Tranquilizer Pistols: Buggy & Too Few Rounds

Anyone else disappointed by the tranquilizer pistols in Hitman 2? After unlocking the Kalmer 1 (mastercrafted tranquilizer unlock in Whittleton Creek), I had hoped it could serve as my primary handgun when going for silent assassin.

Except it only comes with 2 rounds!

I understand it should have a low ammo count similar to the Krugermeier (even though picking up a guard’s handgun would solve your ammo problem). I’d accept an ammo cap of 5 to 10 rounds, but 2 is too little. The gun is functionally worthless as a result. In practice, 2 tranquilizer darts is the equivalent of carrying two blunt objects. Agent 47 can carry an infinite number of objects to throw at people’s heads, so why can’t he start with more than 2 tranquilizer darts?

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is a bug that affects tranquilizer ammo. If you reload a save during a mission, any spare tranquilizer ammo disappears. That leaves us with 1 tranquilizer dart to play with. Completely cripples the gun.

Maybe if the Kalmer was a gadget, I’d be fine with the ridiculous low ammo count. However, it takes the place of a sidearm during mission planning. It should at least carry the same amount of ammo as the Custom 5mm.


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I agree its not great, it was my most hyped gadget as i like the role play of knocking out people with darts, but currently the ammo is just too little and the saving glitch is too annoying.


you also can’t use the eliminate prompt with it, despite it being a pistol. this could be a good way to bring back the fan favourite syringe animation with 47 shooting them in the neck


The tranquilizer could never in a million years be a primary gun for silent assassin…for silent assassin you need to shoot down cameras too…especially critical for the hardest silent assassin suit only challenges such as Colorado…that mission is impossible to SASO without the means to shoot down three cameras.

In those cases, I’ll smuggle in a real handgun. I just would like the flexibility of choice.

It’s weird seeing gifs of the homing briefcase which can instantly knock out people at extended ranges while I can’t even shoot more than 2 tranquilizer darts.


I believe you can throw heavy stuff like FEs at cameras to break them. At least it was that way in 2016.

I’m now using the homing briefcase as my multi-purpose knock out weapon while going for SA/SO. Its offensive capabilities are basically what the tranquilizer pistol should have been. Kinda ridiculous.


Anyone know if certain levels have spare tranquilizer ammo lying around? The only one I can think of is the hidden armory in Hawke’s Bay.

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I completed all the story mission is wittleton and still havnt gotten the tranq gun. Is this a bug?

Make sure you followed them exactly from start to finish

I did. Multiple times

That still doesn’t mean much. The game is very picky about this stuff and pretty buggy.

I did every challenge again step by step and still nothing lol

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My idea would be 8 shots, not illegal to fire (just illegal to carry) , but there is still a problem. You need to shoot cameras, do leg shots and distract people for excample, darts cant shoot cameras, well yeah, it knocks people out so no need for legshots and for distracting and camera shooting way too low on ammo

Maybe the tranquilizer can come with 2 darts and we can bring 8 more through a “dart pack” that takes up an inventory slot?



IO’s obsession with item constraints is getting ridiculous.

The difficulty shouldn’t be about that.

Give more mechanisms to displace key characters while also making their behaviors and patterns less repetitive. A tranqu gun with plenty of ammo sounds more realistic for a hitman. Put in electronic darts for the cams and evidence computers. Taser darts.

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A silent pistol that can shoot a large (you didn’t specify) number of instant knock-out darts from a distance is OP enough without even thinking about giving it the ability to destroy cameras and evidence as well

There’s actually a lot of this already… a lot of them involve creative uses of regular handguns (without firing them).

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