient, especially with H3 on there minds.

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I agree, bug fixes should be priority now.
However, getting the wish lists out for H3 / Season 3 can never hurt.
and TBH suppressed weapons should always load out with the suppressors on. Mainly because his holsters will be cut for them. The option to remove them when you know you are about to kick the hornet’s nest is what I’m after, and of course the ability to take the fun switch off on FA dropped weapons.
Oddly, I am a fan of not having the “Dual 'Ballers”, Nobody does this outside of a John Woo movie.

I suppose 47 having advanced strength means he suffers less recoil and accuracy loss when firing dual ballers. That being said, you see loads of people in games and movies firing a gun one handed so I guess why would doing the same but with both arms be any different unless having one arm down by your side somehow makes it easier to fire one handed. Never fired a gun myself so I wouldn’t know.

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Even Lara Croft doesn’t do it these days!

I’ve had a bit of training, and sent quite a few rounds downrange, and firing one handed isn’t the issue. It’s firing one handed, with both hands, that becomes an issue.
You have both hands taken when it comes time to reload. You only have one set of eyes to look down the sights, etc.
Many folks carry more than one pistol, but the reason why isn’t to Dual Wield or go Akimbo, but to have a backup weapon, hot, locked and ready.
There is no faster reload than another pistol.
There is no better aim than both hands on the weapon.


That’s a good point about carrying a second pistol as backup. The only time I can think of a useful scenario for the dual ballers is in H2 SA when you shoot one of the targets (whos body must be hidden) so that their body goes flying and they land down a hole. Thats where the force of the dual ballers comes in handy but a shotgun would do the same thing.