Top 5 Hitman 3 Moments/Things (Spoiler Tags Mandatory)

This Topic serves to post your Top 5 Hitman 3 Moments, Things, Kills, Gameplay Tweaks and so on. Spoiler Tags are Mandatory for your Views. Try to use vague titles, so I don’t recommend anyone, not wanting to get spoiled, to read this Topic.

I’ll start:

1. ICA

Hitman 3 did the thing I was waiting for since Ages, it finally gave us the ICA we wanted to see. Professional Assasins who use Disguises with a great range of technology and a seriously super secret and high-tech Facility. That’s the ICA how it should be, not some Mercenary like Group who burns down Hotels, Town and Slaughters Civillians. In Addition, I also really loved the Ending of it. The ICA doesn’t get defeated by putting a Bullet into someone’s Head (Even though we do this aswell). No, it gets defeated by getting leaked to the public, which so much more realistic.

2. Grey

I, alongside @Mini, was problably one of the very few persons who liked the Character of Lucas Grey, even after the Mumbai Cutscene. So I was also really hoping for him to be not a Traitor, because it would revert everything back 2016 Standards and be a certainly forseeable Indicator of the Constant’s Escape, so I was really glad they didn’t went this Way. I also didn’t wanted him to die originally, though to my surprise, I wasn’t really upset when he did die, just because it was actually written quite well. He died for what he believed in and even took out one of the CICADA Ninjas

3. Ending

Game’s which let you pick your Ending are always a great thing, as long as the Sequel doesn’t contradict one of those Endings cough Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 3 cough. The Freedom of doing with the Constant what you like or inject yourself is a great way to finish the WOA Triologie. I did all three Endings and decided that my Canon Ending is 47 wiping the Constants Memory, just because it’s problably far worse for him than Death. @MrOchoa might disagree with my choice here :wink:

4. Berlin

Well, Berlin. I didn’t though it’d be possible for a Map in the Last Game of the Series and after Mumbai to blow me away that much… but this one did to a point where I would consider it to be the best Hitman Map I have played, which excludes Silent Assasin and Codename 47, because I honestly haven’t played those and don’t plan too, I’m sorry.

But back to Berlin, which funnily enough also was my most anticipated Map from the Hitman 3 Maps. That Map is just… so good. It’s hard to describe it, though I gurantee that Berlin will be the first Hitman 3 Map where I do Mastery 20, as soon as I can connect again. Of course I also want to talk about the Story Aspect of it of course, which was my favorite Part of the Story by far. Grey just died, Diana seems Mia and the ICA has finally caught attention to 47’s and Diana’s Activities and this time, there’re actually smart. Also we finally got armed Targets, Yeah.

5. New Shooting Mechanics

And… for the best Part of Hitman 3 I actually choose something seemingly minor, so let me explain. Of course the Shooting hasn’t changed alot since 2016 and 2 and I do miss my Shoulder Switch, so the Sounds and feeling has massivly increased. Not only do all Weapons sound alot better, No. Shooting at NPC is also far better know, as it actually sounds really fleshy now and they even jawn when being shot down, which is something I didn’t knew I needed and actually makes alot of sense. When you shot an NPC in Hitman 2, they yawned when falling to the ground Alive, but as soon as the killing Shot striked them, they were Dead. It makes sense with a Headshot, though with two Stomach Shots? Less for sure.

Let me know your favorite Hitman 3 Moments/Things and so on. Also please accept eachothers opnions, without starting a fight, okay?