Tranquilizer Gun Glitch


I am sure a lot of you are already aware of the tranquilizer gun glitch. If you are not, go watch some videos online.

I’m curious to know what other peoples feelings are about this glitch. Is it something that you could care less about, something that you think is cool, or is it something you would never even use yourself and hate others using?

I’m personally on the side of it’s a cool glitch to take people out with, especially for a quickie, but it’s still very limited in helping larger missions with more than two targets.


I won’t use it, because I roleplay a lot. But I guess if it made it into the game, it’s fair game. I got a number of SASO runs before the Tresspassing change which wouldn’t be possible now and I don’t see anyone taking away those runs from me. So I don’t really mind people going for it. Might sully the leaderboards, that’s for sure…


Tranq kill is clearly OP and needs to be fixed. Tranq KO bodies found not voiding SA can stay.


So I take it you hate it?


I think both should be patched out. Imo Kalmer is way too OP now even without the bug.


It’s either useless or OP. So imo no bodies found should stay


Tsk, I dunno, dude. I feel like finding a body with a tranquiliser dart sticking out of its arse should void SA.

In saying that, I never use the tranquiliser gun so I guess people that do use it should have their opinion matter more than mine.


To elaborate on my point, the first video has me using the glitch to obtain a leaderboard score that is not number one.

The second video has five targets, and the tranquilizer gun glitch is completely useless, yet I achieved number one using a good strategy.


The kill glitch is obviously unintended and should be fixed. However, I hope the devs keep its current ability to KO people while maintaining SA.


Yeah I think it’s simply that the “KO-ed body” flag overwrites the “Dead Body” flag simply because it is possible the KO animation time must resolve before the “KO-ed body” flag is applied.

Explosive and Ballistic Kills resolve instantly. So say the “Dead Body” flag falls 0.2 seconds after bullet/explosion which itself is instant, but the passing out motion time from tranquilizer is longer. Say it takes 2 seconds or something for someone to faint then the “KO-ed body” flag is applied then it could result in the Target is dead (which triggers objectives to complete and get stricken out from your list), but at the same time the Target is left holding the KO-ed body flag when spotted.

It will be fixed for sure.


This video illustrates the point you and the others have made about keeping the ability to use it while not counting against your silent assassin. This is a clean run.

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The unintended exploit will obviously be patched out.


Already spoke in other topic, I repeat here: tranquiliser should void SA in all cases.
Why, already wrote a lot in other topics, so I will spare you from the Bandachenko language this time. :grinning:
There is nothing to discuss about glich. This is just a free kill 1-2 targetes and should be fixed as soon as possible. It shocks me that someone seriously might think that this is not such a strong glich and it does not need to be fixed. I’m kinda new here, but it seems to me that this is one of the most broken things in the entire existence of the game.


We are in agreement with the glitch.

However, I strongly disagree that the tranquilizer should void SA in all cases. The 2 dart limit and having to fire while hidden is enough to prevent the tranq gun from being OP.


This is exactly how I always felt about the legshot/punch… like, isn’t there still a bullet needed to be removed at some point…

What happens after 47 leaves the map is really none of my business tho.


Facts. That’s why I’ve never done that either.

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Even the ko without body found penalty is op

To make it useful they should

  • Increase the range
  • Increase number of darts to 3
  • No reload after every shot

Two darts are two free knockout NPCs. It is more than enough to use it. You almost always can shoot unnoticed from a tranquilizer . Tranq never was useless. Now he is a hell of OP. You can always make a silent shot, anywhere, in any crowd there will be a point where this is possible.


Not anywhere. You still need to be unseen by other NPCs while firing.

In the end, it’s just a tool like anything else. You can’t use the tranquilizer to brute force every circumstance and automatically get SA (glitch notwithstanding).

You say the tranquilizer equates to two free KOs. Not quite. You must still properly use it. By your logic, coins are the most OP item in the game because they can reposition almost any NPC to set up a safe knockout.

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And this can be done almost anywhere. There is always a position from which you can safely shoot. That is why it is a free KO.

In the case of coins, you will be limited by bodyguards and other uncomfortable NPCs who can go for the coin. And even after that you will need to take care that the KO NPC is not be found.
In the current state of the tranquilizer, you just shoot an NPC, neutralize it and do not care that his body will be found. This is a damn OP.

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