Trending contracts on ps4

This has been happening since hitman 2, the “trending” and “most played last week” have practically the same contracts from two weeks ago or so and never updates. Does nobody make contracts on ps4 or somethig?

If I know correctly, those categories should refresh each Monday.
Maybe some of the contracts might survive for another week or two (I believe depends on the frequency of people playing them), but the majority of the contracts should be new.
In HITMAN 2 at least on PC the contracts are refreshed every week.
I haven’t seen people on any console reported that issue for HITMAN 2.
If you’re absolutely sure that none of the contracts are refreshed in HITMAN 3, there might be some kind of a bug.
On 23rd of February we’ll have a game update and if it’s a bug and it’s aknowledged, it could be fixed after the update

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I definitely know it’s not refreshing because I have already played most of the contracts on those categories (Wich are practically the exact same) and all of them are still there.

It only refreshed once a couple of days after launch, but it has remained the same since then.

Could it be something to do with my location? I’m from latin america.