Totally User - unfriendly + no freedom of speech (PLEASE READ)

This goes to all the main administrators of the Hitmanforum and to almost all of the Hitmanforum users, that only after one week of using this ‘‘fun’’ website I am leaving it.
Let me explain why…So mission ideas are quite a popular thing right now among the Hitmanforum community and EVERY single member should have the right to post their mission ideas/create new threads right?
Well for me this was not the case because this mornning my mission idea (A line in the sand) was deleted by an user of which (for privacy reasons) I am not saying his name.
AND most imortantly I have stated right at the beggining of the message that I know that mission ideas have been a thing and that this one is just my idea WHICH MEANS that I clearly said that it is only my idea.
And then the user stated why he deleted it because (in quotes) ‘‘I should have used the search bar for other hitman ideas’’ WTF.
I hope that IOI does the following for hitmanforum:

  • Makes the Hitmanforum admins/reporters NOT 12 year olds that get trigerred by everything.
  • Tries to make Hitmanforum a bit more user friendly by reprorting other reporters (if you get what I am clearly saying.

Please tell me your ideas in the replies and I swear if this chat gets locked


But to just let you all know I still enjoy Hitmanforum it is just some stupid users - not reading what I CLEARLY specify and make it all seem like a big deal.

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As much as that sucks man, do you still have a copy and pasted version of whatever you posted? There are a few threads, one of which may welcome your idea(s). It may not have been appropriate to create a new thread solely for your own idea when there are conversations based around users ideas for missions/seasons already. Whoever deleted or flagged or had some kind of a problem with your post may have meant to inform you (perhaps not in the most practical way) that there are already threads for this purpose. Please feel free to browse the topics below and post your mission ideas there if appropriate.:slight_smile:

Please consider your choice carefully and don’t bump up old posts or multiple posts for the sake of getting your idea heard.


You are right thank you so much for helping me out I should have posted my idea in an appropriate thread not for solely my mission idea - that was kinda wrong from me.
I alredy posted my copy and pasted mission idea in a new thread.
(I still agree by the fact that they are still kinda unfriendly sice I literally said that it was only a mission idea NOT EVEN A THREAD. Io needs new more fair admins tbh.)
Thank you so much.


No worries, you’re welcome buddy. Hope you stick around the forum. :slight_smile:


Thank you I will stay and enjoy the hitmanforum (if you wanna see the (almost) original post it is at ‘‘create a fan made season’’ by Zevoros)


Just fyi, IOI didn’t create this forum and they don’t run it. So it’s not up to IOI to choose staff members here.


I know I read the rules but…ofiicials running IOI/emloyeers of IOI read forums often so I deied to say something like that

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and also I am kinda dumb/new so excuse me (but that pissed me off)



Sorry, but this is what happens when members here is moving threads they assume dosen’t belong here to the lounge, i will not say names either, but it is a problem when members tries to be a moderator.


The problem isn’t your mission ideas, but you could use a already made thread to post your mission idea, like:


There is a lot of threads you could use instead of starting a new one, just saying.


I know now I have just realised that after the first person replied sorr, I should have posted the mission in an already existing thread not into a singular post (so they won’t get confused) - that makes me kinda ashamed.
Thanks for the advice though.


All of you here are giving me helpful advices and are so nice to me thank you all (I expected you all to hate on me after I realized my mistake)


Don’t worry about it, i understand you frustration when members here is starting to remove your threads, i have said it before and i will say it again, i think it’s best to leave moving of threads to the moderators, unless the thread is inappropriate or trolling.

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well said thank you so much for the help (again lol)
Soooo…we are finished my mistake


I moved the thread because there is already a thread for posting mission ideas, and all of those other idea threads were made before that one.

Sorry if I seemed rude, but I assumed it was fine since you had already posted it in an appropriate thread.

please don’t bring up this discussion again

Edit: I still stand by my statement that you should use the search bar before creating a thread.


I am so sorry for everything and I know that I said everything a bit rude and right now it is definitely alright and it is Ok - since it was all my fault and I should have posted my idea in an a bit more appropriate thread. You weren’t rude I was sorry. Thank you for understanding and I swear I will never bring up this discussion especially if because my fault.


But it is a problem when new users think it is the admins who moved the thread/post and are getting frustrated by the admin/moderators when it was a regular member who stood back the removal:

You simply remove his whole post and he must have used a lot of time typing all of it, i think a moderator would just lock his thread for future replies and he could copy everything in a existing thread.

It’s not your fault, i think if a moderator would move your thread they would tell you why in a more sivil manner.
Or just lock it and write something like we have many threads about this, “please use existing threads” or something like that.

Except in this situation the user has already acknowledged a regular user and not an administrator moved the thread to purgatory.


Also let me emphasise that quote from the pinned comment in the lounge…

“This category exists so regulars can move problematic threads away from the public’s view.”

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Can everyone please stop fighting. This website is meant to be used for having a good time and being enjoyable for ALL USERS (Including me and you 2) and it says so in the rules and guidelines of the forum. We are finished with this and it was all clearly my fault for not understanding the mechanichs of the website. I didnt mean to create such a fuss


Problematic threads means for me inappropriate and trolling threads, the rest should we leave to the moderators.