Total newbie, have a question

So, I am a total newbie (as the title says) to this forum, and I would appreciate if someone could answer my question.
What is necrobumping? In a post I made when I was bored, I got a response saying: “Please don’t necrobump if you don’t have anything valuable to say.”
I really don’t want to post unessesary things, so I’d like to know what that is so I don’t waste my or anyone’s time with useless posts.


If a thread is old, it gets buried by all the newer threads in the forum. If you post in an old thread, that old thread will re-emerge on the front page. If you posted because you were bored, it meant you brought it back up without a real reason to do so, and it is annoying.

Or what UnitedFyodor just posted.

Thanks! Won’t do it again.


Thank you too. Though I think that thread was from 1 day ago or something, but whatever, not doing it again.

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