Transfer Weapons, Suits and gear from hitman 1 to 2, I need to enjoy

I strongly suggest that to share the same profile and achievements from hitman 1 to hitman 2 such Weapons, Suits and gear… I crying for my sniper and suits to use them in Marrakesh or Miami at hitman 2… And that a major issue may cause a loyalty risk with and lossing me as 47 agent, the risk is maybe I will start hunting someone or some entity… I learned a lot from hitman since 2001… To avoid such risk just update my Inventory with all the stuff… As mentioned…

Note: I have made some Twitters about the subject, that just FYI…

Best Regards,
And I need my inventory as I known from hitman 1 ASAP . This really bothering me.


Developers alerted, postponed all the business and already working on your demand


Wow, I am impressed… Hope to see that soon… And thank you.

misterkiller is the best developer ever!


I just want to have my Bangkok, Colorado and Paris suits back, man. Those were always fun to use, pls get to it inmediately @misterkiller, oh and don’t forget to bring Jesper Kyd back while you’re at it.


Ok, your request will be fulfilled tomorrow after 1 PM UTC


You’re the best… You just made my day man, you earned respect and greetings… Thank you for you and your team…

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This thread though… :rofl:


Dear Carlos, after checking your stats of season 1, we from IO have come to the conclusion that you are not worthy of those weapons.

Please spend atleast a year to get better at the game, and then we will reconsider.


Fortheseven, that not your call… Or simply refund my money on hitman 2… It’s not worthy without my stuff and progress… And I wait for 1pm as promised… Then I will improve my profile to be worthy…

If you are so keen to get your suits and weapons from HITMAN into HITMAN 2 there is a way to do this on PC.

However, the inventory of HITMAN doesn’t always work as expected in HITMAN 2. The suits though seem to be working.

Also doing this seems to reset HITMAN 2 progress. That means you may lose your HITMAN 2 suits and Mastery of HITMAN 2 will reset.

As always you take your own risk when overwriting system files. Backup files before attempting this.

One day IOI may do this properly.


That person and I have already stated that if you connect to IOI’s servers, your H2 progress will be restored but you’ll lose your H1 progress (including the suits) in the process.

Basically, there’s no risk because the game doesn’t upload your offline data, it can only download your online save which overwrites the offline save.

Nothing yet updated…

Dear Carlos, as executive director of IOI i wanted to let you know that we don’t repond kindly to treats. You are hereby reported to the hitman police, and you should be expecting a lawsuit coming to your adress within a week.

Also, as additional punishment for your behaviour, we will make sure you won’t get access to your Hitman 2 equipment when Hitman 3 will be released.


OK, Mr. Executive… I really respect your entity and work… Thank you for your kind response… Neverminde I just awarded with a new sniper… So no need for your updates anyway.

You joking about the hitman police right…

While investigating your request we ran onto a few aspects that need some time and resources.
Approximate time of giving you all you need is 31st of February.
Be patient and understanding


Dear mister killer,

I understand and appreciate your time and effort…

The game is awesome any way… No Odyssey for a week.

HI, would greatly appreciate transfer of Hitman assets to Hitman 2 as well. Thanks for your understanding. Great play as always !

Look what you started @misterkiller

Don’t worry folks, everything will be fixed come February 31st :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Is this going to turn into our version of the Overwatch Ellie fiasco? :rofl: