Top Score on every Escalation level (Xbox)

Ive just finished all Paris,Italy and the Marrakesh escalations. All #1 score. Are you guys interested in seeing the runs ? And of course the ones following. Or is this like same shit different day type stuff. Lol. I got game back in Jan and super addicted and committed so im just wondering.


Sure m8, I’d like to see them!

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Nobody likes a show off :wink::crazy_face:

Jokes aside get them posted mate :+1: and well done!


Sure, post them! Then we can compare them to pc times


He’s already one up on PC as he plays console :wink:

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Oh Im sure It won’t compare to your brilliance @Fortheseven. But I will definetly try :bowing_man:

The controller is just no match to the mouse. IMO at least.

Luckily I do own an Xbox X at least. I’m moderately satisfied with the performance lol.

I’ve just had to google Xbox X lol I’m not up to date on my Microsoft consoles all I know is that they’ll be considerably behind Sony’s new toy when it drops :wink: haha

Honestly, not a huge fan of console or fanboys but if you look up Xbox you might want to check out the Scarlett. Im sure Microsoft won’t let Sony get a Leg up on them again. Especially after the Xbox X release mid generation.

The new Xbox could print £50 notes and I’d still buy a PlayStation but that’s just me, I don’t delve too deep into all the stats etc. I just love my PS4 :joy:


Gotcha. Yeah you really can’t beat those PS exclusives. Great games.


Just post them mate. We all watch each other videos and support each other.

Sorry guys, almost got first season and the newest escalations together.
I seem to have sparked some healthy competition with other players on Xbox and being #1 means I can lose that rank at anytime lol.

So having to go back and forth getting top score has been taking some time. Frustrating to say the least. Haha.

Even lost some friends along the way sadly…