Trailer.bik in game's folder,no way to get to see in PC version of the game?

Hi dear hitman fans,sorry to bother you, but please help me to figure out if we get to see this trailer in a game itself?
I know that we actually can see this trailer in PS2 version because there is a screen where it says “Press the start button” and if we left it idle the trailer starts playing.
But the problem is that PC version has no such screen which makes impossible to get to see this trailer in pc version,am i right?
I’ve been looking for the answer for a few years already, but i’ve stuck…(

What trailer are you talking about? I don’t remember seeing such a trailer in Hitman Blood Money on the PC version in any case.
Are you sure you’re not thinking of Hitman Contracts? There you had a trailer with the asthma guy that would start playing if you idled in the menu, like you just described.

Yes they did have that trailer in Contracts, but they had the same trailer in blood money too!I ain’t lying!!!
Check out the game folder, in Movie’s folder there is Trailer.bik!It appears on PS2 version for granted ( i’ve checked it out recently) But i can’t get i on pc version((

You see, on XBOX\PS2 versions, there was a screen, the screen that appered before you got the profile menu(load\create profile).That screen was like press the button start to proceed.
If you left it idle, like you did on contracts, trailer showed up
Pc version does not contain that screen, it starts with profile screen

Maybe, that’s the point, you never saw it on PC version, because you NEVER GOT to see it on. I assume they ported it to pc and cut that screen (maybe they considered it pointless since pc players would be confused as they use keyborad\ mouse which neither had start button)?
But if so, why’d they leave the trailer in movie folder?It’s strange, just left-off file?
Or maybe i 'm just losing it (((Anyway maybe there are players who played on pc\ps2 here and would get it clear.
By the way, is there any chance to conact with blood money devs to ask them?

There are tons of unused files in games all across the board. Its not that far fetched.
I know exactly what trailer you’re talking about though the one where 47 is aiming the gun at the screen and pacing across The Last Vegas Skyline while the narrator talks about blood Money. Only appears on PS2 version if i recall.