Top floor of the Rangan building [spoilers]

After the picture perfect mission story Dawood takes you up to the top floor that is still under construction. Is there any interesting kill opportunities to do up there that I missed? What did you guys do when you got up there?

Walk to he other side of the blue tarpaulin at the left hand side of the room. Rangan will follow you and he can be pushed off the building without witnesses. Be careful leaving WITHOUT Rangan is cause for suspicion

He will follow you when you’re both in that floor. You can kill him in a more stealthy way if you do that, but the guards won’t let you go out without Rangan so youll need find another way to escape

I never moved while he was talking so didn’t realise he followed. Will have to experiment with this. Does he follow you anywhere you go then and the guards stay put?

Possibly but his body guards will be in view of you anywhere but the other side of the construction tarp. Also his body will be found if he is pushed anywhere else. (Pushing him of our way means he falls into the concrete pit)

Ok thanks. I gathered that him leading you up there must lead to at least one kill opportunity.

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Don’t worry I didn’t know any of this at first.

There are a number of weapons (firearms) up there. I brought along a lethal syringe to get the final challenge for ‘Versatile Assassin’. I climbed up the elevator shaft before meeting with him, set them out on the floor so all his (close) guards would take them away when we got up there. With them out of the way - I was able to stick him with the syringe. There’s also a PT, baseball bat… Plenty of other stuff too.

But you can just climb up there without the opportunity… I think OP was asking about kill opportunities when you bring Dawood up there

Well, you do have to be frisked before you can go up there. So, it’s up to the player. They could use any of the items that are up there, or climb up there before you trigger the events and place some other weapon (like your Silverballer).

But it’s not easy since at least one of his guards will be there where he can see the both of you, and 2 other guards will be standing by the stairs. So it’s not like it’s just an easy kill.

Even if you don’t trigger the ‘Opportunity’, you could still get up there… Get a bodyguard disguise and bypass the others, or if you’re in any other disguise - you’d be better off climbing up the shaft (but don’t let anyone see you since you’ll be in a ‘Hostile’ location).

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