Transferring Progression from Steam to Stadia for Hitman 3

I’ve been a huge fan of the Hitman games since the first one came out in 2016 and own all the season passes etc. I was not happy at all when H3 was announced to be an Epic timed exclusive as I don’t agree with any form of exclusivity - that’s a discussion for another time though.

I recently got a free Stadia from Google (thanks Sundar, very cool!) and would be happy to play Hitman 3 on that. Will my progress from previous games on Steam transfer to the Stadia if I’ve linked both to my IOI account? Thank you!

At this point we only know that the progress from HITMAN 2 will carry over to HITMAN 3.
As it known, HITMAN 2 is on Steam and HITMAN 3 will be on Epic, that means that only Steam to Epic progress transfer is confirmed.
At some point it is promised we to have all the details about transfer. We are still waiting.
Maybe it’s possible, but unlikely that the progess will transfer on other platforms.
We’ll know in a while


Thanks for responding! I’ll hold my horses then - guess I might be waiting until 2021 :grimacing: ah well, maybe I’ll finally unlock everything on HITMAN 2!!